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Immortal Starlight Dream Podcast

Immortal Starlight Dream Podcast

Hosted by: Elen Elenna

NEW EPISODES COMING SOON 2.12.22! A Podcast to inspire you to live the Full Radiance of your Immortal Starlight Dream for the Dawn ~ that you may discover the Reality of your Truest Self and Create the beyond magical...

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Episode #8 Immortal Starlight Pod

Beloved Star of Worlds, Welcome to Immortal Starlight Dream Pod Episode #8: Finding your Record I share here of the beautiful process of discovering Silver Wheel, the Elven Celestial teachings for the Dawn, in the...
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Episode #7 Great Starlight Ages

✨💗💫 Beloved Star of Worlds, I share here Immortal Star Pod Episode #7: 7 Great Starlight Ages. This is heart and soul one of the most central and beautiful teachings I have been gifted by the Elven, of the 7 Great...
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Episode #6 Spirit of the Deer

Beloved Star, Welcome to Immortal Starlight Dream Podcast Episode #6 ~ Spirit of the Deer! I have longed to share of this, as my Spirit Name is Deer of the Morningstar, and Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the...
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Episode #5 Elven Celestial Jewels

Beloved Star, Welcome to Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #5: Elven Celestial Jewels! The Star Jewels of our Home Worlds are returning at this time, and I share of the Golden Elven Crown of Gwenhwyfar, that comes from...
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Elven Keys to the New Year 2023

Beloved Star,  Welcome to Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #4! Here I share the Elven Keys to the New Year 2023, and the guidance I have been given for the Year to come, that the Elven are calling a 'Year of...
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Episode #3 Who is Gwenhwyfar?

Beloved Star, In Elven pod Episode #3 I share my Remembering of Gwenhwyfar ~ Ancient White Golden Elven Queen of Immortal Starlight ~ An Angelical Presence of First Time, of the Elder Light, in her dimension, a mosaic...
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Episode #2 Who Are the Elven?

Beloved Star, A question I have long been wishing to dedicate a Podcast to! Who Are the Elven? So many are remembering their own Elven Starlight, and the Elven Ones directly ~ through nature, through the Ascension...
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Episode #1 - Remember Who You Are

  Beloved Star, I am so excited to share with you the New Immortal Starlight Dream Podcast! In this First Podcast episode I talk about us being in an extraordinary time of Ascension and Return on earth, I talk about...
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