Ostara Blessings & Elven Elaïye


Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessing of the Ostara 21.3.23 Stargate ~ cascading flows of gold and silver have been wrought through this portal. 


Silver leaves, beloved star, of your Infinite and Highest Light, twining and unfurling into this world, of inner-most in-dwelling, of which the blossoming of your Homeland dimension here is wrought


O the Song of the Two Trees! As we harness the balance of the Worlds of Immortal Starlight Creation, of the Silver & Golden Lights, of Inner and Outer at new levels of I AM Presence, of Love



The White Towers of ELaïye, belonging to ice and snow and the far Elven Seas from whence the Swans migrate, arise this Pearl Moon


An Elven City of Light arises this Pearl Moon in the galactic cycles of Angelical and Starlight Return


A realm of white and gold where Sovereignty is remembered, royal dignity. The purest Source codes inflow through this Northern portal, the originate codes before lived.


It cleanses and restores you to your original Diamond blueprint


The energy of the ice queen or snow queen flows from here ~ of Varda, Elbereth, Lady of Stars, of the White-Silver Light


Bring here your Immortal Starlight Dream of Infinite Worlds


With the Swans unfurling into purest presence


Going back to the beginning


The Swan People of Infinite Time, such a beautiful, ancient wisdom and purest Love, Far Consciousness


They will call you to your original form and purest flowering, knowing that the Swan Feather Cloak is the Human~Angelic expression of flowering, that is meant to happen here, of Self and Soul Star expression


Look to the blossoming of your Spring from the light of the Everlasting Stars ~ eternal and Divine Creation from the realm of your Homeworld, First Light (whether you flow silver-gold ~ Northern Hemisphere ~ or gold-silver ~ Southern Hemisphere at Ostara/Equinox) look to the balance of inner-most ~ outer-most creation. 


Exquisite balance, the strength and grace and balance of travelling back and forth in coherence, inner and outer (enfolding into One New Creation ~ Divine Harmony)


Elven Aurora Portal stands open to join, White Silvery Leaves of an Ancient & Eternal Portal stand arching Here, into ELaïye ~ you are so welcome to embark on this beautiful beautiful journey of Light of remembering your Immortal and Soul Star Presence, your Elven Celestial Avatar for this Dawn upon Earth and throughout our physical Universe and Galactic Plane, you can join here


I would be overjoyed to travel with you!


Have a most Blessed, Blessed Ostara ~ I feel this Stargate is still with us throughout today and tomorrow 21-22.3.23, and establishing precious harmonic into 23.3.23


With Infinite, Elfin Love



ps Elven Aurora Membership shall be open a few days, do follow your heart if you would love to walk with the Elven for your Ascension, explore here...


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