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Sapphire & Moonstone

Beloved Star of Worlds, We are turning to the doorways that we must, there is little time but for the unique pathway beneath our feet, tawny moccasins treading the path, a mosaic of sapphire and moonstone underfoot ~ the visions that are known to you

There is some becoming that is underway, the New Solar Self of your own I Am radiance
In the ceremony that has been foretold, and used to lie before you and within you like a dream, there is now no distance, you are moving through its vanishing point, into its reality
Less and less real does the outer seem, of the reality that does not stem from the Soul ~ it is fading, fragile, and when we make our journeys there, there is the acuteness of unreality, instability. And more than anything, the impossibility of walking within the limits of a dream that we never meant to make our own
We are returning to the liquid fire of freedom, as the old control is breaking up, a pure and Immortal Starlight White...
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Lilac Starfire of Ascension

Beloved Star of Dawn,


Fire lilac of the ancient and far citadels arising, as the new palest gold of immortal starlight frequencies flowed through in the sunlight, through the Ostara 21.3.21 ~ Easter 4.4.21 Stargate 


New realms of the Immortal Starlight Earth are appearing, those to which we are Gatekeeper, and there is a pause following the stargate, as the beam of the new sun travels far, and farther than before, awakening myriad Starlight Temples with flashes of gold light, lifting the veils of density and altering the field of possibility, shifting the parameters of that which we create/dream in a process of unveiling


Lilac domains, archways, azure waterfalls of crystalline existence


And the old weight of rock, the old inertia of the sleeping ones, the long dormancy and slumber, lifting still further


The weight is felt, the suspension, the pause and pull of the stillness, the question of whether to go forward, of whether such density can...

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Easter Solar Radiance

Happy Easter Beloved Star of Worlds, herein are words that came through this morn, as I wrote 'Golden Wheel'... that is arriving at this time, day by day! A powerful day to access your dreaming, the arriving Self. With Great Love, Elen

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Sapphire & Swanfeather

Of sapphire starlight and beginnings. It is my joy to walk with my starlight kindred in the time of beginnings, by the light of an earth born under the stars, before the time of the sun and the time of the moon.

To let go of the veil that has held us bound and invisible to ourselves and one another, dropping the veil of density, the cadences of a world to which we do not belong and never have, to return to the reality that we are destined to bring here, to make real once more
To walk with you, sapphire and swan feathers
To walk with you, under the starlight of remembrance
Remembering true destiny
Learning the wisdom of return, of what it is to ground these great angelic swanfeather wings of the otherworld, the infinite and galactic and star wisdom, the celestial and primordial remembrance
To enter this New Earth of a returning world, to step over the threshold into this parallel and multi-dimensional earth long...
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Learning to Receive Love

Diamond Moon, 28th March 2021


With this full moon, this diamond full moon, I see a golden stargate, flecked with violet and azure orbs, a rich gold, that has a new level of realisation, a solidified reality, a physicalised reality delivering itself through the heart. It wishes to arrive, and it is a surrender into Love. Love as realised codes arriving. This reality is asking to be accepted. Can you accept the Love, that is present, or do you push it away?


There can be sudden and unexpected reflexes, when we push Love away due to pain within us. The very reality we long for, we reject when it comes near.


It feels too much to take it in, we can not accept it.


We are inured to long wait, long struggle, we do not believe ourselves worthy.


This physicalised golden realty would deliver itself through this Full Moon Stargate. This means opening the moon of your heart. The lunar aspect of your heart is the receiving part, and its wounds make it push away...

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Ostara Elven Stargate 21.3.21

Beloved Star of the Dawn, Blessings of the New Diamond Moon and this time of Spring Equinox/Ostara, one of the great gateways in our ascension. I would love to invite you to the Ostara Elven Stargate FREE Online Ceremony, Sunday 21st March at 6-8pm (UK time). This shall be an Elven Teaching and Transmission of shamanic drum and Elven Starlight Sounding, a time for you to visit and dream your own Elemental Temples of Light ~ of fire, earth, water and air ~ into being. It is a time to call in BALANCE as the new solar golden codes of Soul align through every part of our lives. You shall journey/dream/vision the Four Elemental Temples of Fire, Earth, Water and Air, that correspond with the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental aspects of who you are. You shall witness them in their full, New Dawn radiance/ancient starlight resonance, allowing for clearing and recalibration.

Witness the Starfire of the New Solar Radiance pouring through the pillars, archways, domains of the Temples...

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Synchronising with the Golden Earth

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021

Beloved Star of Infinite Worlds, In this the light of the Pearl Moon, the Elven and Starlight transmissions have continued, and the seven Great Starlight Ages of Creation on earth, by which Elder, Angelic, Shining consciousness has long forged this path of Immortal Starlight, of Oversoul embodiment, past and future, have downloaded into embodiment/full remembrance.


We have been through a passage of truly immense proportions, through which the completed template of Immortal Starlight presence of an intergalactic and infinite earth inflows. Through our Sun so this has been coming, since the Solstice, and received now to the heart of earth, to the heart of our lives and physical cellular structures. 


As a result, there is a phasing out of the fourth-dimensional emotional/mental constructs by which we have subtly/etherically lived breathed ~ both within the earth and within our own timeline. The bridging structures of our ascending reality are phasing out, those...

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New Gold Moon

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

Blessings of the New Gold Moon, beautiful Solar Eclipse gateway walked through. Ancient purity of lunar gifts awakening, a silvery celestial mandala that is the gateway to the New Sun. It is time to walk this way. Ignite your ancient, timeless gifts, bringing all that is called forth at this time. Through the phases of the moonlight, this our processional way on a pathway of celestial mosaic, white silvery trees overarching, as we move through the pulses of Light that guide us to the Solstice.

I feel the mystic deepening light, the shimmering of alteration within all, and the confluence of a greater timeline of intention. May the soul initiation you have long since dreamt amongst the stars be accomplished.


With Infinite, Elfin Love, Elen Elenna



A glimpse of the Elven Starlight Journey this moon....


Welcome to the Gold Moon, and the wisdom of non-judgement, the great silvery wings of angelic sentience and multi-dimensional vision. This is a moon to...

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Iridiscent Wings

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020

Immortal Starlight presence comes to me with iridescent wings, with the tones of the silver wheel lit within, the full galactic, angelic DNA shining through the translucent gold, platinum and diamond wing structure.

It can be carried now through a higher resonance, sustained through embodiment, these codes and teachings about the true nature of reality beyond the veil of separation

Ebb and flow of that which the Solstice Portal brings...



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Gold Tree & Silver Tree

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

Announcing on a note of beauty, sadness, cosmic unfoldment, that my most extraordinary friend, Elven Celestial Elven Wizard Joanna Jane Delves and I realised that we have completed the 'practical' part of our Sapphire Earth coming together, and have let go of this. Many shall miss her glowing presence here, but please know her beautiful energy shall ever be part of the founding light of Sapphire Earth, and you can still read her articles in the Elven Journal.

Her soul support has been Immense in grounding this space and vision. She has truly been the silvery tree, and great cosmic heart helping the Elven Starlight Journey and Sapphire Earth come into being. We are surrendering to the joy of puffing on Elder Pipes and slippers in friendship, and letting go of the work part, for now!

Sometimes the surrenders are of that which is so beautiful, it makes the heart ache, even though we know they lead to greater expansion. I share the image of the Gold and Silver Trees of Valinor, drawn by...

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