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Solstice Ariandelïe 21.6.22

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2022

Beloved Star of Worlds,

An Elven Solstice Stargate 21.6.22 dawns! Through the archway of Golden Chrysoberyl, into Arïandelie. Arian - Silver, Delï ~ Dwellings. The Silver Dwellings of the Elven. Our homes.

Therein are pools of azure blue, rainbow moonstone, the Sacred Pools. Far Moonstone Orbs, time capsules of Star Gardens of Golden Earth, of Elder Light, Orielle, here held

Everything has a nimbus, a glow. Ariandelïe, fair architecture of Peace. We reveal the dwellings. Far star palaces of the Forest. Numinous with lanterns. The flowers white-starred upon the ground Eldalïe.

Golden Oak Libraries of Efalianon Efalon. We brought the libraries here.

Azure, lilac glows in the forest. Gold and peach, flashes of intelligence. Everything is held here.

I am wandering in the star forests of Ariandelïe, the ancient Earth. Direct connection to the Immortal Starlight realms beyond, Gold and Silver, White Starlight. Parallel Ascended Dimensions. We downloaded the...

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White Gold Moon

Beloved Star of Worlds, 

In the Elven Galactic Cycles of Light it is the White Gold Moon. I would love to invite you to join People of the Sun, People of the Stars Online Membership through the Portal of the WHITE GOLD MOON, the SUNSTAR, the DRAGONFLY MOON overlit by the PLEIADES


I walk the Golden Elfin Ways

Lanaikea and Beyond

Ariandelïe Immortal Soul Star Pathways on Earth

Softly Opening My Heart into a New Existence 


Would you love to awaken your Infinite, Golden Miraculous Heart of far remembrance, to truly and deeply remember...


I would be so honoured and overjoyed to walk with you, for the records you hold truly have the power to alter everything, raising the Golden and Silver Turrets of the New Earth, the Star Palace that has lain beyond the veils, letting go of the old imprisonment and forgetfulness. This is the Golden Imprint, the Golden Diamond Imprint you have carried so long, and whose time is now


Awaken the Galactic, Celestial...

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Beloved Star of Worlds, 


Of this time, to speak of Telynahari, port world of the Elven. This a transition point between the Ascended Elven Galaxies of Light in Lanaikea, and the galaxies of our physical Universe that are entering this cycle of evolution


The ships, the Swan Ships, from here have long sailed. They travel on the braided waters of worlds, especially shimmering lilac and azure.


Transitions, from one world to another, for so you are in transition, transit


Lilac fires of a New Gown of Light




Lilac fires ~ the water flows by going nowhere, here the Immortal Starlight body-abode becomes


Be with the Waters


Lilac body, First Body


Fibres, light filaments, physical filaments lengthening: form being elongated and freed


Lilac and rainbow moonstone


Gold is around


Telynahari ~ where physical fibres, light flow structures are designed and formed for physical Immortality (this is...

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Beloved Star of Worlds,
City of Light, Ariandelïe, dimension of Earth of the Elven. Opening up all around. The starships, dimensions future, of a moment diamond, crystalline. White stargate, earth gate, ways of the People. Never perceived before in this lifetime. I walk again in our cities, lands. I remember.
Let yourself see the impossible. Let yourself see what you deliberately veiled from yourself.
I feel them around me, the People. We are touching hand to hand. The Gateway, the Download is immense.
I walk in the gardens once more, the archways rising around. I can feel the frequency of the kindred.
You are being given the key to the next level. Unlock the door. Unlock the way for the People.
We lived here. We shall live here again. It is flashing in and out of view. It took all of the codes of all of the star systems to found this City and make it physical. It...
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Elven Beltane 1.5.22

Beloved Star of Worlds, 

You are so very welcome to join to the FREE Online Beltane Elven Stargate 1.5.22, sign up hereAt this time of Beltane, ancient Fire Festival and portal between worlds, following the Solar Eclipse of the New Moon, is our next great global ceremony of the Dawn


Walk in the Golden Star forests of the Elven Ascended Galaxy of Orla, where long the Elven have walked and lived. They are the Elven Elders who long have mastered the Golden Flame of the Sacred Imagination ~ the cosmic play of the active, dreaming mind in alignment with the Heart of Creation


This is the time, the ceremony, of a Sacred Marriage, a Golden Marriage with your Sacred Imagination


Activate this at the highest levels ~ 


A Sacred Marriage with the Golden Spiritual Sun of your Being


The Quantum Destination, the place where you have been heading all along. From this quantum golden liquidity, Immortal Starlight, we enter/are/become the...

