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Snowdrop Moon & Imbolc Energies

Tomorrow in Elven Aurora is our Imbolc Stargate 2.2.24, a Sacred Stargate activation of most profound crystallisation and confirmation of your Star DNA, sacred simplicity and power of Innermost Essence ~ a ceremony amongst the lanterns of the Elven and glow of the starlight snowdrops, to bring most profound purity of focus to your Divine Unfoldment this year. We are really releasing the vestiges of the old density, in the might and harshness of this, and the Elven People of the Swan, of the Ascended Galaxy of Intika shall visit with us in this heavenly earthly stargate also as we transition completely/physically into the new bandwave.


Key Notes for Imbolc Stargate


Innermost presence - the Orb of the Aura


Splayed feathers of Angelic Wings around you

Fanning out


It is about how you extend or project presence, that which you share. But not through overdrive or pushing yourself beyond natural boundary of Presence


(Giving oo much = not thinking...

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Elven Imbolc Stargate

Beloved Angel, Infinite Elven Sunstar Blessings of Imbolc 3.2.23. The realms are rising. The Golden Sunfire Wheel of Infinite Worlds gifts itself. Sparking and resplendent, it spins and turns. Offering to us the realms of Creation.
Imbolc is a Celestial Earthly Stargate, at this time of the snowdrop in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Fire of Brigit, of creational life-force and the seeds within the womb of earth stirring. At this magical and potent moment, halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, Ostara, there is a vast revelation and suspension of energies.
Sunfire of home worlds are returning, in-flowing.
There is a Great Turning, a Great Altering in the tide.
So many sunfire doorways, long since locked and sealed, hidden, are opening.
This creates immense alteration, it stills the wheel of time, everything suspends. For a moment we gaze upon the Sunfire Doors, suddenly lit and visible. Illumined with patterns ancient and wrought,...

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Pearl Moon


Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of the New Pearl Moon, in the Galactic and Ascension moons of the Elven and Star Elders. This is the moon of a quantum leap, of activating the angelic future you hold as the NOW.


It is the moment to take up your power and initiate the next cycle of your existence, the pearl of a future time.  An unprecedented access to the Golden Crystalline, Angelic Record of Earth, and the library of our DNA is bringing direct revelation in wave after wave.


Ancient, angelic starlight souls ~ we gather the pearls of the Tree of Peace, orbs wrought of ancient time that are the future. Invisible to many, a timeline imperceptible to 4D and 3D consciousness, you gather the pearls of the Immortal Tree of Worlds, and walk the ways of Peace.


Activate the Pearl of your farthest timeline ~ it is quiet, continuous, and vastly powerful, this Way. 


In the Imbolc Ceremony 1.2.22 we activated the silver voice of the Angel. Still, at...

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