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Hazel Moon of the Elven

 Beloved Star of Worlds, It has been a great long pause between letters ~ I have been in transit, landing from my trip to the North, to Canada, packing up my life in Avalon for now, to come and look after my father in Gloucestershire for the autumn

This is a return to the oak woodlands and fields of my childhood, a place of memories. As a child, the mystical energies of this garden and house were so palpable to me ~ suddenly translocated from London to a derelict farmhouse when I was 8 years old, I roamed every corner of the secret, rambling, abandoned, once loved garden, the wood panelled rooms in the house, traipsing the flagstone floors. I was astonished to be living every dream I had ever imagined. There are trees here I greet with reverent love, as the oldest of friends ~ the beech that leans over the stream, the great blue cedar that overshadows the heart of the garden. The oldest of cherry trees.


Shortly after we arrived, some 30 years ago, my father planted...

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