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Ostara Moon 2018

Mar 30, 2018

Blessings of this Ostara Full Moon…. a portal of rose, silver, gold, a mystical shift point, a New Reality once more gifted

Old rose doorways, with sigils written in the shadowy stone speak of this time of awakening. They are long since sealed with the old seals, set for this time and this arrival from the stars of the new instructions of the Dawn. When we become ready, we connect these doorways to the Dawn frequencies and we awaken once more the Old Ways of Peace on Earth. Rose...

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Lapland 2017

Aug 31, 2017


Kayaking Expedition

August 2017


I wanted to share of my time in Lapland, that has been more deeply life-changing and inspiring than I can give words to... it beauty and gifts and revelations still dancing through me….


Rain, pine smoke, crowberry flowers

harebells, Siberian jay

rosebay willow herb ~ magenta spires

pine and birch ~ yarrow

Waters like darkest sapphire, skies of cloud, a horizon of forest

following the waterways of the Great Lake ~ Lake Inari


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Starlight Language Ceremony 2017

Jun 20, 2017
Starlight Language Weekend
10th & 11th June, 2017

Another beyond beautiful Elvenstar weekend.

12 come together, sitting in our room that is like a cave in the Goddess House in Avalon.

A sound chamber, with the magnolia tree outside the window.

I offer the pure starlight transmission of the Fourth Glyph ~ the glyph of Starlight Listening and Language. By drum and Elven starlight language, around the altar filled with the golden galactic butterflies. The glyph painted in silver upon...

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Copper Beech

Jun 01, 2017

As I danced beneath the copper beech, in the shade amongst the cow parsley, flickering gestures, a peach cloak of stars descends, a gentler grade of white starlight than ever before, weaving my Elven Stellar body into this world, entering dimensionally and burning away the fears and lostness with a gentle wildness. One is called forward, and forward, into existence. The full magical Elven heritage and soul would step through. It is hard to be asked to step existing in the way that your human...

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Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall 2017

May 30, 2017
Star Companions Retreat
Pistyll Rhaeadr, May 2017


Each morning we arose to the Sunstar Drumming ~ the flames of the Elven directions lit in the great ceremonial yurt ~ drumming and chanting in the circle of those who softly gathered. Drumming the sun as it lights up the western ridge of the hills ~ as golden footsteps travel the land. Drumming that realm of gold-white, the heart of the sun and its benediction and blessing upon our day. It is beautiful ~ gentle, frequencies of white and...

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Golden Rose You Are

May 14, 2017

Like the far realms within the scent of the rose, from far far away other-dimensional gifts are unfurling, entering sentience ~ far lights sparking from an impossible distance that is now present ~ as galaxies, star systems, our sun and Gaia merge in a reunion of stellar realms, kindred vision and alliance. Within these far golden spheres, architectures are re-forming ~ templates of inter-dimensional existence. Bridges and archways are spun, stellar causeways long dreamt in other realms.


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Sunstar Ceremony 2017

Apr 26, 2017
Sunstar Ceremony
2 Day Ceremony in Avalon
22nd & 23rd April


Another beautiful weekend where the frequencies of a new Solar Age, of a New Dawn, flowed through.

Under the leafing trees of Avalon, we quested for long-lost other-dimensional gifts whose time it is to return. For this is a time of returning skills, abilities and talents that we never knew we had. Gifts that have been stored away and hidden far away in other dimensions, that were not energetically compatible with the realms of...

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Amenti Avebury 2017

Apr 11, 2017

Amenti. Violet, sapphire, silver and golden the pillars that whirl downward from the Flower of Life, woven out of Elven starlight gems in the forest floor.

In the wind and the snow, by the light of the Snow Moon, came the Morningstar transmission in Avebury. This moon, the Morningstar has brought a message of remembrance from the Earth: she bids us remember that we are the vessels of direct inspiration, we are receiving direct access to her records. The Elven Ones truly are one of the Amenti...

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Swanfeather Ceremony 2017

Mar 30, 2017

A vast expansion of swanfeathers is felt, a celestial and inner spaciousness, a ground swept clear, shimmering cosmic templates anchoring into this world. The powerful dynamic of ascension and descension: the elemental body awakens to her celestial DNA, her blueprint long-written in sapphire, created in the time of Lemuria and earlier. These are the higher dimensional star realms of the earth within, beautifully encoded, the sapphire footprints of the ascended Angelic path on earth. It is a...

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Magenta Cloak in Avalon

Feb 08, 2017

Magenta, peach, fire opal and gold, dusky teal clouds. Aloft on the Tor at sunset. The waxing moon and the Eveningstar in a deep blue sky. The worn winter emeralds of Avalon.

It seems to me more and more possible that we can reach this delicate state of Creator Being on earth again.

The ethereal Elven Eveningstar Palace overarches Avalon. Delicate new shades of the Immortal Rays are pouring through. My body breathes with galactic spaciousness, Creation Light, that white star radiance, and a...

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