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Reindeer Woman & the Creation of Reality

Beloved Angel, I share the final wisdom of the Star Magnolia Moon and the new Auric Presence ~ the wisdom of White Reindeer Woman and our newly anchored power of Creation! A new timeline has arrived, anchored, delivered and offered itself fully


You will notice a new coherence between inner and outer, as though something. You’ve been looking towards for a long time is now fully available and activated


There is no more preparations and oddly, no more resistance


The last egoic barrier has been overcome, so that your smaller self is not holding you separate from this golden dream, this golden reality


The aura is the dreaming star ship, it is how we create


You shall find this new depth of coherence between your hologram and your core, and actions belonging to your core flowing from you with more power and ease


We have crossed a threshold this Star Magnolia Moon


It is time to live in your quantum divine, sovereign dreaming magic, of...

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Elven Ascension Update & Golden Wheel

Beloved Angel, Here is Immortal Star Pod #60  ~ Elven Ascension update of this week. In this the last phase of the Star Magnolia Moon, there is the collapse of the old auric field, and the Sun Disc of your Homeworld is being offered to you by Earth, Gaia.  

After a powerful dismantling this Full Moon, I sit drumming and singing in front of my altar  

Connecting to the Immortal Starlight essence and heartbeat of the Earth in her Ascension  

We are here for her Ascending Heart.  And right now she is deep in her creation of Golden Realms  

She is creating our multiple individualised star nodes within her body of Light  

And this is now becoming the Earthen Golden Sphere of our New Aura  

I share so much more in this pod ~ about Golden Wheel, that I am writing at the moment, White Reindeer Woman, and theme of Immortal Starlight I AM Self-expression ~ of how this happens at the level both of Earth and Stars  

May this Bless your Most beautiful...

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Aura & Solar Cycle of the Year


Beloved Star of Worlds, The Elven wisdom of Star Magnolia, of building the Aura, continues this moon. Still there is what I would call this gorgeous stacking, golden energy this moon ~ build the sphere of the aura from the core of innermost essence


The Immortal Starlight Soul quietly re-building presence. With this there are deep, emotional, core releases and dissolutions, especially with the power of the Full Moon this weekend


But also an extraordinary synchronisation and awareness of the planetary solar cycle, and how this relates to the energetic sphere of the aura


The circling of the Aura mirrors the circling of seasons, the circles of the planets, moon, sun and stars


To experience the spherical nature of your own energy  (your aura) enables you to look at your COMPLETE use of energy ~ how you are at every point in the cycle of earth’s journey around the sun.  


This circling energy calls to COMPLETE, balanced...

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Star Magnolia Moon + Aura

Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of the Star Magnolia Moon of the Elven ~ such beautiful, beautiful energy this moon. So architectural and profound, bringing strength and new luminous boundaries of experience


This Star Magnolia Moon is the creation of your new Aura, that is building and building through this lunar cycle ~ replacing old energetic dynamics and bringing through the incomparable beauty and luminous warmth of your own sphere of true energy


The Elven guidance is to

 Keep the focus on inner, core presence, for this is where the new Aura comes from

Yet fanning from inner to the outer sphere of the aura, visualising this often (nb this is the lighted design ALREADY dreamt by your Star Kin, they support you in the innermost space of this beautiful creation... codes of the future anchoring from the stars as your Auric Field... they are with you & in a way it is effortless, already done... think colour, Light tones & hues, feelings...

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Snowdrop Moon & Imbolc Energies

Tomorrow in Elven Aurora is our Imbolc Stargate 2.2.24, a Sacred Stargate activation of most profound crystallisation and confirmation of your Star DNA, sacred simplicity and power of Innermost Essence ~ a ceremony amongst the lanterns of the Elven and glow of the starlight snowdrops, to bring most profound purity of focus to your Divine Unfoldment this year. We are really releasing the vestiges of the old density, in the might and harshness of this, and the Elven People of the Swan, of the Ascended Galaxy of Intika shall visit with us in this heavenly earthly stargate also as we transition completely/physically into the new bandwave.


Key Notes for Imbolc Stargate


Innermost presence - the Orb of the Aura


Splayed feathers of Angelic Wings around you

Fanning out


It is about how you extend or project presence, that which you share. But not through overdrive or pushing yourself beyond natural boundary of Presence


(Giving oo much = not thinking...

