Pearl Moon


✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of the New Pearl Moon, in the Galactic and Ascension moons of the Elven and Star Elders. This is the moon of a quantum leap, of activating the angelic future you hold as the NOW.


It is the moment to take up your power and initiate the next cycle of your existence, the pearl of a future time.  An unprecedented access to the Golden Crystalline, Angelic Record of Earth, and the library of our DNA is bringing direct revelation in wave after wave.


Ancient, angelic starlight souls ~ we gather the pearls of the Tree of Peace, orbs wrought of ancient time that are the future. Invisible to many, a timeline imperceptible to 4D and 3D consciousness, you gather the pearls of the Immortal Tree of Worlds, and walk the ways of Peace.


Activate the Pearl of your farthest timeline ~ it is quiet, continuous, and vastly powerful, this Way. 


In the Imbolc Ceremony 1.2.22 we activated the silver voice of the Angel. Still, at any moment, you may speak the language of the stars, the language of Light ~ just as we sang the far silvery trees into existence ~ and alter everything. 


At Spring Equinox Ostara Elven Stargate 21.3.22, we shall travel the star ways of Laniakea, and meet with the Elven Elders of Indreya, the Lavender Flame and the wisdom of Flow with the Mystery, and natural cadence, rhythm, timing. Here discover the sacred canoe, inlaid with the treasures you brought from beyond, to this world. For you have gifts, skills, propensities for this time. You came prepared.


 There are presently the golden, pale golden stars of the Laniakea stargates, of the reconnection with the silvery starships, the sense of angelic support. Of a golden sunrise immense, galactic and celestial that is overlighting our skies


Celebrate that you are clad in the rose and peach and lavender and sapphire blue hues of the time to come, one of the forerunners, a wayshower. It is beautiful and exciting beyond words to be clad again in Elven, Elder leaves of light, celestial tones. Finding your true colours


For some, they shall have difficulty believing in the future at this time, a sense of a timeline destroyed or imperilled. A sense of fragility and powerlessness, whilst also a deep lantern of remembering and hope


This is a mirror in 4D(commensurate) to the unprecedented realisation of Light, and the expansion beneath our feet of that which has never existed before, a pearlescent timeline on an ascending arc that is very New.


Take up your Power


Allow the newness of the information, the ascending arc, the future, and walk with grace seeding the hues of the returning worlds



With Infinite, Elfin Love


Elen Elenna


ps I shall share the link to sign up to the Ostara Elven Stargate 21.3.22 very soon! Our next great Elven Stargate Ceremony of the Dawn, I so look forward to travelling with you once more

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