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Elven Ascension Portal Opens!!!

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2021

Beloved Star of Worlds,


Elven Starlight Ascension website is back online!!! You will see above the new logo, that is the Temple of the Morningstar, that holds the Elven & Star teachings on awakening as a Star Creator upon earth. It is also the temple of Ar-Ari-Fina, an Elven domain that is rising once more as part of the New Earth, ancient realms that are returning now. My dream and calling is to hold this realm of returning remembrance, with the silver and golden wheels woven through. It has been a long year of the most extraordinary integration of these, as I have been teaching and holding these transmissions. My heart and soul have been much taken with the teaching of the Elven Supernova Writing Program since September, and it is one thing to have seen the prophecy of the Golden Codexes of the Dawn, another to see in 'real time' the transcription, the return of the records and their wisdom holders. It is beyond beautiful, beyond exquisite. I had a vision in the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey of the Golden Elven University arising, its shining towers, where the learning is of the records that we hold, where these Codexes are read. Ever more, I believe for each one the Dawn is guiding us into this codex of inner and crystalline remembrance and wisdom. Howsoever this comes, and so much falls away to come to this place, yet it is there, on the other side of every initiation. More and more, I feel in the coming times, you shall remember, you shall receive your record.


And this is my dream and hope for the Elven Ascension Portal, that it supports this remembrance and the access to the record you hold. I also hope for this space to become ever more liquid, crystalline, with multiple portals where this can be accessed, both fleeting and more involved.


With infinitely long humming, and upon that note! A creation has been underway, I would love to welcome you to the realm of the Elven Quiz (I know, it is really an inter-galactic Elder gateway!)


Discover your Elven Celestial Archetype for the Dawn


What Elven are you for the Dawn?!


(I would love to hear what comes for you, if you feel to share! I created this playfully, yet it became more profound as it crystallised, and my own 'result' echoes in my heart, a true gift to access the Silver Wheel this way)


Re-enter the portal of  Elven Ascension  ~ see the new realms opening up, there is so much to discover.


With 12.12.21 (yesterday!) I reached a completion with these realms of creation ~ the codes of Silver and Golden Wheels now woven through ~ and now my gaze falls to the Solstice 21.12.21, as this phase of creation completes, and a new one shall be inaugurated.


There shall be an Elven Solstice Stargate 21.12.21 with the Elven Elders of Intika, the People of the Swan, to receive the new instructions for the time to come. Solar Celestial Mandalas of Self are anchored through this year that has been, and to come, the Greater Star Paths, and vaster interconnection. For now, a space and a stilling between phases. Do join this ceremony,

Click here to join Elven Solstice Stargate 21.12.21

I would be honoured beyond words to travel with you once more, in our vast starry tribe around the earth


With Infinite, Elfin Love,



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