Arianrhod & Elven Celestial Heart


✨💫✨Beloved Angel of Worlds, Blessings of this phase as we integrate the vast Lighted Architecture of the Celestial Blueprint we have been fusing with, through Ostara and of before and before. 


I am feeling all this week an Immortal Starlight lunar current within, a drawing in and receiving of the blueprint ~ the swan feathers of Divine Remembrance, of Vast Wings of Return in a coherent Divine pattern I have never received so fully before. It has been quite something to still into this, and to let the silvery-golden-rose light cascade through. So much coalescing. Feeling far from physical reality as this happens, with lighted golden and rose codes cascading in, as though coming from so far away, so fast now. Such a sense of completion, and I become aware of how beautifully wrought this phase of our Ascension, that seems to bring a letting go of all that came before ~ collapsing a sense of progression into the Now.


She is so present with us in the lighted footsteps of our Return ~ as the Shining Ones, the People of the Swan, the Elder and Angelic Ones return ~ Arianrhod, gentle, a silvery Elven crown at her brow. She is the twin facet of the golden energy, that is wrought within her also. Her energy is that of an inner discovery, of an inner listening, to the far blueprint, the returning Celestial swan feathers of All. She listens to the Immortal Starlight within, her signature is purity. She illumines with a gentle, innermost radiance, and calls you to the deepest, beautiful listening to yourself. To hear the Beautiful Light taking residence within. Honouring of what is truly taking place within you. It is so beyond!


She comes from Corona Borealis from within this galaxy, and her energy is of an Elder of Peace. She stands where the Elven ways flow in from beyond, where the Swan Feather boats and barges come in. IT is so beautiful to be with her in the realm of Corona Borealis. She loves to dwell with the Elven, and dwell with this loving council. They sit together, dreaming Peace through all the worlds. She is of the One, and she is an emanation of Varda, of Elbereth. Of the innermost starlight of Creation. I can feel her transit through Telaharion, and there is somewhere beyond too.


The Elven radiance is reaching this planet as never before. Her home of Silver Celestial Trees, of a far Elven energy and light, of Tindarlion, the Elven Towers. I see the Light of the Great Central Sun, woven with the silver elven radiance, of this First Light Angelical emanation of the Elven, coming from the Heart of Creation, the Everlasting Stars.


Her Home is with the Angels.


An otherworldly bed of white flowers, she lays herself down in them, Eternal Renewal and Return. Flowers, flowers, flowers of Heaven. We have so much to bring to this world, it is only just beginning.


I share Immortal Starlight Pod #16  ~ Elven Celestial Heart ~ about the ways of sharing, of expressing, of moving beyond the silence, shyness and invisibility. Of the Heart that shares its Light with the Many Hearts that are the Lighted Lamps of the Infinite One


You can watch on Youtube also


May your Return be most blessed with Infinite Light of Joy for all the Realms!


With Infinite, Elfin Love


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