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New Year 2021

Jan 01, 2021

Beloved Star of the Dawn


2021 is the year to activate the New Solar Light Codes of your Iconic, Avatar Embodiment, as the last Grand Cycle truly has met its completion, and we have been able to receive the New Solar Mandala through the Solstice Gateway


It is the time of the New SUN, and the old light paths are woven so that Immortal Starlight, Divine Oversoul embodiment is fully available on earth once more. It is time for you to cross the threshold into full embodiment, so that...

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Ar-Aria-Fina Elven Temple

Sep 26, 2020

It is beautiful to feel the spheres of Ar-Aria-Fina, the Elven Lemurian Starlight Temple, coming alive as I activate the New Solar Codes within  ~ a new phase, a new epoch emergent

The Solar Disc of the Golden Wheel begins to spin, new/ancient Solar Paths activating. I see a shimmering ocean beyond the Elven Temple, of a light not known before, an azure-aquamarine-pearlescence

And so it begins

The paths to beyond, to Lanaikea, are opening within the heart of the earth

As I light the...

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Rose Moon Transmission

Jul 04, 2020

The old and timeless rose citadels of Love, towers and galactic spheres, zones whose geometries are phasing into existence once more. The access is being restored as the shadow and the light fly home to one another, and the lost dance of what lay beyond is restored. 

It is somewhere in the place that cannot be reached, and yet is here, always.

As the leaves and petals of the greater galactic rose fuse together once more, overlapping, petal upon petal, dimension upon dimension


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Silver Moon Lunar Eclipse

Jul 04, 2020

Blessings of the Full Silver Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ like a fiery, silvery lantern, a lamp of new silvers, far light

When this far lamp is lit, you alter worlds ~ and the silver lamp of the Immortal Starlight, the Elder dimension that you hold is now being called forth

White silver, dusky, the lanterns glow upon the river of return, the river of remembrance

One to another, our music summons one another, a vibration that is a movement into a New Dawn

We have travelled far, and there is still...

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New Pearl Moon 2020

Jan 29, 2020

This Moon is stood guardian by the Eagle Elders of the Morningstar Lodge, who bear witness to the rising of the sacred groves of Light upon earth once more. To a mystery deeper than time, deeper than appearances, of a New Dawn, that our souls know in their silence and their Elder Light.

It is the Pearl Moon, overlit by the Star dimension of Draco, in the greater galactic cycles of Earth. The Elven and the Star Elders share this wisdom once more, of a reattunement to the celestial and...

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Andromeda Elders

Jan 21, 2019

Peach robed, star eyed, the Elders arrived from Andromeda so long ago, as one of the earliest alliances of Earth. For the architecture of their consciousness was able to arrive to the Celestial Spirit of Earth. Through the many stellar portals of their voyage, they were able to create an echoing corridor and proximity of dimensions, enabling many of the Star Council of Earth’s first Elders to arrive here. The Andromedan awareness is of interfused realms, of simultaneity and star...

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Nancy Dancing Light

Aug 10, 2018
Nancy Dancing Light

“Did I talk about how a comfortable path for me would be Tibetan Buddhism but that being a self-arising shaman is apparently the path of most self growth in this [lifetime] because I really have to believe in myself.”

~ Nancy Sherwood


Here beside the lake, where yarrow, golden rod and wild aster grow, where the eagle passes overhead, the loon calls and dragonflies dance - here lives Nancy ‘Dancing Light’ Sherwood, my shamanic teacher.

A hidden...

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Arriving In Africa 2017

Jul 22, 2018


Jacaranda tree and her blossoms like a bridal veil in the afternoon shadow. Violet flowers, twisted branches and dun coloured seed pods


Fallen blossoms and dried leaves on the tiled floor. Water of the fountains


White doves, and wildflowers in the grass. Like a violet mist, a dash in the grass


Am I worthy?


Am I enough?


What wants to emerge?




The group is all present. A very tender and beautiful first sharing circle, under the...

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Lion & Elven One

Jul 22, 2018

Lion & Elven One

Freeing the Angel of Creation

Entering the Timeline of the Shining Ones


Becoming the People of Remembering, the People of the Stars.

Everything is altering, forever

Another timeline is being accessed within ourselves, a completely beautiful and different way of being, a liberation from suffering and struggle, a liberation from fear

A new sovereignty is blossoming within us, a new freedom to be ourselves


Founder lineages, Guardians, Guardian Founders ~ the Elven...

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White Lions of Timbavati 2017

Jul 22, 2018

Night of Ingwavuma

Monday, 6th November, 2017

Timbavati, South Africa


dusk beside the watering hole

the young cub capers around his mother and aunt, Khanezi and Khanesa

a dusty clearing in the trees

his soft tawny presence


later, it is lightning and stars, the roars of the distant lions

We had received the tenth glyph, the Golden Flame of the Everlasting Stars, under the trees, in the place where the golden moth lay. Releasing the beauty of the tree planting, of the...

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