By the Elven & Celestial Star Ways of Ar~Aria~Fina, Elven Temple of the Morningstar, the golden heavenly tree of Laniakea & beyond, I invite you to a journey of remembrance, Ascension & Return


You are an Infinite, Eternal Soul, and there is a far golden legend that shines within you, through all the long ways you have walked, and the future you hold


This purity, this far beauty is no longer fading from this world, vanishing into the realms of the West

This is the time of Return


Light up as a Morningstar, in your Golden, Inter-Dimensional Radiance ~ become a beacon of the Dawn

Remember Who You are, Access your Full Records of Oversoul Remembrance

Walk with the Elven to remember the way of the Star Creator, the one who creates their own Divine, Sovereign & Quantum Reality

Golden, starlight leaved forests rising with you

ONCE, this remembrance may have seemed remote and ethereal ~ an Immortal Starlight, celestial dream not of this world

A fading Eveningstar

Yet now is the time of RETURN


Elven Aurora Portal

Access the Full Record of your Celestial, Oversoul Remembrance, so that you may bring your gifts to Earth. Walk the Most Beautiful Ascension Journey & light up as a Morningstar for the Dawn

Remember Who You Are

For many of us, the Elven are calling. The Elven Celestial Oversoul DNA is part of our heritage, and we remember the golden leaved forests, the Elven Universes of Light.

The Elven Ones bear the golden lanterns of the Morningstar, they call us to activate our own unique I AM Immortal Starlight upon Earth, to shine in Soul Star, Christ Light, Oversoul Presence. To live by our truest love, innermost beauty & power. To create beauteous realms in our lives that shine with the grace of the golden leaved forests of Lothlorien, dimensions of 7D & beyond Orielle, as Earth is known to the Elven.

Anchoring the timeline to another world, the higher octave of the New Earth
Through the Golden Light of your Heart, the Way that you Love & your legendary records

 Would you love to discover what Elven Celestial Archetype you hold for the Dawn?

What Elven Am I?

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Elven Ascension Light Intel, writings, energy updates, remembrance & records to inspire your own remembrance & ascension

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I am Elen Elenna, 'Deer of the Morningstar', a writer of Elven Starlight for the Dawn, the Author of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, a Shamanic & Elven Ascension Guide

On pathways of reindeer and drum, I hold guided journeys that alter consciousness into the far realms of remembrance. My own remembrance is of the ways of the Morningstar, of the Elven Star Paths of Laniakea, the Golden Heavenly Tree of our super-cluster of galaxies, of Andromeda, Corona Borealis and Venus. For lifetimes I have loved and walked this earth, and learnt shamanic wisdom especially through my lifetimes as Ainu Ainara, White Reindeer Woman, in the north. My Celestial Elven Soul name is Gwenhwyfar Ainu Ainara Isis Ashtara, and it is my greatest honour and joy to support kindred starlight souls to remember their truest and most beautiful Light for this Dawn

Meet Elen

'The Celestine Prophecy of the New Millennium.'

~ Manda Scott

Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book 

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A precious treasure is found in the forest. It is a book, clad in worn white deerskin, and within on pages of bark is inscribed a mysterious and glowing script. It is written in the language of the Elven Ones, who so long ago vanished from our world…


“May this book reach all those it is for, and strengthen the star kin. It is needed and timely.”

-Faith Nolton

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Receive New Earth ascension teachings, activation and guidance, explore this beautiful mandala of Elven and Star teachings for the New Dawn ~ a navigational map for walking the new reality


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Elven Aurora Portal

Access the Full Record of your Celestial, Oversoul Remembrance, so that you may bring your gifts to Earth. Walk the Most Beautiful Ascension Journey & step into Avatar, Iconic embodiment for the Dawn

Remember Who You Are

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