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Current Energies & your Angelic, Celestial DNA

angelicdna Jan 19, 2024

Beloved Star of Worlds, As this New Year 2024 gets underway, I would love to share the unfurling energetics, in a deep and exquisite shift point that is offering something very special from the Elven perspective of our Ascension. I share more in Immortal Star Pod #54, if you would love to listen or watch below

This is a moment to get still and receive your Celestial and Star DNA. You shall see its codings more accurately, feel its frequency with more inner truth than ever before.


Sinking into the moments between things, the still point that emerges within your experience, and discovering the white crystalline unravellings, revealings of innermost, native coding. You may feel like you know what you love, feel and are called to as never before, and that it ALL comes from within your innermost self. This self has always been present, yet it’s now as if stepping from behind a gossamer veil into fully felt immediacy. It might seem strange to imagine there was EVER...

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