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Chapter 2 of the Silver Wheel: Sun & Stars in our Ascension

Beloved Star of Worlds, I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #44 ~ Chapter Two of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

It holds the wisdom of the stars, of the Moonstone Orb, the Realm of the Sun and the Dragon. Of the butterfly drummers whose ceremony holds the bridge between heaven and earth. It brings an exquisite depth of orientation for this time of change


May it bless your most beautiful path of the earth & the stars!

With Infinite, Starlight Love 



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Chapter 1 of Silver Wheel: Donning Your Swanfeather Cloak

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2023

Beloved Star of Worlds, I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #43 ~ Chapter One of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book


This is the most foundational and exquisite teaching of donning our Swanfeather Cloaks for the Dawn, our Celestial, Angelic DNA of worlds, and letting go of our fear of magnificence, transcending our longing to remain invisible. It is such a profound message for this time. May this bless your most beautiful path of the Earth & the Stars!


I share this this week, as I discover that Silver Wheel shall enter its 3rd printing, 7 years after first publication ~ I am so beyond thrilled!


With Infinite, Starlight Love 



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Hazel Moon of the Elven

 Beloved Star of Worlds, It has been a great long pause between letters ~ I have been in transit, landing from my trip to the North, to Canada, packing up my life in Avalon for now, to come and look after my father in Gloucestershire for the autumn

This is a return to the oak woodlands and fields of my childhood, a place of memories. As a child, the mystical energies of this garden and house were so palpable to me ~ suddenly translocated from London to a derelict farmhouse when I was 8 years old, I roamed every corner of the secret, rambling, abandoned, once loved garden, the wood panelled rooms in the house, traipsing the flagstone floors. I was astonished to be living every dream I had ever imagined. There are trees here I greet with reverent love, as the oldest of friends ~ the beech that leans over the stream, the great blue cedar that overshadows the heart of the garden. The oldest of cherry trees.


Shortly after we arrived, some 30 years ago, my father planted...

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Identifying the Golden Future that is Here

Beloved Angel of Worlds, I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #37 ~ Identifying the Golden Future that is Here


For many of us have received the golden architectures for the coming Age, and the sense of what we are to stabilise and anchor for this


You may around now have the sense that a phase of destiny is completing, a phase of architectural creation for the Dawn


When this happens, it is as though the inner energy of the hologram empties out, and the old impulse to fulfil and energise it fades away. 


This can lead to a certain inertia, loss of focus and desire to ‘do’ anything. This lull is in fact a beautiful emptiness between the cycles of luminosity.


With the completeness, a part of the soul sits in reverent prayer and honouring, in a growing inner stillness. A feather of white woven into their hair, this part of the soul gazes upon the horizon line of what has been. In stillness. Observing, honouring. 


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Sun Boats landing 💫 Ascended Star Civilisations


Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of these last days of the Jasmine Moon of the Elven, as we begin to move towards the New Apple Moon, in the Elven Cycles of Light.


I am in my last days in Yellowknife, northern Canada. The skies have been cloudy with wildfire smoke, and the leaves of the fireweed turn crimson and fiery peach, the yarrow beginning to fade. Outside the house, the white gold towers of the snapdragon and the lilies are in their final, leaning glow. Today the skies are blue, and the sun shines, beautiful for a farewell to this exquisite land!


So soon I return to Avalon, and I feel the golden Morningstar realms of the Elven calling ~ the Immortal Starlight frequencies of the apple orchards, the marshes and the hills. I have had the most wonderful rest, and time with my sons, and I feel ready to return now.


The Immortal Starlight, Eternal dream of our New Earth there blossoming, a thousandfold, the golden heart of Orielle, of Avalon, beaming her...

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Lionsgate 8.8


Beloved Angel of Worlds, Blessings of Lionsgate 8.8, the Infinity Portal for the great landing of the Star Ships, the Sun Ships, and Angelical Concordance of Worlds on Earth.


Beautiful Sun Boats from worlds beyond, laden with treasures are arriving


The Sun and her Realms have opened wide, the Elder figured light sigil doorways beaming through the new stellar realities and patterns. These incoming realities were created long ago, from the perspective of the stars, for earth at this time.


