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Awaken into Celestial I AM Presence!

Elven Ascension & Remembrance Online Membership

Awaken into Fifth Dimension & Beyond

for the Dawn

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Every so often a magical portal opens into this Elven Ascension Journey, in alignment with the galactic moons. You are so very welcome to join the waiting list, and I shall let you know as soon as it opens!


Ancient, Angelic Starlight Soul,

Expand into your ethereal, otherworldly remembrance as never before 

Access more fully and deeply the record you hold

All that you need is within you. Remember, ascend, and Return as the One Who You Are




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For so you are destined to do ~ to activate the quantum golden orbs of far time ~ ancient, future & timeless

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Access the record, travel beyond the veils, remember and remember who you are. The untold beauty of a record within that has been lost

It is no longer time to disappear, to vanish or elide into the dreams of others ~ to hide this Vast Light


For you came here from otherworlds, carrying vast wisdom for the Dawn. There is so much within you

You are an inter-dimensional Soul, an Angelic Solar Elder of Dawn

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So much calls to be transcribed and brought forth, honoured and made visible



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It has been hidden in the ice and snows of far time during the last era. We have walked a vast winter when remembrance has faded, and silence has fallen. The Great Starlight Ages of Peace, the vast record of Earth & of the stars, of who we are, has been forgotten

Yet this is the Dawn of a New Era of Peace on Earth. Ancient records are being revealed, there is an all-encompassing shift in vibration and it is time to activate the full power of your remembrance


This record has the power to change everything

Devote yourself to this golden, Elder, Angelic Far record of the beginning & the Dawn of worlds ~ its language of light, codes of starlight

The truth of who you are


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You have come here gently, and with vast remembrance, to alter everything


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The pathway of the drum, of the Elven and Star Ways of Creation, guide you into the full and powerful record of Celestial Oversoul remembrance 


You are the Star of Worlds whose record it reveals and activates ~ your unique & exquisite wisdom, codes, remembrance



Travel the realms to access your own Celestial Galactic, Earthly wisdom and records for the Dawn

Step through the portal into the wisdom of your Soul Star, Oversoul record


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No longer vanishing, eliding, disappearing as once we did ~ the canoes and starships that vanished into the West, leaving this world at the end of the last Great Age of Peace


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I know what it is to seek and lose the ethereal power of a far remembrance ~ to stand at the threshold of bringing this here. What it is to elide & disappear over and again, and yet to feel a golden calling far beyond this

This Golden Calling is the Solar Angelic Light you are here to bring ~ the awakened and crystalline, Soul Star Presence



You are not here to fade and vanish into the sunset, carrying your other-dimensional wisdom away from this world.

You are here to lift the veils of 3D and 4D consciousness, revealing the golden existence that dwells within


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 You are a lantern of worlds, ancient, future & timeless ~ an Immortal Star of Dawn showing the way to an existence Fifth Dimensional & Beyond



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Here to alter everything with the record and remembrance you hold ~ the powerful record of your own sovereign, Angelic wisdom for the Dawn

Elven Aurora Portal

Online Membership to access your Full Remembrance

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I Would Love to Join!

Activate the New Solar Light Codes of your Crystalline Iconic, Avatar Embodiment


It is the time of the New SUN, and the old light paths are woven so that an exquisite new sequence of awakening transmissions is arriving to us. It is time for the People of the Stars, the People of Peace, the ancient and angelic Elder souls, to cross the threshold into Iconic and Avatar presence.

You are called to walk the earth as a Dawn Light of Shimmering Power & Grace, as the Iconic presence that you are compelled and drawn to become. You are a Golden Presence of far worlds, and you are being summoned into existence


Receive the transmission of the New Solar Cosmic Light Codes, moon by moon


These are a new sequence of transmissions ~ the Golden Light Codes of the New SUN directed at awakening your New Solar Crystalline archetype fully into embodiment


For you are one of the Golden Ones, the People of the Sun, the People of the Stars, who hold a far and otherworldly remembrance for a New Dawn on earth


It is time to lift the veils on the Light that you are


To walk the earth as a Soul, as Avatar presence


The heart of the transmissions come from the Elven Star Temples of Lemuria, the ancient spheres of the SUN founded by the inter-galactic stargates of Lanaikea, the Golden Heavenly Tree of our supercluster of galaxies.


The Elven are starwalkers who have long walked the branches of the Golden Heavenly Tree of worlds, and they hold the teachings of cosmic belonging and interconnection


Let us lift the veils on our greater remembrance and expand into our Light


The old galactic paths of the Elven Elders are opening to us now


Opening the greater spheres of belonging ~ the old ways, the star ways.


