FREE Online Elven Ascension Stargate with the Elven Ones

Elven Beltane

with Elen Elenna, Deer of the Morningstar

1.5.22 Elven Beltane Stargate

Elven Ascended Galaxy of Orla: the Golden Flame


Beloved Star of Worlds, At this time of Beltane, ancient Fire Festival and portal between worlds, following the Solar Eclipse of the New Moon, comes the Beltane Elven Stargate 1.5.22


Walk in the Golden Star forests of the Elven Ascended Galaxy of Orla, where long the Elven have walked and lived. They are the Elven Elders who long have mastered the Golden Flame of the Sacred Imagination ~ the cosmic play of the active, dreaming mind in alignment with the Heart of Creation


This is the time, the ceremony, of a Sacred Marriage, a Golden Marriage with your Sacred Imagination


Activate this at the highest levels ~ 


A Sacred Marriage with the Golden Spiritual Sun of your Being


The Quantum Destination, place where you have been heading all along. From this quantum golden liquidity, Immortal Starlight, we enter/are/become the Infinite Sea of Being, Golden Waters through which the wave pulse Celestial Heartbeat of Creation moves.


This is the Imagination that exists beyond time and space, dreaming that which has never yet been dreamt or imagined ~ not activating future orbs (galactic/stellar realities) or past (far earth), but out of the liquid Golden Ocean of the Infinite, forming new dreams, new realms of timelessness. Immortal Starlight Palaces arising.


This is 7th Dimensional and beyond Creation


Here we dream AS Creation, activating our Golden Active, Divine Imagination for all the Realms. Dreaming our delight, in alignment with all


  Long has it been since we walked the earth illumined with this Divine Power and Gift, and it is time truly for it to be activated once more. So long have the Elven of Orla walked the many worlds, carrying this Golden wisdom, and in their realm receive this Ceremony of the Sacred Marriage with the Golden Dreaming Sunstar of Your Being


Trust yourself as Creator, as Dreamer, as Imaginer of worlds, and of your own Infinitely Beautiful & Wondrous Reality once more


I so look forward to this deeply, exquisitely beautiful and wondrous ceremony of the Dawn by your side. I have the strongest sense this date 1.5.22 has long been inscribed in my soul. It is an important one. A Beginning.


With Infinite, Elfin Love, Elen



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FREE Online Elven Ascension Stargate with the Elven Ones

Elven Beltane

with Elen Elenna, Deer of the Morningstar

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