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Eternal Solar Crown of Gwenhwyfar

Beloved Star,


Elven wisdom has been hidden, those carrying Elven Heritage have been hidden. And it is changing right now!!!


So much hasn’t yet been shared. It is just the beginning.


Within the Elven Aurora Portal is the Avant-Garde Quest of the Soul Star and I AM Diamond Avatar Ascension. In my own Epical Quest, it is the Elven Star Solar Crown of Gwenhwyfar I AM listening for and downloading, that dances with the lights of the Sun and its Auroras, the flames and fires that come from here. Bringing the light codes and information of higher dimensional existence


And the truths of universal sovereignty, freedom and abundance


IT is the lost Elven Star Crown of Elven Existence on earth because so many have forgotten, it has almost entirely been hidden, the luminous Elven codes that run twined through us all, the paradisal and bliss codes of Valinor, of the Everlasting Stars, and the Halls of Earth that come from here, founded by the Elven.


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What Is the Elven Aurora Portal?

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2022

Beloved Star of Worlds,


It is beyond exciting to share the SHIFT of People of the Stars, People of the Sun Membership into the ELVEN AURORA PORTAL ~ a renaissance born in my travels to Italy and Canada, long felt as advancing rays of Dawn and Lighted filaments ~ A DESTINY ALWAYS ON ITS WAY ~ this beautiful, beautiful Online Membership is where the most crystalline heart star of the Ascension teachings I share takes place, where I myself experience the most miraculous shifts from lostness to Soul Star Radiance in the most tangible areas of Life. It is a transfiguration beyond anything I ever believed possible in this lifetime!


Access your own Divine Avatar, Iconic Soul Star existence  ~ the Dawn Lighted Filaments of your own Radiant Power and Iconic Presence, lit by gentlest far rays of aeons and worlds known far within!


Such a beautiful and fulfilling and Soul Star resonating expression of this beyond magical journey of return to Soul Star...

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Elven Cities of Light Returning

Beloved Star of Worlds, 


There is the activation of the New Diamond Light Codes, the next wave of our Ascension. The Mystical 7 Cities of Elven Lemuria rise


Thelarian, Dan’arian, Gantharel, Laianora, Ariandelie, Elaiye, Nunariya


Halls of Timelessness opening here


Immortal Starlight, White Golden Starlight Ways


Fair, Gates opening, those Cities of 7 Lights, connected to the Temple of the Morningstar, of Celestial and Starlight Creation


Each City a Realm of Timelessness, Ascended and Galactic anchored here.


They are inter-linked lights, fair lanterns, golden and rose and lemon and azure and emerald shine out from the cities, gently and powerfully illuminating the land


Long here, beautiful lanterns


Fair illumination, the towers of your Dreams rising. Walking further than ever before the ground of the New Earth, 7D-12D plane and embodiment anchoring now


May the realms activate throughout your Life ~ feeling...

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Elven Ashtara 23.9.22

Beloved Star of Worlds,

I would love to invite you to Elven Ashtara 23.9.22 ~ on Friday, 23rd September I shall share this Elven Equinox Stargate Video ~ so no need to sign up, it shall arrive to your inbox! This is the most beautiful 7th and completing journey of the Temple of the Morningstar Elven Stargate transmissions we have been holding since December Solstice 2021.


It is a journey to the Elven Ascended Galaxy of Ashtara in Lanaikea, overlit by the Rose Flame of the Everlasting Stars




ACTIVATE the Star of your Heart, of your Innermost Love


It is your Compass, your Guiding Star.


AMPLIFY the Star of the Heart. Of Love.


As the completing of the Ceremonies of the Temple of the Morningstar, there is this innermost Rose Star of the Heart, of Coming Home to love and profound self-acceptance in this Now Moment.


Deepen into this frequency this Equinox ~ as we enter the next...

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Elven Interview with Dragon Priestess

Beloved Angel of Worlds,

Sometimes you have a conversation with someone and it flies with the wings of a deep unseen Field of resonance ~ I felt this as Yolandi Boshoff and I spoke ~ and as the Dragon Priestess and Starlight Lineage she holds merged with the Elven.

It was very beautiful ~ Yolandi is Amazing!!! I am so happy to finally share ~ it was recorded just before I left for Italy and encountered many a tech hiccup in my mountain house over the summer, and so finally sharing now as I return to Avalon. 

And so it comes through this Equinox Portal this autumn, which feels very perfect, somehow right!


