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Grove of Arianrhod

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

It is time for the Temple of Arianrhod to descend again to Earth, for its doorways to open wide for those who might enter, and for the Dreamers to walk again in her silver spheres. In a shower of orchid petals and ancient starlight, the Indigo Portal opens...

I must tell you the ancient ways of my people. They belong to a world that is older than Atlantis, older than the ages of flood and ice, stone and bronze. They belong to a place and a time when the stars are the Earth; all is merged in a tempest of beginnings. In this time the Elder Worlds flourish. They are the roots and the leaves of the Tree of Life.

They are the oldest and the purest ways of Earth. You cannot find a truer path of Love upon this planet than to walk these old gold leaves of Light.

O, let us start at the beginning. Let us pass through the Amethyst Gates and sit with the Elven Council to hear the blue light of their prayers for Earth.

All shall be well
and All shall be well

and All shall be well

This is a...

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Launch Announcement

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2019
Coming Soon!!! A new online ascension portal Sapphire Earth ~ overflowing with Elvenstar inspiration, vision, dancing starlight and ho hummm of the Trees ~ with lots of free videos and podcasts and writings ~ for the Silver Wheel teachings ~ of remembrance and return ~ of ascension into all that we are. I hope this shall be such a beautiful resource ~ Joanna Jane Delves, beautiful beautiful Elven Cosmic soul and guardian and I have come together in this calling ~ creating and dreaming ~ a place where we can all come together in this great starlight community of the Dawn. So look forward to the Winter Solstice launch ~ right now it is non-stop web-magicianing, and shalt be till the golden hour!xxxxx
With Great Elfin Love
Elen Elenna
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