Gold Liquidity & the Reindeer People

Beloved Star of Worlds,


The People came here to roam in the Light. This is why they are the Reindeer People. They are not made to belong to the material universe, to anchor into this


They are made to roam the Light and the cosmic frequencies of the Dawn


The Dawn is the ever-arriving Source codes of existence, that underlie everything else. All else is the solidification of Light. Once it has solidified, it no longer exists. This is its diminishment, this is its falling away. 


The People honoured this process, and understood that once the Light fulfils itself into the dimension of materiality, this is the time to let it go.


This is when it is gifted forth and surrendered


IT is not claimed and held onto


The solidification of Light causes a separation, and calls them away from the Home they truly reside within, which is the Light Paths of Creation, the flowing and ever-changing Light Ways that span heaven and earth


To claim this solidification is like being placed within a prison, being incarcerated away from the Source and meaning of existence


And so the Way of Life was to remain liquid, in movement, and to retain this liquidity and translucency in all expressions


Wherever something had become dense and inert, it was released


This was sensed into, this was known by feeling and recognition


As the densification of earth progressed, many gravitated towards this, and even sought it. It came to be identified as existence, this solidified realm. It was sought, esteemed, valued


The Angel becomes silenced within the construct however. There is a cocoon, and one who is silent and inaccessible within it, paralysed. This is a fragile state, that then has to be maintained, through further solidification.


This inertia, this separation, this silencing and removal made many of the People very unhappy.


They lost the liquid light freedom and joy that was their natural state and inheritance.


They had lost the ways of their people.


The ways of their People existed in reverse


Instead of aiming towards the materialisation of the Light, and its further densification around them, they looked towards the liquidity of beingness, and unbinding the soul from density


They were made for movement, for that which kept them in movement towards Source, through the stargates and star portals of true essence


They walked with the Reindeer


They looked for creations, materialisations, that supported this living Light, this state of Grace


They only created that which allowed them to remain free


That which allowed them to remain in connection to the Greater Star Paths of their Soul


They wove UPWARDS into the Light


Their creations were starlight bridges that wrought the way upwards, like braids, plaits


They took delight in the creations of matter, of earth, but wrought with liquidity, spaciousness, Light


They understood that this material creation could also act as living light, as a vessel, that birthed and generated Light, that was more than the sum of its parts


When a Creation was inspired by the Dawn, its earth and wood, its ash, its silk and braided weave, of wool and fur, carved and etched, of stone and crystal and feather, of clay and ochre, of leaf and dye, flower and petal


Then it set others free, it loosened bindings


It set the Self free from the illusion, became a revelation of the living reality of Light, of the Infinite


When there was the movement into matter, the descent, into form, it was felt as a platform for Light


It existed as a reference point, as a place where heaven and earth meet, that becomes a Locus and a reference within creation, like a signpost


It refers to goodness, and to the Way


This reference point was taken lightly, for its value was in its inspiration into a new cycle of ascent


The way that it enacted descent, the falling, so that one could rise again, and flow into the Source codes of Dawn 


In remembrance, writing the words of the Golden Wheel, memories of the Elven and the Reindeer People


May you ride and anchor the Immortal Starlight wave of the 8:8 portal, as we walk the new shores together, re-entering the way of the liquid flow of Golden Light


With Infinite, Elfin Love


Elen Elenna


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