They are long forged, wrought with the intricate care and wisdom of Love. Long have we prepared for this day, known as Tin Dar Lia Thon by the Elven


It may feel as though the energy is profoundly diffuse, and your attention drawn far beyond, to where the Sun Boats are taking off from.


Blue jasmine flowers lace the prows of the Elven boats


Chart the path of the Sun Boats to Earth, be with them in their great and monumental sailing.



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Lammas 1.8 to Lionsgate 8.8


Beloved Angel of Worlds, This is the Elven Moon of Jasmine, ETHALANDIL, from a parallel Elven Galaxy of Light. There is Peace emanating from the starry flower, reminding us of sacred purpose, holy purpose, holy grace, sacred grace.


The Elven come in holy gowns embroidered with starry white jasmine flowers, silvery robes embroidered with jasmine flowers and a Golden iridescence


As we approach Lammas, Lughnasagh, this cross quarter fire festival and Celestial Early Stargate on 1.8, we come to the time of the Grain Harvest, and of the Celebration of the Braided Golden Diamond Reality that is established now in the physical.


Celebration of the New Star Blossoming Reality

Of Elashima, the Age that is Come

The White Starlight/ Christ Light Source Reality


It can take time for the heart/mind to catch up to what is truly happening within our reality, and old patterns of perception and expectation overlay Truth. Old disappointment or oppression, old...

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How to Awaken your Ascended Body of Light


Beloved Angel of Worlds, Blessings of the New Jasmine Moon of Elayshianora, white flowering scented moonlight blossoms, of our golden star braided reality, a time to uphold the celebration in your heart. I return to Avalon from Sicily, and am at the threshold of a very precious few weeks with both my boys in northernmost Canada


Celebration, thanksgiving.


The end to suffering, separation, the end of an era. A vast aeon entirely completed with. Celebrate in your heart. Evoke this emotion, this feeling. This joy.


Resistance dissolves. Within and without. Angels walk the earth once more. They uncloak, unclad, revealing the Diamond golden Mosaic robes of their magnificence, of the Great Central Sun aglow through their cells and being-ness.


Of effortless Oneness, as the golden diamond tidal wave breaks through the crusts.


There will be some things that were once ‘real’ in the physical, that are no longer so. Notice what is real now...

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How to Open the Diamond White Stargates of Peace


Beloved Angel of Worlds, I write from Sicily, from flowering gardens of white jasmine and yellow hibiscus, having walked Mount Etna this morning. |t was quite an extraordinary White Diamond Stargate of fiery beauty, Star Elders of Corona Borealis and White, Red and Black Dragon Elders of Draco establishing in fiery, ancient diamond brilliance ~ I shall share more of this next week! I recorded our pod this morning in the cavernous living room of the villa, as the sun rose, crimson over the ocean. I explore especially in this pod How to Open the Ancient White Diamond Stargates of Peace


We are synchronising across the threshold of the Rose Moon, into the Jasmine. Golden scented, moonlight flowering blossoms of your Divine Reality, of Ancient Diamond Stargates opening ~ star-braided here. Of your success, prosperity, & Angelic Destiny fulfilled.


The Elder Starlight gardens are aglow with moonlight flowering jasmine, the scent of worlds flowing together, star...

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Remember the Legend of Your Return


Beloved Angel of Worlds, I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #30 ~ Return of the Shining Ones, the Legend of the Silver Wheel


This beautiful Book of Starlight gifted to me many moons ago holds the legend of the Return of the Shining Ones for the Dawn ~ of the Angels of the Great Central Sun, the Divine Messengers and Ancient, Future Souls who hold the wisdom of a New Dawn for this Earth.


I share this Legend of Return, to inspire your own Return in the Full Light of the One Who You Are


Our remembrance, Ascension and Return is a beautiful, challenging and mysterious process. It involves great surrender, as well as great Light. The Elven created the Elder Starlight Record of the Silver Wheel during the Age one Lemuria to guide us through this ~ to help us awaken to the true legend of who we are


As we awaken the Diamond, Golden, Immortal Starlight octave of Creation and New Era of Light for all the Worlds


Listen to Podcast here...

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