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Star Magnolia Moon + Aura

✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, Blessings of the Star Magnolia Moon of the Elven ~ such beautiful, beautiful energy this moon. So architectural and profound, bringing strength and new luminous boundaries of experience


This Star Magnolia Moon is the creation of your new Aura, that is building and building through this lunar cycle ~ replacing old energetic dynamics and bringing through the incomparable beauty and luminous warmth of your own sphere of true energy


The Elven guidance is to

 Keep the focus on inner, core presence, for this is where the new Aura comes from

△ Yet fanning from inner to the outer sphere of the aura, visualising this often (nb this is the lighted design ALREADY dreamt by your Star Kin, they support you in the innermost space of this beautiful creation... codes of the future anchoring from the stars as your Auric Field... they are with you & in a way it is effortless, already done... think colour, Light tones & hues, feelings of bliss, peace & Home... All is Well)

△ Stay focussed on this energetic creation of your Aura first and foremost ~ keep coming back to this in your moments of solitude 


There is a preparation period throughout this Star Magnolia Moon ~ the creation of your new auric field for the Solar Cycle of this Year


As of wings fanning out around you, extending from the core presence and flow of your Celestial, Angelic DNA and Light body established through the Snowdrop Moon


Now ready to fan out around you as your beautiful new AURA ~ which is your whole new world and Soul Star Realm for this Year


Under the exquisite umber boughs of the ancient Star Magnolia trees in the Elven Lands of Elayshianora, we return now to the CREATION OF THE AURA in its Immortal Starlight radiance of your purest codes, Star Sigils, and inimitable design


You may feel very sensitive, very quiet, with the depth of building happening within and through you. Your field is altering, you are becoming ready for the next version of yourself


This is such delicate, deep, inner work that the outer self can become quite fragile, volatile, lacking in energy for the outer plane, not sure how to configure or hold or meet


While our Aura is dissolving and reconfiguring, it becomes harder to hold a perimeter



Visualise these beautiful colours of your aura, the orb of your aura, softly fanning out around you. This is the field of the new projective hologram, the new feedback loop, the new experience


As the energies fan out, keep your awareness flowing back and forth from the core. The truth of the core, to the fanning out of the luminous colours of the aura



Wild natural energy breaks free, that is not a food source for anyone else, but is there to express and blossom


Ways your energy has felt coralled, or controlled, defined by societal or familial and ancestral forces, that may have been buried deep in your core hologram till now releasing ~ anything that stands in the way of this essence of Core Presence, the enough-ness of who you are, and the fullness of who you are  


Letting the aura of your boundary fall gracefully around you. It may almost feel like a self-reflective cocoon, as though going backwards, but it is the next phase of the energetic architecture


This is a really beautiful Moon as alignment is found, the miracle of Soul Star, Auric Creation taking place at a depth of incomparable participation


You'll feel the beautiful consequences and ripples of this through your life, in innumerable moments of new energetic sovereignty, of finding that direct and pure responses are accessible in ways that are effortless. Old struggles fall way.... more energy liberated to be You


I would love to share Immortal Star Pod #58 ~ Discovering the True Appearance of your Aura ~ this is a revisiting of the core Elven teachings on the nature of the Luminous Aura ~ 13mins of attunement to this, and a sensing into the beauty of your own Aura

May this bless your most beautiful path of the Earth & the Stars!


With Infinite, Elfin Love



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