Lion & Elven One

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Lion & Elven One

Freeing the Angel of Creation

Entering the Timeline of the Shining Ones


Becoming the People of Remembering, the People of the Stars.

Everything is altering, forever

Another timeline is being accessed within ourselves, a completely beautiful and different way of being, a liberation from suffering and struggle, a liberation from fear

A new sovereignty is blossoming within us, a new freedom to be ourselves


Founder lineages, Guardians, Guardian Founders ~ the Elven and the Leonine races

Guardians of the original blueprints underlying all of Creation, and the original design of angelic human 12 strand DNA

All the Guardian races on earth are considered Amenti races

Guardian, Elder, Dreamer, Shining One


I see them meeting, as at Rivendell, under an ancient and immortal sky, the Elven and Star Lions, the Lion Elders. And there is an agreement to re-inspire the heart to ancient beauty, to re-activate angelic intelligence in human beings.

Opalescent robes, fine as dragonfly wings. The Lion Elder is clad in turquoise and lapis, shining like the Sun. Together in a union of beautiful Solar consciousness, brow to brow, there is a meeting of radiance.

Theirs is the Joy of Creation, the golden consciousness of dwelling in that place Zep Tepi, or First Radiance

I see a palm outstretched, upturned in the forest air. And from that palm, out of nothing, out of an emergent radiance, comes a flower. A physical blossom.

New realities are created

The creation state where the realm of ethereal vibrations are touched upon ~ that which is dancing forth from the heart of the Infinite

How to exist at this threshold, this crystalline, shimmering in and out of existence, this delicate and powerful and loving grace

This is what the Leonine Elders and the Elven Ones would have us remember. How to become a Star Creator of new realities, in harmony with the cosmos

The exquisite sensitivity and powerful Inner Star, invisible Star, that guides

The Inner Star that purifies all our elemental bodies to their original pearlescent presence : a shimmering iridescence

the joy of natural emergence of the Soul in harmony with all the realms

Leonine, turquoise and lapis, her far-reaching gaze and solar, crystalline star consciousness. Source creation consciousness, in reverence and love for all of life

A fierce radiance and consciousness of vast, overarching harmonics. 

Embodiment of a fierce, crystalline diamond purity

The Elven Ones and the Star Lions both wish for us to know that we are angels walking the earth. They wish us to remember that we are miraculous dreamers from the stars, and to dissolve all the false limitations and self-images we hold, and rise up to stand beside them as sacred guardians of Creation. To shake off our forgetfulness and hiddenness

We ourselves are Star Lions, Shining Ones. With fierce and beautiful reverence we are here to embody and live the Soul Dream gifted to us by Creation

The Elven Ones gift us with sacred harmonics and the Language of Light that summons our perfect and ethereal wisdom to the fore

And the Star Lions reveal that embodiment of higher-dimensional grace is possible ~ that heaven on earth exists

They are forerunners of what we are becoming. Of the sacred metamorphosis we are undergoing and the new energetic paradigm we are entering

it is not hard to be our true selves

They show us the power and beauty of our cosmic DNA ~ the weaving of star realms into physical embodiment/presence

Seek the Star Lion within: discover that which they are calling you to become

Between the Elven Ones and Star Lions emerges a sacred vessel of transformation

Between the obsidian mirror of the Elven Ones, the Navigator, Star Walker, Space Traveller and the Solar Star Grace of the White Lions

we find our initiation into Space



I see the Lion Elder trace a gold glowing Ankh upon the Obsidian Mirror. I ask ‘What does this symbol mean?’

‘It is the Immortal entering Creation, and the blessing and the beauty of this. It is divine to be incarnate, the Eternal Return is a Gift. Long concealed it has been, how precious this is, this Gift of Life

You can dwell here as an Immortal Star Creator, one who adjusts the grids of time and space, thought and consciousness, so that Heaven can exist on Earth (one who creates new higher dimensional timelines and realities)

On a glistening floor of aquamarine and snowy quartz, in an Elven Council Pavilion, wrought for Sacred Council, they meet. Overlooking waterfall and forest, the Lion and Elven Elders stand together

The beautiful teachings of Silver Wheel that restore us to the sacred star reality of the Earth, to her ascended Star Realms

We are each increasingly functioning as Star Gates, Portals and Nodes for this New Reality. And piece by piece, our old sense of identity falls away, and there is integration until we become a whole and beautiful Soul again

The new frequencies are awakening these exquisite old realities within the earth. Just as the sunlight awakens the flowering code of the Tree, and its blossom blueprint unfolds into visibility, so does the sacred reality that has been dormant and concealed within the earth and cells of our body, our DNA, awaken and begin to unfold a visible reality of unprecedented beauty

The Inner or Deep Oversoul, the Inner Butterfly, Phoenix, Blossom

How we become Creators of a New Reality

We are keystones in the archway of remembrance ~ our very presence, as with the Star Lions, evokes the Ascended Star Realms of the earth, evokes the remembrance of Heaven on Earth

We are star souls who have lived many lives in many dimensions, and we are metamorphosing into multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional presence ~ as one experiences with Star Lions

Ankh: ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that reads ‘eternal life’


Returning Star Souls in service to all of life


I see the Elven One handing the Lion Elder the flower ~ the blossom of exquisitely delicate rose and gold colour, opened to an emerald centre. This flower’s petals are spinning, whirling, an activation of the Nilotic meridian and its ancient wisdom

Bringing shimmering otherworldly radiance and joy, harmonizing and blending, deepening and enhancing the elemental field of inter-connection around the White Lions. Altering and softening the atmosphere. Bringing magic and radiance to the air. They build a soft-hued dome around the Star Lions, enhancing their protection and facilitating their sacred vibrational work.

In turn, the Lions can deepen into their stillness


(I received these words after being invited to carry the Elven teachings of the Silver Wheel to South Africa, to be with the White Lions of Timbavati. We stayed on the Tsau! Reservation of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, held by Linda Tucker. To see more of their beautiful and ground-breaking work, if interested in visiting or donating or finding out more, click here...)


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