Sun Boats landing 💫 Ascended Star Civilisations


Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of these last days of the Jasmine Moon of the Elven, as we begin to move towards the New Apple Moon, in the Elven Cycles of Light.


I am in my last days in Yellowknife, northern Canada. The skies have been cloudy with wildfire smoke, and the leaves of the fireweed turn crimson and fiery peach, the yarrow beginning to fade. Outside the house, the white gold towers of the snapdragon and the lilies are in their final, leaning glow. Today the skies are blue, and the sun shines, beautiful for a farewell to this exquisite land!


So soon I return to Avalon, and I feel the golden Morningstar realms of the Elven calling ~ the Immortal Starlight frequencies of the apple orchards, the marshes and the hills. I have had the most wonderful rest, and time with my sons, and I feel ready to return now.


The Immortal Starlight, Eternal dream of our New Earth there blossoming, a thousandfold, the golden heart of Orielle, of Avalon, beaming her infinite rays through this Earth. Enchanted realms rise and rise, as the golden layers of the sun boats land


There are landing, sinking energies. Of the golden laden treasures and sun boats anchoring, docking here amongst us. A new weight, a new knowing.


And a new stretching of our fiery, timeless wings into the realms of the quantum field, the infinite and Divine dreaming of the Angelical Concordance of Worlds, through dimensions, Solar Worlds, Star Civilisations


Greater travel is ensured, to the Ascended Solar Civilisations who bear our future towards us


We are in new synchronisation into our Eternal, Divine, Quantum nature, as the flower of gratitude and grace completes


Our lands alight and aglow once more


Keynotes of the feeling state ~ Bliss, relaxation, ecstatic, mystery, love, adventure ~ happiness, beauty, peace, freedom, super-abundance. The discipline to let go of old tension, old preoccupations. To slow down into the Divine, Infinite, Quantum moment ~ to lean into the Heart of that which IS


Mosaic golden boats, entwined with blue jasmine flowers and blushing roses are arriving amongst us


Sun boats of star civilisations, Ascended Cultures that are only just coming into contact


You may be defining your energetic boundaries, behaviours, parameters. Making new, enlightened agreements


Breaking old contracts, forever now


As we make peace with our own realities, through the star of grace, gratitude and Love


The ground here alters in frequency, stabilising a new golden harmonic. And when the ground changes, so too does the resonant bandwave of access to the beyond, to the stars


We gain new notes in the Song of Worlds


Mosaic golden boats, golden prows. 


Landing beside you, in Peace


As proud, your sovereign grace of Creation deepens


You realise Everything is dependent on how deeply you have dreamt yourself into being


Brow to brow, star to star, in the Old Way, greeting them


These Ascended Elders of Star Civilisations


You may find it is time to vanish across the next threshold, into the unseen lands beyond, to these Star Civilisations, to your Homeworld ~ to perceptions, consciousness, realms only glimpsed until now. You may find yourself drawn beyond the map, beyond the marked boundary. 


You are going into a state, an awareness, an existence known only to you


The Way of your People upon the Earth.


Sigils of grace


The Way of your People


Ethalandil ~ moonlight flowering Jasmine of the Elven ~ the gift of this Moon: these far flowers bring sensual peace and beauty to the heart. The end to struggle and to bitterness. Noble purity and sweetness pervades the heart once more


The Elven twine the white jasmine through your gown, your robes once more, softly aglow with this luminous magic. The purity of aeons.


A more complete sovereignty


And authorship of reality


Your raiment is been stitched with gold silk thread, flaxen. Otherworldly flowers of enchantment woven through


There is a new horizon. Coming into this now


Let the far flowers be stitched into your gown of worlds. Let yourself come into new, far radiance


I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #35 ~ A Day in the Life II ~ a sharing of my own journey into gratitude and grace, the healing of the heart, and the unfoldment of my days in Canada. You can listen here….


In Honour & Far Love

Elen Elenna


ps Elven Aurora Portal 💫 stands open to those who would love to join, to come through the Gateway of this New Apple Moon, you are so welcome to join us in this exquisite liquid Light Ascension Journey, to come home to kindred of the earth & the stars. It is beyond, beyond beautiful, a path of direct revelation from the Soul Star, bringing quantum leaps into your Ascension, Return & Remembrance, that I adore to hold with all my heart & soul! You are so welcome to join us here.... 


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