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Identifying the Golden Future that is Here

Beloved Angel of Worlds, I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #37 ~ Identifying the Golden Future that is Here


For many of us have received the golden architectures for the coming Age, and the sense of what we are to stabilise and anchor for this


You may around now have the sense that a phase of destiny is completing, a phase of architectural creation for the Dawn


When this happens, it is as though the inner energy of the hologram empties out, and the old impulse to fulfil and energise it fades away. 


This can lead to a certain inertia, loss of focus and desire to ‘do’ anything. This lull is in fact a beautiful emptiness between the cycles of luminosity.


With the completeness, a part of the soul sits in reverent prayer and honouring, in a growing inner stillness. A feather of white woven into their hair, this part of the soul gazes upon the horizon line of what has been. In stillness. Observing, honouring. 


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