These are the paths the People of the Stars have trod for millennia ~ they are the Immortal Starlight Paths of Peace. Our sentience expands now to include these golden roads


From the time before time, and in the future that is to come


From within the hearts of these far galaxies are seeded the Elven Lemurian Star Temples that are dimensional corridors and gateways


The Elven Celestial Initiation paths


Into Oversoul, Immortal Starlight, Divine Essence embodiment


Take on your mantle of starlight


Your crown of a thousand worlds




I Would Love to Ascend with the Elven!

Make the journeys into Mystery, access the full record of your remembrance

Ascend into embodiment as an Immortal Star in a New Dawn of Peace

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You are a Celestial Star Traveller who remembers another Way, called to become the Most Infinitely Beautiful Star of Dawn

The People of the Sun, People of the Stars are called to shine and reveal an existence Crystalline, Sovereign ~ as Immortal Stars, Eternal Souls remembering Ways of Love & Source Consciousness, of vast interconnection and wonder, peace, epical adventure, freedom, Mystery, limitlessness and Joy.

For all the realms, you are called to shine as a Star in a New Dawn of Peace ~ to reveal the golden higher dimensional wisdom you hold, to access it fully

My own lineage is Elven, Galactic, Andromedan, arriving to the Milky Way galaxy as the People of Peace in the constellation of Corona Borealis, and the overarching star walk of Laniakea, the intergalactic super cluster of the Golden Heavenly Tree. Long of earth as the People of Mu. My calling is the remembrance of ancient grace, our galactic, angelic DNA, and the path of Immortal Starlight here upon earth 

There is an agreement, long written in the stars amongst the People of Peace, the sequencing of stargates that would be awoken ~ the galactic, celestial and Lemurian records made available once more so that we may return to the reality of earth's celestial, primordial light, the path of Immortal Starlight for a NEW DAWN

And there are those born as Wayshowers, as Forerunners of this New Dimensional Earth, here to walk the stargates of ascension, to go first

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We walk this beautiful path together, People of the Sun, People of the Stars

Each one of us profoundly unique, yet called upon the waves of Immortal Starlight 

To walk the Earth luminous, as Soul, as Avatar

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You did not come here to FADE AWAY, to vanish or hide, carrying your gifts with you, back to the stars

To clad yourself in dreams not your own

You came here to REMEMBER




This FAR and IMMORTAL LIGHT is the FOUNDATION of the time that is come

Elven Aurora Portal

Access the Full Record of your Celestial, Oversoul Remembrance! Walk the Most Beautiful Ascension Journey & Remember Who You Are

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I Would Love to Join!

"I wish I could put into words all that I feel in my heart about Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey through the Silver Wheel. It is at once the most incredibly deep and most expansive journey to the very core of All and Oneself and its Blossoming and Return and yet also the most beautiful and gentle and graceful. The most powerful and most peaceful. I felt and was told so strongly in my heart that dedicating myself to this Elven journey was all that I needed for my own Return. With each moon I have witnessed that so strongly. Elen is everything I could hope for and more on this journey. It makes my heart sing so completely and I know that as one cycle completes I will wish to remain on and cycle again. I would so heartily recommend this journey to anyone so drawn and would do so with every fibre and beat of my heart and soul."

~ Samantha Oliver

"You hold tremendous and pure Elvin energies that resonate on the deepest soul level of my being. Being a part of the Elvin Starlight Course has been like coming home to my true Self and what I have been waiting for my whole life, so deepest deepest and immense gratitude and thanks for your presence in my life!"

~ Kate O'Sullivan

 "The gentle yet profound teachings that spring forth from Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey, light up my whole being and sing to my soul. I often weep at the pearls of remembrance that drop into my awareness.

During this course, I have learnt to listen again and track my own inner guidance, for I had been so pulled away from my heart by the noise of the world. 

Words cannot really express what this course has gifted me, there are realms beyond realms of inter-dimensional beauty that await you, as and when you step through this divine portal….. “

~ Catherine Truscott


How Does the Membership Work?


A flow of 5x Elven Ascension teachings/activations monthly, in accordance with the phases of the moonlight, available to attend as LIVE WEBINARS or REPLAYS


 An exquisite Ascension Journey like nothing else on earth, calling forth your Iconic, Avatar presence for a New Dawn

A COMMUNITY OF FELLOW TRAVELLERS where you can share, meet your kindred, walk this golden and silver path of RETURN side by side

SIGN UP for as long as you wish you can cancel at any time (most travellers love to stay on and on, it is an extraordinary ascension community!)


