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Reindeer Woman & the Creation of Reality

Beloved Angel, I share the final wisdom of the Star Magnolia Moon and the new Auric Presence ~ the wisdom of White Reindeer Woman and our newly anchored power of Creation! A new timeline has arrived, anchored, delivered and offered itself fully


You will notice a new coherence between inner and outer, as though something. You’ve been looking towards for a long time is now fully available and activated


There is no more preparations and oddly, no more resistance


The last egoic barrier has been overcome, so that your smaller self is not holding you separate from this golden dream, this golden reality


The aura is the dreaming star ship, it is how we create


You shall find this new depth of coherence between your hologram and your core, and actions belonging to your core flowing from you with more power and ease


We have crossed a threshold this Star Magnolia Moon


It is time to live in your quantum divine, sovereign dreaming magic, of...

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Elven Ascension Update & Golden Wheel

Beloved Angel, Here is Immortal Star Pod #60  ~ Elven Ascension update of this week. In this the last phase of the Star Magnolia Moon, there is the collapse of the old auric field, and the Sun Disc of your Homeworld is being offered to you by Earth, Gaia.  

After a powerful dismantling this Full Moon, I sit drumming and singing in front of my altar  

Connecting to the Immortal Starlight essence and heartbeat of the Earth in her Ascension  

We are here for her Ascending Heart.  And right now she is deep in her creation of Golden Realms  

She is creating our multiple individualised star nodes within her body of Light  

And this is now becoming the Earthen Golden Sphere of our New Aura  

I share so much more in this pod ~ about Golden Wheel, that I am writing at the moment, White Reindeer Woman, and theme of Immortal Starlight I AM Self-expression ~ of how this happens at the level both of Earth and Stars  

May this Bless your Most beautiful...

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Aura & Solar Cycle of the Year


Beloved Star of Worlds, The Elven wisdom of Star Magnolia, of building the Aura, continues this moon. Still there is what I would call this gorgeous stacking, golden energy this moon ~ build the sphere of the aura from the core of innermost essence


The Immortal Starlight Soul quietly re-building presence. With this there are deep, emotional, core releases and dissolutions, especially with the power of the Full Moon this weekend


But also an extraordinary synchronisation and awareness of the planetary solar cycle, and how this relates to the energetic sphere of the aura


The circling of the Aura mirrors the circling of seasons, the circles of the planets, moon, sun and stars


To experience the spherical nature of your own energy  (your aura) enables you to look at your COMPLETE use of energy ~ how you are at every point in the cycle of earth’s journey around the sun.  


This circling energy calls to COMPLETE, balanced...

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Star Magnolia Moon + Aura

Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of the Star Magnolia Moon of the Elven ~ such beautiful, beautiful energy this moon. So architectural and profound, bringing strength and new luminous boundaries of experience


This Star Magnolia Moon is the creation of your new Aura, that is building and building through this lunar cycle ~ replacing old energetic dynamics and bringing through the incomparable beauty and luminous warmth of your own sphere of true energy


The Elven guidance is to

 Keep the focus on inner, core presence, for this is where the new Aura comes from

Yet fanning from inner to the outer sphere of the aura, visualising this often (nb this is the lighted design ALREADY dreamt by your Star Kin, they support you in the innermost space of this beautiful creation... codes of the future anchoring from the stars as your Auric Field... they are with you & in a way it is effortless, already done... think colour, Light tones & hues, feelings...

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