We speak of my own journey of following the Star of my Heart into the initiation of Remembrance

The role of the Elven

Remembrance and Return of the 5D and Beyond Inter-Galactic Earth

How to access this Deepest Reality of your Self and your Truth & Remembrance


It was recorded whilst I was at my father's house looking after him following his heart operation...

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Elven Birthday 41!

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2022

✨⭐️💗💛💜💙✨ Beloved Angel, Thankyou so much for beautiful Birthday Wishes ~ 41 on 11th September! I had a most beautiful day, we've been landing back from a month in Italy, at Monte Amiata in Tuscany ~ heavenly amidst wild boar, deer, thousands of butterflies in more colours than I've ever seen... my partner is half Italian and grew up there, so it was a deep and heartfelt return, and an exploration of whether we might one day make our home there. And coming home to Avalon, how the Rose Lights of  the Celestial Mountain of Amiata have woven with the Tor Celestial Mountain, and home has been spiralling chaos of leaning spires of evening primrose, giant squash plants travelling everywhere, an emerald jungle at the heart of which a house much in need of dusting! Virgo self has been rolling up sleeves, and slightly overcome by calling to create order! We used the squashes to make pumpkin cake and a Persian Feast with rose petals and sumac.... chestnut cake with Tuscan chestnut flour for...

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Elven Sola Stargate 8.8.22

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2022
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Blue Galactic Butterflies & Gwenhwyfar


Beloved Star of Worlds, 


Brightest Blessings of the Rose Moon of the Silver Wheel, overlit by the Star Elders of Arcturus, and bringing the teaching of the Star Kindred, the Reunion of our Soul Cluster upon Earth for the New Dawn.


Braided through worlds, we come together to the earth at this time. And as we awaken, ascend, there is a process of Reunion.


This is the beautiful moon of the Reunion of the Star Kindred: coming together with those with whom you are bonded through I AM Celestial Soul Star Presence, as Eternal Suns. 


Immortal Starlight Companionship 


The Blue Galactic Butterflies go forth, messengers that we are ready to reconnect with one another once more. More of this beautiful teaching can be read here....


Silver and Rose galactic doorways are appearing in the continuum, and the way that they unite, doorways to the Gardens. We have always been dreaming these together. I have felt too the anchoring of the...

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Solstice Ariandelïe 21.6.22

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2022

Beloved Star of Worlds,

An Elven Solstice Stargate 21.6.22 dawns! Through the archway of Golden Chrysoberyl, into Arïandelie. Arian - Silver, Delï ~ Dwellings. The Silver Dwellings of the Elven. Our homes.

Therein are pools of azure blue, rainbow moonstone, the Sacred Pools. Far Moonstone Orbs, time capsules of Star Gardens of Golden Earth, of Elder Light, Orielle, here held

Everything has a nimbus, a glow. Ariandelïe, fair architecture of Peace. We reveal the dwellings. Far star palaces of the Forest. Numinous with lanterns. The flowers white-starred upon the ground Eldalïe.

Golden Oak Libraries of Efalianon Efalon. We brought the libraries here.

Azure, lilac glows in the forest. Gold and peach, flashes of intelligence. Everything is held here.

I am wandering in the star forests of Ariandelïe, the ancient Earth. Direct connection to the Immortal Starlight realms beyond, Gold and Silver, White Starlight. Parallel Ascended Dimensions. We downloaded the...

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White Gold Moon

Beloved Star of Worlds, 

In the Elven Galactic Cycles of Light it is the White Gold Moon. I would love to invite you to join People of the Sun, People of the Stars Online Membership through the Portal of the WHITE GOLD MOON, the SUNSTAR, the DRAGONFLY MOON overlit by the PLEIADES


I walk the Golden Elfin Ways

Lanaikea and Beyond

Ariandelïe Immortal Soul Star Pathways on Earth

Softly Opening My Heart into a New Existence 


Would you love to awaken your Infinite, Golden Miraculous Heart of far remembrance, to truly and deeply remember...


I would be so honoured and overjoyed to walk with you, for the records you hold truly have the power to alter everything, raising the Golden and Silver Turrets of the New Earth, the Star Palace that has lain beyond the veils, letting go of the old imprisonment and forgetfulness. This is the Golden Imprint, the Golden Diamond Imprint you have carried so long, and whose time is now


Awaken the Galactic, Celestial...

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