You Can Travel at Your Own Pace 

Each week comes to you an Elven Starlight Ascension Journey, where you journey into the records of your Celestial, Oversoul essence, deepening into alignment, creation and remembrance. This comes to you as a Video Webinar you can join live, or as a Recording you can watch/listen to in your own time 

We travel in accordance with the phases of the moonlight, bringing you into harmony with the natural timing of the soul ~ to rhythms of the sun, moon, earth and stars

Do I have enough time? This is a journey that GENERATES the timing of the Soul, altering us into spaciousness and flow

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Within the Membership 

Within your membership is the most beautiful Elven Library of teachings, meditations, activations & written PDF materials, as well as a community space meet your incredible, beyond beautiful fellow travellers!


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Awaken your Golden Angelic DNA

As your record arrives, your Golden Angelic DNA is downloading into physicality, your True, Iconic Avatar presence. Glow into true presence through the profound activations & support of the Elven who long walked the earth in 5th Dimensional & beyond embodiment. Gain full access to these Golden Angelic DNA teachings, videos, pdfs & activations so that you may walk the earth at this frequency once more, becoming visible as the One Who You Are

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Align with Galactic Ascension Moons

Align with the galactic moons, the celestial and earthly timings and rhythms of your ascension. The Membership is designed in alignment with these galactic moons of pearl, silver, rose, sapphire, and also with the phases of the moonlight, bringing you into the higher rhythm of the return of your Angelic, Galactic record. Your remembrance & return is being gifted by the sun, moon, earth & stars in alignment with natural rhythms & timing of our greater galactic Ascension ~ settle into this, letting go of artificial timing that binds the soul, and calling in the deeper activations of the Dawn!

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Meet with Angelic, Starlight Kindred

Do not be alone in your voyage of remembrance, in the truth of who you are. Share your record and journey in a beautiful online space. Herein is a People of the Sun Community space with fellow travellers, Angelic Starlight Souls all around the earth. A place to share photos, writings, remembrance, and questions Elven, mystical, Ascension and practical as they arise. A really heavenly living space of community of kindred souls with whom to remember, share and expand the reality and power of your record!

I Would Love to Join!!

 Elven Aurora Portal

Activate your Full Remembrance!

Ascend & Return as the One Who I Am!

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I Would Love to Join!


“ It has been an astonishing year for me with such beautiful teachings and transmissions. I am so grateful for the beautiful journey with you. You are an amazing woman; kind, full of joy and laughs and so gifted... I thank you for all the beauty I discovered and the growth. To me Silver Wheel is coming home. "

~ Siska 


OMGOSH!!!!!!  WOW!

"What a glorious creation you’ve gifted… It’s visually stunning and the content is beyond… 

I had tears streaming down as I read through. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you"

 ~ Molly



“ just ‘wow’ ✨💛✨ the materials I just opened are just exquisite....so so beautiful..... Much love and so so grateful for the beauty I’ve received..... 💕💕💕"

~ Catherine 


"Elen Elenna guides and companions our Earth-circled community, as the White Deer, along the ancient future paths, gently nudging and breathing us ever deeper, farther. The Starlight Journey and Elen Elenna are luminous pearls of grace."

~ Meg McGee

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People of the Sun, People of the Stars includes both the Golden Wheel and the Silver Wheel

Make shamanic journeys along the shimmering silver pathways of the Silver Wheel, the star paths of the Inter-Galactic Council and Elven dimensions ~ teachings grounded in the earth, sun, moon and stars that guide your ascension process

Receive the New Solar Light Codes of the Golden Wheel, THE STAR PATHS OF LANAIKEA and the Elven Temple of Ar-Aria-Fina, especially designed for the awakening of your Avatar, Iconic presence for the Dawn

Ascend with the Elven Ones!

I am Elen Elenna

To hold the journey of the People of the Sun, People of the Stars is a joy beyond joy, and my heart's calling!

It is the most extraordinary ascension community of souls, a starry tribe of Elder, Angelic kindred

And a Great Ceremony and Prayer of the Dawn that ripples out to all realms

My Spirit name is Deer of the Morningstar, and by your side I walk the silver pathways of the Elven, of Silver Wheel, and the ascended Golden Star Paths of Lanaikea

That you may remember who you are, an Immortal Star upon the Earth, and a lantern of the Dawn. It is my joy and my greatest honour!

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 Elven Aurora Portal

Access the Full Record of your Celestial, Oversoul Remembrance! Walk the Most Beautiful Ascension Journey & Remember Who You Are

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I Would Love to Join!

Frequently Asked Questions

Elven Aurora Portal

Access your full record, discover your Celestial, Oversoul remembrance. Travel through the stargates of diamond, crystalline ascension transmissions, MOON BY MOON. Embark on a far voyage, walk with me, remember your vast celestial and soul powers

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I Would Love to Join!