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Lammas 1.8 to Lionsgate 8.8


Beloved Angel of Worlds, This is the Elven Moon of Jasmine, ETHALANDIL, from a parallel Elven Galaxy of Light. There is Peace emanating from the starry flower, reminding us of sacred purpose, holy purpose, holy grace, sacred grace.


The Elven come in holy gowns embroidered with starry white jasmine flowers, silvery robes embroidered with jasmine flowers and a Golden iridescence


As we approach Lammas, Lughnasagh, this cross quarter fire festival and Celestial Early Stargate on 1.8, we come to the time of the Grain Harvest, and of the Celebration of the Braided Golden Diamond Reality that is established now in the physical.


Celebration of the New Star Blossoming Reality

Of Elashima, the Age that is Come

The White Starlight/ Christ Light Source Reality


It can take time for the heart/mind to catch up to what is truly happening within our reality, and old patterns of perception and expectation overlay Truth. Old disappointment or oppression, old...

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