Snowdrop Moon & Imbolc Energies

Tomorrow in Elven Aurora is our Imbolc Stargate 2.2.24, a Sacred Stargate activation of most profound crystallisation and confirmation of your Star DNA, sacred simplicity and power of Innermost Essence ~ a ceremony amongst the lanterns of the Elven and glow of the starlight snowdrops, to bring most profound purity of focus to your Divine Unfoldment this year. We are really releasing the vestiges of the old density, in the might and harshness of this, and the Elven People of the Swan, of the Ascended Galaxy of Intika shall visit with us in this heavenly earthly stargate also as we transition completely/physically into the new bandwave.


Key Notes for Imbolc Stargate


Innermost presence - the Orb of the Aura


Splayed feathers of Angelic Wings around you

Fanning out


It is about how you extend or project presence, that which you share. But not through overdrive or pushing yourself beyond natural boundary of Presence


(Giving oo much = not thinking you’re enough)


Once the codes are accomplished, there is a fanning out within the sphere of presence


A fanning out, like the butterfly wings drying after the cocoon falls away. Not yet ready or able to fly, but sealing into their form


Allow for your coherent completion into form


* Rest from over-giving


* Giving more genuinely from your core, not concealing or holding back


January = purification as you let the old cycle and momentum out of your body


Deepening into dissonance when it occurs, staying present to that which is ‘unpleasant’, not escaping into addictive cycles of gratification ~ wasting the new light on false hopes/mirages/old patterns. Don’t waste the new energy by using it to pull the wool over your eyes


*Goodtip: don’t do anything to fix yourself


Use it to build core presence in the new vibration. Patience, stillness, reining oneself in


Bringing in new dynamics of balance


As well as direct follow through on core guidance, trusting yourself


Embrace momentums that come from ‘I am enough’


Ask the question (over and over)


‘If I am enough, what then?’


In the space of this question, the orb of your aura opens up


(As one accepts the flower of the dream, one begins to become the dream ~Silver Flower of Eleuthera ~ you are transported to your new world)


Recommend Starflower Aura starship passage from Chapter 6 of Silver Wheel ~ to understand role of the Light Body


The fanning of the Swanfeathers of pure essence, Innermost Presence. Core codes are felt and known


You allow yourself to transform into the dream that is gifted


This week I let the old physical momentum run out of me completely


Expand and grow through the principle of simplicity


Having let everything else come to a stop


Let innermost core fan out


Into angelic radiant wings, you may be beginning to see beautiful colours flashing in peripheral vision, to see and feel beautiful colours violet and azure of new codes and light flowing through your wings, your aura


Aho! Blessings of the Imbolc Stargate!


With Infinite, Starlight Love



Imbolc Stargate Pod #56

Listen Here

Watch Here


Beautiful Snowdrops by Catherine Truscott 


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