Elven Starlight Journey

Online Ascension Voyage with the Elven & Star Elders

A Journey for the starlight kindred, the starseeds destined to bring a New Dawn of Peace, awakening the multi-dimensional gifts of your Soul, lifting the veils of forgetfulness for a New Dawn

Awaken as a Star of the Dawn

Elen Elenna

'Deer of the Morningstar', Author, Mystic, Shamanic guide, Bringing the Elven & Star Teachings of the New Dawn

Elven Ascension Online

You are one of the People of the Stars, the People of Peace. You come here from the stars carrying a remembered Dawn of a thousand lights and other worlds that you have walked. It is time for you to activate this sacred flame of remembrance

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You are returning as the one who you are, that Far One, for a New Dawn on earth, walking her ground once more with Elder Ascended grace. For it is the time of return of the Elder Celestial Earth, and her timeless, inter-galactic Ways of Peace 

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You are ascending, shedding the veils of density and forgetfulness. Your vibration is rising and you are embodying your Light, becoming once more a Star ~ the Immortal Starlight of Love and Source Consciousness upon earth. Your own ascended, avatar presence is being called forth

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A Beautiful Prophecy


A precious treasure is found in the forest. It is a book, clad in worn white deerskin, and within on pages of bark is inscribed a mysterious and glowing script. It is written in the language of the Elven Ones, who so long ago vanished from our world…


“May this book reach all those it is for, and strengthen the star kin. It is needed and timely.”

-Faith Nolton

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'The Celestine Prophecy of the New Millennium.'

~ Manda Scott

You are a Celestial Star Traveller of far worlds and dimensions, and it is time to remember who you are. Your celestial, galactic, elemental and primordial power is being called forth into ascended presence, lifting the veils of forgetfulness and the bindings of aeons, so that you may shine as a Star in a New Dawn of Peace




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Elven Ascension Online

Embark on this inter-dimensional journey to remember who you are for a New Dawn


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The Elven Ones came from the stars long ago, one of the Founder Guardian races of earth. They came in the beginning, and are woven with the earth's original celestial and starlight dream. They are a remembered aspect of our own STAR CREATOR soul, the one who creates from Pure Love and SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, in harmony with all the realms

There is an agreement, long written in the stars amongst the People of Peace, the sequencing of stargates that would be awoken ~ the galactic, celestial and Lemurian records made available once more so that we may return to the reality of earth's celestial, primordial light, the path of Immortal Starlight for a NEW DAWN



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Every so often the portal opens into the Elven Starlight Online ASCENSION Journey, a journey moon by moon through the glyphs of the Silver Wheel, the ascension codes gifted by the Elven and Star Elders for our ascension upon earth at this time


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About Elen

Elen is the author of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, a shamanic dreamer, mystic and Elven guide to Ascension. She lives in Avalon, from where she shares the Elven Starlight Journey

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My own lineage is Elven, Galactic, Andromedan, arriving to the Milky Way galaxy as the People of Peace in the constellation of Corona Borealis, and the overarching star walk of Laniakea, the intergalactic super cluster of the Golden Heavenly Tree. Long of earth as the People of Mu. My calling is the remembrance of ancient grace, our galactic, angelic DNA, and the path of Immortal Starlight here upon earth

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