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Pearl Moon


Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of the New Pearl Moon, in the Galactic and Ascension moons of the Elven and Star Elders. This is the moon of a quantum leap, of activating the angelic future you hold as the NOW.


It is the moment to take up your power and initiate the next cycle of your existence, the pearl of a future time.  An unprecedented access to the Golden Crystalline, Angelic Record of Earth, and the library of our DNA is bringing direct revelation in wave after wave.


Ancient, angelic starlight souls ~ we gather the pearls of the Tree of Peace, orbs wrought of ancient time that are the future. Invisible to many, a timeline imperceptible to 4D and 3D consciousness, you gather the pearls of the Immortal Tree of Worlds, and walk the ways of Peace.


Activate the Pearl of your farthest timeline ~ it is quiet, continuous, and vastly powerful, this Way. 


In the Imbolc Ceremony 1.2.22 we activated the silver voice of the Angel. Still, at...

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Elven New Year 2022

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2022

Beloved Star of Worlds,

O what a year. As the flames of the ceremonies, the returning dimensions of the New Earth flame ever brighter and brighter. More lucid, crystalline, creational. Remembered angelic ways, wondrous records. 2022 is the year of the recordkeeper, the gatekeeper, of crystalline New Earth dimensions. Many record keepers shall awaken to their record, to what they hold.


Records, upon records. As though scribed within the earth a thousand leaves of light, architectures. A lost world, forgotten. New sunlight touching this, beams filtering through falling onto that which has gone untouched so long. Beams into chambers, beams into temples, beams into dimensions. And ancient galactic angelic wings arise in the dark, the People of the Swan returning to earth. A rush of energy, light codes, a thousand lanterns of sapphire, silver lit through the galaxy, the solar system, the sun, the moon. They carry these galactic lights into the ancient golden temples of earth. All...

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Elven Stargates 2022

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2021

Beloved Star of Worlds, To remember the greater and Elven, Elder timeline of the Soul, of the Earth, for these star paths to be walked once more, is so very much of this moment and time. We are feeling this, it is becoming so strong, like a tidal wave of return and home-coming.


In Solstice 2020, one year ago, the new instructions for the I AM, Celestial Solar Self were received. And this has been beautiful beyond beautiful, the whirling solar disc of worlds of self ancient and eternal and future, summoning and summoning everything into the golden constellation.


And this has been the ‘groundwork’ of this year, the foundation of the Celestial, Solar Self. Far within the earth, far within ourSElves.


And the guidance is, the new Solar Sun Disc is installed, and you are running the new golden codes.


And NOW it is becoming time, for the beautiful ancient golden roads of the Elven Galactic Ascended star paths of New Earth, inner earth to be woven...

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Elven Ascension Portal Opens!!!

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2021

Beloved Star of Worlds,


Elven Starlight Ascension website is back online!!! You will see above the new logo, that is the Temple of the Morningstar, that holds the Elven & Star teachings on awakening as a Star Creator upon earth. It is also the temple of Ar-Ari-Fina, an Elven domain that is rising once more as part of the New Earth, ancient realms that are returning now. My dream and calling is to hold this realm of returning remembrance, with the silver and golden wheels woven through. It has been a long year of the most extraordinary integration of these, as I have been teaching and holding these transmissions. My heart and soul have been much taken with the teaching of the Elven Supernova Writing Program since September, and it is one thing to have seen the prophecy of the Golden Codexes of the Dawn, another to see in 'real time' the transcription, the return of the records and their wisdom holders. It is beyond beautiful, beyond exquisite. I had a vision in the ruins...

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Sun Disc of the Reindeer People

Beloved Star of Worlds,


I see the Solar Disc, of etched platinum and gold an ancient star of the people landing and altering the ways that have been; bringing the older way, that is yet a beginning. A higher dimensional ground, an inter-galactic and ascended earth ever more woven underfoot. 

This is the Sun Disc of the Reindeer People

It is the Golden Wheel

The Sun Disc holds the codes of the New Sun

The White Reindeer Path

The Sun Disc was once physical, wrought of golds of earth by the Reindeer People when they received the prophecy of the seventh Sun. They set about forming it of the purest golds, as shown by the earth. But this was never its main intention, to become physical. It was first wrought in the etheric by the Elven during the earliest starlight ages of earth, as a record of the Great Ages of Starlight, of the Sun. This is the record of the times when the Sun becomes a Diamond Sun, and was fore-seen and known, tuned into when these...

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