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Blessings of the Full Peach Moon this week ~  the Immortal Starlight Trees of the Elder Light are coming forward in the Now ~ Trees star-seeded of our homeworlds. In the realms of Ariandelïe, their leafing and twining forms are seen within the Elder Crystals. Realms we have long since wrought, and that are rising again through us ~ Tree, Forest, Leaf and Blossom of Sacred Groves, Nemetons, Returning Lands of Earth, Orïelle.


By our attention, our in-dwellingness, our energy, they rise again ~ it is a beautiful, beautiful phase in our Ascension, as we learn to synchronise, letting go of all that falls away, allowing for all that alters ~ so very long dreamt


I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #13 ~ Tree of the Sun. I speak here of the Immortal Starlight Trees of Many worlds, of our home dimensions, and the crystalline layers of creation forged by the Trees and the crystals. How they herald and support our Return. So too, of Tolkein’s mythology and record of the Two Trees of Valinor, of Telperion and Laurelin ~ and the bearing all of this has upon the Now moment of our Ascension.


I share especially of the Golden Tree of the Sun, its delicate fire blossoms. One of the Immortal Trees of the Everlasting Starlight. Undying Starfire, such a beautiful Tree to which we can come in the Dawn Light of each day.


Long formed here during the Great Alliance of Realms, and the Ages of Starlight


This Tree shines with the Light of the Everlasting Stars, with Laurelin. Golden Flowers, veined with white starlight. Trees that have grown through the Ages of Immortal Starlight ~ at times its seeds have been planted on Earth and it has blossomed here.


For this Age, it is ours to bring and plant this Golden Light here. Seeding the Golden Starred Groves once more.




△ Tolkein’s descriptions of Laurelin & Telperion

△ Frankincense Tree

△ Your own Homeworld phase of Angelic Creation in the Now

△ Tree of the Sun, Solaris, Anun-Taray


May this pod bless your beautiful path of the Earth and the Stars!


With Infinite, Starlight Love




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