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Sun Boats landing 💫 Ascended Star Civilisations


Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of these last days of the Jasmine Moon of the Elven, as we begin to move towards the New Apple Moon, in the Elven Cycles of Light.


I am in my last days in Yellowknife, northern Canada. The skies have been cloudy with wildfire smoke, and the leaves of the fireweed turn crimson and fiery peach, the yarrow beginning to fade. Outside the house, the white gold towers of the snapdragon and the lilies are in their final, leaning glow. Today the skies are blue, and the sun shines, beautiful for a farewell to this exquisite land!


So soon I return to Avalon, and I feel the golden Morningstar realms of the Elven calling ~ the Immortal Starlight frequencies of the apple orchards, the marshes and the hills. I have had the most wonderful rest, and time with my sons, and I feel ready to return now.


The Immortal Starlight, Eternal dream of our New Earth there blossoming, a thousandfold, the golden heart of Orielle, of Avalon, beaming her...

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How to Awaken your Ascended Body of Light


Beloved Angel of Worlds, Blessings of the New Jasmine Moon of Elayshianora, white flowering scented moonlight blossoms, of our golden star braided reality, a time to uphold the celebration in your heart. I return to Avalon from Sicily, and am at the threshold of a very precious few weeks with both my boys in northernmost Canada


Celebration, thanksgiving.


The end to suffering, separation, the end of an era. A vast aeon entirely completed with. Celebrate in your heart. Evoke this emotion, this feeling. This joy.


Resistance dissolves. Within and without. Angels walk the earth once more. They uncloak, unclad, revealing the Diamond golden Mosaic robes of their magnificence, of the Great Central Sun aglow through their cells and being-ness.


Of effortless Oneness, as the golden diamond tidal wave breaks through the crusts.


There will be some things that were once ‘real’ in the physical, that are no longer so. Notice what is real now...

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How to Open the Diamond White Stargates of Peace


Beloved Angel of Worlds, I write from Sicily, from flowering gardens of white jasmine and yellow hibiscus, having walked Mount Etna this morning. |t was quite an extraordinary White Diamond Stargate of fiery beauty, Star Elders of Corona Borealis and White, Red and Black Dragon Elders of Draco establishing in fiery, ancient diamond brilliance ~ I shall share more of this next week! I recorded our pod this morning in the cavernous living room of the villa, as the sun rose, crimson over the ocean. I explore especially in this pod How to Open the Ancient White Diamond Stargates of Peace


We are synchronising across the threshold of the Rose Moon, into the Jasmine. Golden scented, moonlight flowering blossoms of your Divine Reality, of Ancient Diamond Stargates opening ~ star-braided here. Of your success, prosperity, & Angelic Destiny fulfilled.


The Elder Starlight gardens are aglow with moonlight flowering jasmine, the scent of worlds flowing together, star...

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