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First Ever Avalon Ceremony 2016

Jun 20, 2016


At this portal of the Summer Solstice 2016, the Elven Eveningstar Ceremony occurs in Avalon. In this Golden Dawn of a New Earth, the ancient temples, the lost dimensions are being awoken. Avalon is a great temple of shining purity upon our Earth, and it also has its own great cycles of awakening, of evolution.


An enchanted song of the lost temples rises up, woven of harp, drum, rattle and song. Swan feather rattle and Elven Guardians of the Directions. Calling in the Star Temple...

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Morningstar Message of Hope

Jun 13, 2016


I have just returned from a beautiful event, ‘Shamanic Lands’ organised by Davyd and Emma Farrell. It was a gathering of shamanic wisdom teachers held in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square in London. For 15 minutes, standing within this beautiful circle of people, I shared a teaching from Silver Wheel for the first time.


It was the teaching of the Silver Grove and the Morningstar Message of Hope. I can barely remember those 15 minutes now, but I do remember the Star Elders...

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Return of Lemuria

May 18, 2016


Carrying the Elven Wisdom to Avalon. It returns home, after long travels over continents, so many spirits woven into its wisdom presence. Over the well stands the ancient star magnolia tree, full with blossom. It is the perfect image and metaphor for Lemuria. It is the cosmic and the earthly enfolded into one, it is one of the most ancient flowers on the planet, and it has a presence of powerful strength and purity. It is a Lemurian star flower, that teaches us the time has come to...

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A New Dawn

Mar 10, 2016


Elemental Awakening

Imagine a Universe of sleeping galaxies. All the spiral and rainbow depths muted and still. Fallen quiet. Breathing quietly, it goes on in Ancient Beauty.
Yet then a radiance, as of violet blossoms tumbling, begins to fall into this Universe, stirring its Ancient Beauty.
It begins to sparkle gently into life. The sleeping eyes of stars begin to open, feeling the blessing and promise of these arriving blossoms.
This Universe is...
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Pacific Ceremonies 2015

Oct 21, 2015
‘There is a Trail of Seven Ceremonies, leading Northwards, starting from Mount Shasta and the wisdom of the Giant Redwoods, leading up the North West Pacific Coast and thence into the lakes and snows of Canada.’


It is the energies of the Land that infuse my healing and spiritual work. It is the Elven Ones whose shining pathway is my pathway upon this Earth, who are my spirit and other dimensional guides. And every so often, they call me onward. I am guided...

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