Reindeer Woman & the Creation of Reality

✨💫💫✨Beloved Angel, I share the final wisdom of the Star Magnolia Moon and the new Auric Presence ~ the wisdom of White Reindeer Woman and our newly anchored power of Creation! A new timeline has arrived, anchored, delivered and offered itself fully


You will notice a new coherence between inner and outer, as though something. You’ve been looking towards for a long time is now fully available and activated


There is no more preparations and oddly, no more resistance


The last egoic barrier has been overcome, so that your smaller self is not holding you separate from this golden dream, this golden reality


The aura is the dreaming star ship, it is how we create


You shall find this new depth of coherence between your hologram and your core, and actions belonging to your core flowing from you with more power and ease


We have crossed a threshold this Star Magnolia Moon


It is time to live in your quantum divine, sovereign dreaming magic, of limitless abundance, freedom and power


Free to dream your magic reality into being, free to feel the infinite possibility that is your very essence


The Aura is dreamt by the star that You Are


It is dreamt and forged of your Golden Star Seed, Immortal Starlight codes


You shall feel yourself more greatly walking in this cloud of magic infinity, knowing that you really do inhabit a different plane


And you are free from things that have effected you before


I share also the Lapland revelation of 2017, when White Reindeer Woman, Ainu Ainara came through in full remembrance ~ and illustration of the magic power of ancient wisdom within our crystalline auric presence


Have a beautiful weekend!

 With Infinite, Elfin Love



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