New Year Energies & Guidance 2024


✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds,

Warmest Blessings of 2024! It has been a little while! I have moved from Avalon, packed up my home into storage, and it has been a Solstice/Christmas of great change! I would love to share with you this transformative journey, and guidance for the energy of 2024 that has been so profoundly supportive to me right now (you can listen/watch via Immortal Star Pod #53, all links below).


Each Solstice, we shift into a completely different pattern of Light, receiving New Cosmic Instructions from Source.


These are outside of all existing and established magnetics and realities here, and are truly star-seeded, star-borne. We lift our gaze, our hearts to the heavens. We release the old magnetic fields, the old bindings and expectations, the old sense of progression, of time and space and their coordinates in consciousness, however composed. 


The cycle completing is one that we can truly honour. There is, in what came through for you last year, a Golden Code accomplished.


What is this Golden Code, what does it mean for you, and how do you know it?


This Golden Code involves the acknowledgement that there is something unspeakably beautiful you have given birth to in your life. It is sometimes so easy to see ourselves through the lens of ‘self-improvement’, and not value what has come to be.


Yet, truly, 2023 was a year where the Keys of Power to Physical Reality were handed back to our Angelic Selves. It is our Quantum, Celestial Starlight Self that now holds the keys of power to creating physical reality. The old dominance of lower dimensional consciousness over physical creation in your life is at an end. 


This has happened within your life, and whilst our senses may be slower to fully take this in, the Elven guidance is that it is visible within your world. Here is a practice for perceiving the Golden Code of Realised, Physical Crystalline Light within your life:


Practice for perceiving the Golden Code:


1. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Settle into your body and sacred space


2. Scan your physical world and reality, asking to be shown a part of this that is carrying the Golden Code, that has been seeded and created in purity by your Immortal Starlight Soul. It is, if you like, your ‘truest creation.’


3. Understand that this is a seed code, a foundation that can be trusted. Honour this realisation of spirit in matter, this crystalline, Christ Light manifestation within your reality and give thanks for the accomplishment of such a cycle! This is a really great achievement


You can use the Golden Code as the tonal note for honing your awareness, a pivot and an orientation point for perceiving yourself and your reality in a new way. It can become the guiding Earth Song or Earthen Note for your new cycle. 


It is foundational. It can be built upon.


We have reached a rare moment in our Ascension and Return, where a physical Golden Code from the last cycle could be carried from Earth to the Heavens, to the Realm of the Great Central Sun, and link with the incoming Light of the New Cosmic Instructions


This took place at Solstice


Supported by an unspeakably beautiful sequencing of Pleiades Stargates, forming a corridor of Light to Source, transported in their starship, golden, assisting the transit into the Realm of the great Central Sun. The starship docked, synchronising with vast inter-locking, inter-galactic, inter-dimensional spheres of golden kindred as all listened for the New Cosmic Instructions from Source 


The new instructions are characterised by a deepest Peace, a stillness. So pure, almost without propulsion, an emanation 7th dimensional and beyond that has no urgency belonging to this world, no motivation from within the magnetics of the old, in this or any other world. It is so pure.


Of this the Dawn is wrought


We shall feel differently in this cycle to come, of 2024. As the New Instructions are gifted, there is a new perspective that lands. You shall understand your role, and relationship to yourself and Creation, from a different point of view.


And experience a new field of interconnection, and the fulfilment of Divine Destiny through this with especial grace and fluidity


Let me speak of this. 


WE have viewed earth and ourselves as ‘rising’ back into inter-connection. Of an inter-dimensional earth reclaiming her vast inter-dimensionality, restoring and reunifying in a greater pattern of existence. Ancient, timeless, future stargates have awoken, doorways have been restored. Flaming beautiful sigils of Light over many an ancient and timeless way have been activated. It has been immense, a return and reunification, and a rising.


This is the crystalline, Golden Earth. This is the crystalline, golden Self.


IT is very architectural, much to do with timeless design.


