Elen Elenna is author of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, and a shamanic, Elven Ascension guide bringing the Elven & Star Teachings of the New Dawn. Through years of initiation by the earth and the stars, she has come to walk a path of remembrance; sharing the wisdom of the Elven Ones and the Star Elders. Her role is to help ancient, angelic starlight souls to release the veils of forgetfulness, so that they remember who they truly are, ascending into their role as Stars of the Dawn.

Through many years of listening to the Shining realms in the woods and hills of Wales, and in travels to North America and the Himalayas, she received the teachings of her book Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book. This is a mandala and a medicine wheel for the celestial, inter-galactic earth, and for the awakening of our destiny as Elder Souls of the New Dawn. It contains teachings that powerfully reconnect us to an ancient and beautiful way of being.

With her guides the Elven Ones and Star Elders, she creates ceremonies and transmissions through vibrational sound and the wisdom teachings of the Silver Wheel. Through the exquisite overtones and harmonics of the Elven starlight language and the sounding of drum, bell and rattle, she channels a profoundly transformative sphere. These ceremonies and teachings gift a powerfully beautiful vision of reality, a precious and lost wisdom, and open the door to an all-encompassing shift into our higher destiny.

The Morningstar heralds the coming of a new era, new ethereal white-gold frequencies that are causing a quantum starlight blossoming, a quantum shift within us. The Morningstar wisdom of the Elven Ones is here, a swan feather staff, bringing us a beautiful and sacred perspective of reality.

Elen has undergone her own metamorphosis in dances across mountains and cultures. She lived for many years in the hills and forests of Wales, where she awoke to the Elven and stellar realms of the earth in quiet, solitary years of listening to the trees and the crystals, the moonlight and the waters. In 2007, Elen met with her beloved shamanic teacher, Nancy ‘Dancing Light’ Sherwood. In pilgrimages to the ancient sites of Ireland and Wales, she was trained in shamanic wisdom and ceremony. Gradually, through the land, the harp, the crystals, the drum, there was the restoration of ancient, luminous memories of the early starlight ages of the earth, of the Elven Ones and the star realms beyond. She could hear and speak the timeless language of the Elven Ones and the Star Elders, and she began to receive the teachings recorded in Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book.

In the following years, she was guided to travel to Hopi and Navaho ancestral lands in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, to Mount Shasta and the Cascade mountains of the West, into the mountains and lakes and Arctic territories of Canada, making a complete pilgrimage around the North American continent, to its spiritual centre of Bear Butte. Finally she made a long journey in the Himalayas, travelling the sacred lands of Nepal, Ladakh and Sikkim: visiting the Tibetan temples and lands of the Buddha. She danced the Silver Wheel in ceremony in the high mountains, and received the transmission of the ascended blueprint of a New Earth ~ the future timeline that is held and dreamt amongst the stars.

It is her great joy and honour to share this journey of awakening and remembrance  ~ it is a journey that is epic, vast, and of an ever-expansive depth as we return to all that we are. To awaken as a Star Creator, as a Light of the Dawn; to ascend to the path of the Immortal Star and the way of Peace and Love is an all-encompassing calling, a dimensional shift that is unique to this time upon earth as we enter a New Cosmic Age of Light; and it is for this that the Silver Wheel is gifted by the Elven and Star Elders.

Elen lives in Avalon, Glastonbury UK, where she holds this Diamond Golden Elven Flame of an ever-unfolding ceremony of the Dawn, on the most beloved shamanic Ascension voyage of the Elven Aurora Portal. She writes and dreams and travels, helping others to write their Books of Starlight in the Elven Starlight Writing Program, and receiving the glowing ciphers of ….. a Golden Wheel!


‘Let us allow the soul, on its beautiful star feet, to walk into this world…’

Elen Elenna


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