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Lionsgate 8.8


Beloved Angel of Worlds, Blessings of Lionsgate 8.8, the Infinity Portal for the great landing of the Star Ships, the Sun Ships, and Angelical Concordance of Worlds on Earth.


Beautiful Sun Boats from worlds beyond, laden with treasures are arriving


The Sun and her Realms have opened wide, the Elder figured light sigil doorways beaming through the new stellar realities and patterns. These incoming realities were created long ago, from the perspective of the stars, for earth at this time.


They are long forged, wrought with the intricate care and wisdom of Love. Long have we prepared for this day, known as Tin Dar Lia Thon by the Elven


It may feel as though the energy is profoundly diffuse, and your attention drawn far beyond, to where the Sun Boats are taking off from.


Blue jasmine flowers lace the prows of the Elven boats


Chart the path of the Sun Boats to Earth, be with them in their great and monumental sailing.



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