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Aura & Solar Cycle of the Year


✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, The Elven wisdom of Star Magnolia, of building the Aura, continues this moon. Still there is what I would call this gorgeous stacking, golden energy this moon ~ build the sphere of the aura from the core of innermost essence


The Immortal Starlight Soul quietly re-building presence. With this there are deep, emotional, core releases and dissolutions, especially with the power of the Full Moon this weekend


But also an extraordinary synchronisation and awareness of the planetary solar cycle, and how this relates to the energetic sphere of the aura


The circling of the Aura mirrors the circling of seasons, the circles of the planets, moon, sun and stars


To experience the spherical nature of your own energy  (your aura) enables you to look at your COMPLETE use of energy ~ how you are at every point in the cycle of earth’s journey around the sun.  


This circling energy calls to COMPLETE, balanced cycles of Immortal Starlight, Divine Energy within you


These are the cycles of our timelessness, of our Immortal Starlight becoming.


How Divine, quantum energy expresses through the phases of Soul Star becoming on Earth


In Immortal Star Pod #59 ~ The Aura & the Solar Cycle of the Year to Come I share how to SCAN the ‘sphere’ or cycle of the year, the Solar Cycle ahead. You can listen/watch here....


For it is a repeated cycle that expresses your own Soul Star evolution


You may notice repeated patterns, qualities, types of occurrence at certain times of the year for you


As the sphere of the Aura undergoes recreation, all of this is recreated too


There is a chance to review and reset energy patterns in advance, to have a different and more balanced experience now


As we deepen into organic, sovereign, natural energy ~ true inner essence and aura


Then we come closer to nature and natural balance and design


Eg the flow of the seasons, the stargates of equinox, solstice etc


You are birthing profound, sublime, natural harmonics


Within and through yourself


The AURA is like your own AURORA BOREALIS


It is emanating from the centre, a flow of golden sigils, golden units of Immortal Starlight Creation, forging the new perimeter of the aura, the new bound


I would invite you to see the Wheel of the Year overlaid on your AURA


And let your natural, Soul Star energy, your Immortal Starlight, I AM Presence flow around this


△ Feel what each Gateway/Season means for you (in the Elven flow we start with start with Solstice December 21st)

△ Make a call, a prayer for balance, for harmony throughout the cycle

△ Feel for any imbalance ~ lack of abundance, health, energy, time and space, cycles of crisis or drama in your life, any repeated patterns of overwhelm, confusion, despair, burnout at certain times of Year

△ Request that those places in the cycle come into balance and alignment with your Soul Star energy

△ Call through this golden stacking energy, the architectural energy of this Star Magnolia Moon to bring strength and luminosity to the whole cycle for you


With this, you are designing your whole year


You are flowing the energy of your Celestial Aura and Self through all ~ lighted intelligence redesigning the cycle and bringing applicable wisdom, skills, energetics


SUCH a creational moon and phase of our Ascension


It is so strong ~ do still take lots of time for solitude and deep recalibration ~ it is very hard to make the transit and re-design without this


Remembering the beautiful guidance for this Year: Innermost Essence = Greatest Interconnection


Do watch/listen to Pod for more, Links below! 

May this bless your most beautiful path of the Earth & the Stars!


With Infinite, Starlight Love



✨Listen to Pod Here ✨

✨Watch Pod Here ✨




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