Hazel Moon of the Elven

 ✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, It has been a great long pause between letters ~ I have been in transit, landing from my trip to the North, to Canada, packing up my life in Avalon for now, to come and look after my father in Gloucestershire for the autumn

This is a return to the oak woodlands and fields of my childhood, a place of memories. As a child, the mystical energies of this garden and house were so palpable to me ~ suddenly translocated from London to a derelict farmhouse when I was 8 years old, I roamed every corner of the secret, rambling, abandoned, once loved garden, the wood panelled rooms in the house, traipsing the flagstone floors. I was astonished to be living every dream I had ever imagined. There are trees here I greet with reverent love, as the oldest of friends ~ the beech that leans over the stream, the great blue cedar that overshadows the heart of the garden. The oldest of cherry trees.


Shortly after we arrived, some 30 years ago, my father planted the fields beyond the stream with 100 acres of oak and deciduous woodland. Fields I remember galloping across on my pony in the early years, are now an overarching canopy of trees, with the deer flickering amongst. This place for me has been a song of deepest sorrow and love.


I am here by the light of the Hazel Moon of Elayshianora, which is so infinitely beautiful and earthen. All around, the tips of the emerald leaves are turning tawny and gold, and there is a silvery stillness to the willows. As I walk, I forage for the dark purple of the blackberries. Purple asters flower through the gardens, and I pass the golden shorn fields of cut corn. Through all, I feel the Elven golden lands of Elayshianora, New Earth, 7th Dimensional and Beyond, arcing into existence.


As the Moon becomes full, and we pass through the Autumn Equinox Stargate, I treasure this moon of gathering, clearing and reflection, and the coming to peace within my own heart over oldest sorrows.


In the silvery hazel groves of these returning lands, by the leaping, fragrant, resinous flames of the Equinoctial Fire at the heart of the Elven Lands of Elayshianora, I come to terms with the loss of this home I loved, that has haunted me for these 30 years. IT has been a place I avoided coming to, the pain of loss too deep, of the happiness that was once here.


Now with Golden Light in my heart, I allow the tears to fall, for the child who believed she could be torn from heaven, from love, from herself. Who believed she could be lost, and lost herself in the echoes of a shattering world.


I sit with her, patiently, as she shares her fears and her endless grief with me. I sit with her, gently listening, allowing the heart, the vibration of her sorrow to reveal. And then, when she is ready, I begin to whisper to her, to call forth the Song of Divine Love and Wholeness.


I guide her to another moment, another choice. The choice not to shatter and fragment on the winds, but to stay, to stay with her Self. To trust the Divine Light of Destiny and the Golden Path of Love beneath her feet.


To realise that she is not a butterfly caught and lost in a dream that dreams her. She is the dreamer, by her heart and her mind, and what she holds there.


By all loss, she is called Home to her Self, to the Inner Light once more.


She is empowered and set free, always and ever


And she rises to take up her inheritance, the Golden Infinite Power of Creation within, the precious Holy Flame of Consciousness, and the gift of life upon this beautiful Earth


This, the Elder and Elven and Star Way of Creation. The Way of the Morningstar. The way of the Dawn. We rise Unconditional, into the Love that we are


And so we are. These beautiful Lanterns, being reborn in our Holy Creative Light, always and ever. There is no other song, no other story.


May your Hazel Moon be infinitely blessed


With Infinite, Starlight Love



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