Current Energies & your Angelic, Celestial DNA

angelicdna Jan 19, 2024

✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, As this New Year 2024 gets underway, I would love to share the unfurling energetics, in a deep and exquisite shift point that is offering something very special from the Elven perspective of our Ascension. I share more in Immortal Star Pod #54, if you would love to listen or watch below

This is a moment to get still and receive your Celestial and Star DNA. You shall see its codings more accurately, feel its frequency with more inner truth than ever before.


Sinking into the moments between things, the still point that emerges within your experience, and discovering the white crystalline unravellings, revealings of innermost, native coding. You may feel like you know what you love, feel and are called to as never before, and that it ALL comes from within your innermost self. This self has always been present, yet it’s now as if stepping from behind a gossamer veil into fully felt immediacy. It might seem strange to imagine there was EVER anything else that guided you


An innermost experience of Self arriving, flowing, spiralling, building into this reality. There shall now be flashes of manifestation, of occurrence in accordance with this new core self


Miraculous, serendipitous 


You may also find there are still deep ripples of letting go, following through on inner knowing, fulfilled in the outer, in your behaviours and environment. We are being called to clear choice points as the new vibration anchors and sculpts the flow


Repetition of returning attention to this innermost space, stillness, attention to Essence is so helpful, and really beautiful and graceful to experience


This generates the ground of choice, gifting clear awareness, allowing the clarity and inspiration to reach you


And then the foundational choice points are made


Pivots of the new bandwave, deciding moments, that are expressions of the unspeakably beautiful DNA, Celestial and Angelic, within and innermost, creating the new reality


Awareness comes first, and then the choice is as though effortless, and it is really so beautiful because then it has none of the forcefulness of a ‘new start’


It is a delicate, powerful, beautiful dance


Liquid light of liberation, as well as heaviness of sinking, falling into Essence past old layers, grieving the evanescent and vanishing hologram of separation within the Self and in the world, falling through old separation ways, as one awakens into the Timeless Now and Immortal Starlight of the new reality, infinitely expansive from a point of innermost essence that gifts exquisite balance


It is a something, a beginning, and a rest, a nothingness, all at once


I share more in Immortal Star Pod #54 ~ Your Angelic & Celestial DNA ~ describing my own experience with this new access to our Celestial DNA from within, and how this relates to the energetics we have been in until this point. It is so beautiful to orient to the possibility that is emergent, a really exquisite and longed for moment in our Ascension and Return! 


May it bless your most beautiful path of the earth & the stars!

With Infinite, Elfin Love,



Listen to Pod Here ✨

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