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Current Energies & your Angelic, Celestial DNA

angelicdna Jan 19, 2024

Beloved Star of Worlds, As this New Year 2024 gets underway, I would love to share the unfurling energetics, in a deep and exquisite shift point that is offering something very special from the Elven perspective of our Ascension. I share more in Immortal Star Pod #54, if you would love to listen or watch below

This is a moment to get still and receive your Celestial and Star DNA. You shall see its codings more accurately, feel its frequency with more inner truth than ever before.


Sinking into the moments between things, the still point that emerges within your experience, and discovering the white crystalline unravellings, revealings of innermost, native coding. You may feel like you know what you love, feel and are called to as never before, and that it ALL comes from within your innermost self. This self has always been present, yet it’s now as if stepping from behind a gossamer veil into fully felt immediacy. It might seem strange to imagine there was EVER...

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New Year Energies & Guidance 2024


Beloved Star of Worlds,

Warmest Blessings of 2024! It has been a little while! I have moved from Avalon, packed up my home into storage, and it has been a Solstice/Christmas of great change! I would love to share with you this transformative journey, and guidance for the energy of 2024 that has been so profoundly supportive to me right now (you can listen/watch via Immortal Star Pod #53, all links below).


Each Solstice, we shift into a completely different pattern of Light, receiving New Cosmic Instructions from Source.


These are outside of all existing and established magnetics and realities here, and are truly star-seeded, star-borne. We lift our gaze, our hearts to the heavens. We release the old magnetic fields, the old bindings and expectations, the old sense of progression, of time and space and their coordinates in consciousness, however composed. 


The cycle completing is one that we can truly honour. There is, in what came through for you...

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Lavender Moon Begins

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2023


Beloved Star of Worlds, In the Elven cycles of Light, we move from the Angelica to the Lavender Moon

I stand under the Peach Tree in the Elven lands of Elayshianora. The sweet blossom of its pink flowers drifts around me. Its fruits, to come, are the fullness of Elashima, the Age that is Dawning.


I love to give what I have truly felt and remembered, from within. For the inner meaning to glow, and the sensuality, of this earthen love and immortal starlight.


Through the last moons, the Golden, Diamond Light has made its journey to the deepest parts of our physical reality, and all that holds this in place. It has touched the darkest, hidden patterns with the grace of the great angelical concordance of worlds, with the Sun boats of the Ascended, Solar Civilisations and the Awakened Light of the Ancient Sun Temples of Earth.


There has been liberation, the handing over the Keys of Power to Physical Reality. The Celestial and Immortal Starlight Soul now...

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Chapter 4 of Silver Wheel: Language of Light

Beloved Star of Worlds, I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #46 ~ Chapter Four of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book


I am treasuring this stilling into the reading of these chapters, and receiving the wisdom of this Elven Starlight wisdom all over again. It is especially supportive to me just now, as we have just discovered my father has only a couple of weeks to live. I’ve been looking after him for the last two months, which is the most beautiful and precious honour. My heart is so nourished by the teachings of this Book of Light, as I experience this sudden heartbreak, and loss, and transition. It is beautiful guidance that helps me to find the golden vision and awareness within this


This chapter is especially a most beautiful and supportive teaching about the way that the Dawn speaks to us, the Language of Light, what this truly is, and the evolvement of our subtle, vibrational listening for the Dawn.


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Chapter 3 of Silver Wheel: Return of the Star Kin to One Another

Beloved Star of Worlds, In Immortal Star Pod #45 I share with you Chapter Three of the Silver Wheel: Return of the Star Kin to One Another.

This is one of the most beautiful teachings of the Dawn, that we are not alone, and have incarnated in soul groups, star clusters, who bring entwined gifts and soul purpose in the Light. This is the time of our return to one another.

During the years I wrote this, I was a very solitary hermit, and so this was one of the hardest chapters for me to write and to trust as it came through. I recommend sitting back and receiving, letting it flow through you. There'll be parts that spark deeply within your being, as this writing is very activational and light encoded. And so too there may be parts that flow past and you barely register. Allow the cadence of the receiving and trust what resonates for you, what really strikes your being as resonant truth for the One Who You Are.


With Infinite, Elfin Love



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