It is the Celestial, Angelic, Galactic DNA within us, as well as the cellular, elemental body of earth. Each of us brings our unique, golden diamond Angelic DNA of our Homeworld to earth, that is a part of this design. There are universal, architectural coded elements and patterns that are established, but at the crystalline, Christ Light level of design, these form the coordinates (not for another astral, overlighting system that defines) but for a quantum, liquid creational reality where the pure I AM radiance of Self from Homeworlds and Source flows through in 7th Dimensional and beyond creation.


So the architecture, whilst precise, lends itself to freedom and pure sequenced, white starlight Self expression from within


It lends itself to the complete and ultimate freedom of bringing the Light of your Homeworld, of Who You Are, to this Earth. Of pure, crystalline, lighted Creation in accordance with the Heaven worlds you carry within. 


And a vast lighted field of interconnection through worlds that is the innermost nature of this, to whose vast realms your true purpose is bound.


The old materialism and 3D reality was a binding to physical experience, but also an occlusion to the awakening spirit. There was only so much we could perceive from within this dimensional version of earth, and a certain WAY of seeing that was self-centric, earth-centric.


We tend to view our purpose FROM here, as a fulfilment of this lifetime, incarnation and physical expression


We are being unbound into a deeper, vaster, almost what I would call ‘upside down’ perspective.


This might be why you’re finding your old drive has emptied out, feels hollow. Much of what you have striven for, or a certain sort of impetus may have gone. And self preservation through inauthenticity ~ people pleasing, procrastination, control, perfectionism, status  etc ~ may be phasing out altogether


Because the self this is designed to preserve does not exist, and we know this now ~ from within, it is known and felt. A luminous, hollow emptiness exists where before there seemed to be something


Consciousness phases into the new legacy


You see yourself from a new perspective.


Core golden realities, crystalline reality shall become ‘enough’ as it were. You shall let go of so much that you needed before, that you leant on, that you called in.


From the fullness of your Celestial, Galactic DNA, you overflow your essence, your pure expression into this world


IT is the pure expression of who you are for the Greater Whole of Creation


With an Awareness of how innermost essence equals the greatest sphere of interconnection.


Of how the breath of yourself as the truth of who you are, opens stargates in others worlds. Golden rose light Doors open, that carry the beams of future light and codes in great rippling tides all the way back to earth again


With this we are opened into infinite dimensions of Awareness, and how That Which You Are touches many, many realms, and how every footfall is an alignment that is of earth AND beyond. It touches the evolution of worlds, and galaxies of Light, and the Great Return Home Always in non-linear inter-temporality


There is no end/purpose ABOVE this


This is the end/purpose that exists, even if veiled, WITHIN EVERY end/purpose. Howsoever it seems you are called, by whatever contingency, emergency, occurrence ~ to become Who You Are ~ it is ALWAYS the Greater Return that is veiled within this emergency/urgency, and it is applying not the weight of force, but the inevitability of True Return.


You shall be aware of how your Essence ripples through realms, and is part of inter-connected Sun Doors that open through worlds, the beams of rose, golden, white starlight and white starlight sigils aflame with ancient and timeless wisdom coming into being once more


Our beautiful procession of Return to Source, the Return Home through all worlds


It can only be accomplished through your inner most essence ~ through Self Remembrance as a sustained path, a Way through every moment


This year, the WITHIN shall become so beautifully honed, that the vast fields of interconnection shall synchronise and flow through your life in the most magical ways


Again, this may involve continuing adjustments as the old ways phase out, and this might feel awkward at times, like work. The re-negotiation of relationships, of boundary, that which you include and don’t include. It is ultimately a renegotiation with self, but is shown and mirrored through all. This is such important work, and may take experiment, moment to moment willingness and authenticity to be truthful even when it creates awkwardness and ripples of resistance. Be simple and true, be repetitive and consistent in your requests for adjustment. Be compassionate as spheres adjust.


Refining the Return Home to Self


The CORE MESSAGE/MEDICINE for 2024 from the Elven: essence as innermost equals the greatest sphere of interconnection.


May you have a most blessed and enchanting Year, a blossoming of truest dreams!


With Infinite, Elfin Love


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