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Chapter 3 of Silver Wheel: Return of the Star Kin to One Another

Beloved Star of Worlds, In Immortal Star Pod #45 I share with you Chapter Three of the Silver Wheel: Return of the Star Kin to One Another.

This is one of the most beautiful teachings of the Dawn, that we are not alone, and have incarnated in soul groups, star clusters, who bring entwined gifts and soul purpose in the Light. This is the time of our return to one another.

During the years I wrote this, I was a very solitary hermit, and so this was one of the hardest chapters for me to write and to trust as it came through. I recommend sitting back and receiving, letting it flow through you. There'll be parts that spark deeply within your being, as this writing is very activational and light encoded. And so too there may be parts that flow past and you barely register. Allow the cadence of the receiving and trust what resonates for you, what really strikes your being as resonant truth for the One Who You Are.


With Infinite, Elfin Love



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Blue Galactic Butterflies & Gwenhwyfar


Beloved Star of Worlds, 


Brightest Blessings of the Rose Moon of the Silver Wheel, overlit by the Star Elders of Arcturus, and bringing the teaching of the Star Kindred, the Reunion of our Soul Cluster upon Earth for the New Dawn.


Braided through worlds, we come together to the earth at this time. And as we awaken, ascend, there is a process of Reunion.


This is the beautiful moon of the Reunion of the Star Kindred: coming together with those with whom you are bonded through I AM Celestial Soul Star Presence, as Eternal Suns. 


Immortal Starlight Companionship 


The Blue Galactic Butterflies go forth, messengers that we are ready to reconnect with one another once more. More of this beautiful teaching can be read here....


Silver and Rose galactic doorways are appearing in the continuum, and the way that they unite, doorways to the Gardens. We have always been dreaming these together. I have felt too the anchoring of the...

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