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Snowdrop Moon & Imbolc Energies

Tomorrow in Elven Aurora is our Imbolc Stargate 2.2.24, a Sacred Stargate activation of most profound crystallisation and confirmation of your Star DNA, sacred simplicity and power of Innermost Essence ~ a ceremony amongst the lanterns of the Elven and glow of the starlight snowdrops, to bring most profound purity of focus to your Divine Unfoldment this year. We are really releasing the vestiges of the old density, in the might and harshness of this, and the Elven People of the Swan, of the Ascended Galaxy of Intika shall visit with us in this heavenly earthly stargate also as we transition completely/physically into the new bandwave.


Key Notes for Imbolc Stargate


Innermost presence - the Orb of the Aura


Splayed feathers of Angelic Wings around you

Fanning out


It is about how you extend or project presence, that which you share. But not through overdrive or pushing yourself beyond natural boundary of Presence


(Giving oo much = not thinking...

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Celestial Swan Feathers VIDEO POD!


Beloved Star of Worlds, Swan Queen, Elven, Great Galactic Angel of Worlds, White Starlight, crystalline Christ Light Elven, so pure. Pure and full of grace, because of truth to herself always and through all. Ascended, ethereal... Her vast swan feather cloak of a thousand thousand swan feathers. And ELaïye, lit with glowing lamps. Fair Elven First Light seed of Earth. Bridge to the undying lands, to the Immortal Stars beyond from whence we come.


Here the First Elven calling to Earth, the ports and harbours of the Swan Barges, the multi-dimensional boats of the Elven.


Living, breathing Source Light, First pure Light of the Elven


Her trailing cloak of a thousand, thousand feathers, she is luminosity, Christ Light


She has retained her pure, ascended Elven codes, the Elven Star DNA for Earth as originally dreamt


Here the Elven are in ethereal and ascended form, very much of Orielle and in view of the Sunstar and Immortal Starlight...

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Beloved Star of Worlds, 


Of this time, to speak of Telynahari, port world of the Elven. This a transition point between the Ascended Elven Galaxies of Light in Lanaikea, and the galaxies of our physical Universe that are entering this cycle of evolution


The ships, the Swan Ships, from here have long sailed. They travel on the braided waters of worlds, especially shimmering lilac and azure.


Transitions, from one world to another, for so you are in transition, transit


Lilac fires of a New Gown of Light




Lilac fires ~ the water flows by going nowhere, here the Immortal Starlight body-abode becomes


Be with the Waters


Lilac body, First Body


Fibres, light filaments, physical filaments lengthening: form being elongated and freed


Lilac and rainbow moonstone


Gold is around


Telynahari ~ where physical fibres, light flow structures are designed and formed for physical Immortality (this is...

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