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New Pearl Moon

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020
This Moon is stood guardian by the Eagle Elders of the Morningstar Lodge, who bear witness the rising of the sacred groves of Light upon earth once more. To a mystery deeper than time, deeper than appearances, of a New Dawn, that our souls know in their silence and their Elder Light.
It is the Pearl Moon, overlit by the Star dimension of Draco, in the greater galactic cycles of Earth. The Elven and the Star Elders share this wisdom once more, of a reattunement to the celestial and primordial mode of creation ~ to its structure and architecture that known within the natural music of the soul.
As another Great Year unfolds, of 2020, we are called to create that which has been held in the records, fashioning in the new golden galactic resonance of Source Consciousness. With so many seals lifted, there is a cascading level of new/ancient creation, that is offering itself to be anchored by you with some power and architectural presence. In the...
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Uncategorized Jan 23, 2020
It is the golden hour.  I am resting in the old Avalon grave yard, high upon the hill.  The edge of the world is bathing in rose and lavender and burnished peach light, while the frozen earth around me twinkles with frosty starlight.
A perfect meeting of the elements has woven a dreamscape of fire and ice.
The Spring flowers emerging from the frozen graves, sing their gentle song of death and rebirth.  A reminder of the great cosmic balance, and a reflection of our collective journey point.
Within the peaceful mists of icy sunlight, a deeper call can be heard.  The energy of emergence now arriving strong and fast, and the currents of the river that have never before felt so wildly charged.
This is the WinterSpring of the New Earth.  We are now truly in the midst of the Great Dawning.  The old matrices are rapidly falling away, as we anchor in our beings the foundations of the emerging New World.
We have entered this new year on what...
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Peach New Moon

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2019
Peach New Moon
Within the earth, are the Elder Crystals of Lemuria. These hold deep vibrational resonance of ancient and wise ways of being
A thousand starlight blessings, returning
This is the Moon of Peach, the Eleventh Glyph of the Silver Wheel, the star dimension of Andromeda & the Peach Flame of the Everlasting Stars
It is the wisdom of Stardust
It is your own akashic soul record; all of the wisdom you have gathered through experience
Located in the chakra behind the head, known by some as the causal or moon chakra
It is one of the new/ancient ascension chakras that is activating at this time.
It holds our own akashic records and wisdom ~ and we are now able to access it and download directly
This is the high or Elder record of the soul
It exists beyond the 3D matrix version of self, and our embedded experience of separation and forgetfulness
Its wisdom is of a different order, because...
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The Reinvention of Christmas

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2019
It is Christmas Eve. The Sun is setting over the land of Avalon. An energy of softness is beginning to settle, as the human world seems to retreat from view. It will stay hidden now for a time, behind closed doors, in cosy homes, where Christmas revelers don their gay apparel.
The world is in quietness and the tress give an audible sigh.The magic is tangible. It settles softly like a gentle snowfall. It sings ever so gently of peace and joy and good will towards men.
I have always loved this time of year, an opinion that has become increasingly unpopular as years go by. The season having become fraught with sadness for many, a testament to a time of heartbreaking disconnection.
But the world is changing, beloved ones. One can feel it stirring in the Earth. One can hear it on the breeze. A new light can be seen on the horizon. 
In the bleakness of winter, the starlit trees shining from peoples windows, have always seemed to me a divine...
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Winter Solstice and the drift into darkness

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2019


It is mid winter and a deep descending magic stirs quietly on the breeze. 
Here in the Northern hemisphere the Earth is in slumber. 
The trees are in their dream state and the creatures hibernate in the hidden secret burrows of the land.
Solstice tradition celebrates the returning of the Sun. 
There is a primal comfort in passing by this threshold. Springtime can surely not be far away. 
But the true gifts of this time are hidden in the depths of the darkness. 
In the stillness and the silence and the hush of a frozen world.
On this, our longest night, an ancient passage opens once again. 
We have labored long all year, and soon the Yuletide will engage us in its merriment and mayhem once again.
But here in this space, woven between the threads of hustle and bustle, a peaceful still point waits.
We are gifted in this moment, the invitation to journey into a magic only found in the still depths of the Solstice, in this...
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Sapphire Earth

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2019

On this beautiful Solstice, on this longest night, and in the deepest darkness, we ignite a great beacon.
A sapphire light of unimaginable presence, the dream of the Elders that was once buried deep within the Earth.
It is a herald to the Elder Souls arriving to remembrance at this time of great cosmic transcendence, at the turning of this mighty tide.
From this dimensional gateway of Silver and Gold, we beckon, to our elemental kindred, our stellar starlight brethren, and all ascending souls.
Join us as we embark on this epic journey together, beloved ones. As we venture to the White Grove and to the infinite reaches beyond.

With shining bright love,
Joanna Jane 

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Grove of Arianrhod

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

It is time for the Temple of Arianrhod to descend again to Earth, for its doorways to open wide for those who might enter, and for the Dreamers to walk again in her silver spheres. In a shower of orchid petals and ancient starlight, the Indigo Portal opens...

I must tell you the ancient ways of my people. They belong to a world that is older than Atlantis, older than the ages of flood and ice, stone and bronze. They belong to a place and a time when the stars are the Earth; all is merged in a tempest of beginnings. In this time the Elder Worlds flourish. They are the roots and the leaves of the Tree of Life.

They are the oldest and the purest ways of Earth. You cannot find a truer path of Love upon this planet than to walk these old gold leaves of Light.

O, let us start at the beginning. Let us pass through the Amethyst Gates and sit with the Elven Council to hear the blue light of their prayers for Earth.

All shall be well
and All shall be well

and All shall be well

This is a...

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Launch Announcement

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2019
Coming Soon!!! A new online ascension portal Sapphire Earth ~ overflowing with Elvenstar inspiration, vision, dancing starlight and ho hummm of the Trees ~ with lots of free videos and podcasts and writings ~ for the Silver Wheel teachings ~ of remembrance and return ~ of ascension into all that we are. I hope this shall be such a beautiful resource ~ Joanna Jane Delves, beautiful beautiful Elven Cosmic soul and guardian and I have come together in this calling ~ creating and dreaming ~ a place where we can all come together in this great starlight community of the Dawn. So look forward to the Winter Solstice launch ~ right now it is non-stop web-magicianing, and shalt be till the golden hour!xxxxx
With Great Elfin Love
Elen Elenna
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