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Peach New Moon

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2019
Peach New Moon
Within the earth, are the Elder Crystals of Lemuria. These hold deep vibrational resonance of ancient and wise ways of being
A thousand starlight blessings, returning
This is the Moon of Peach, the Eleventh Glyph of the Silver Wheel, the star dimension of Andromeda & the Peach Flame of the Everlasting Stars
It is the wisdom of Stardust
It is your own akashic soul record; all of the wisdom you have gathered through experience
Located in the chakra behind the head, known by some as the causal or moon chakra
It is one of the new/ancient ascension chakras that is activating at this time.
It holds our own akashic records and wisdom ~ and we are now able to access it and download directly
This is the high or Elder record of the soul
It exists beyond the 3D matrix version of self, and our embedded experience of separation and forgetfulness
Its wisdom is of a different order, because it does not pertain to trying to move free of separation, since this is not the prevalent experience or paradigm that it was working with during its experiences
It carries, if you like, the normalisation of higher levels of functioning, carried as already fully evolved and developed packets of knowledge/gnosis
When we download these akashic packages, these Elder records, we undergo an experience that is quite different from gradual learning processes, and instead re-integrate this higher level of knowledge and realised functioning at an accelerated speed, as a complete way
These download experiences can be brought to us by the earth, by the land, the mountains, waters; by visiting certain places at certain times. This is part of the agreement to a choreography of remembering and return that our soul has made, and comes as an override of other aims and desires, when we are called to do so
As our life-force energy is freed into its quantum state, and we reach higher and higher levels of creator consciousness and soul blueprint expression, we find that we can command these download experiences, by accessing the quantum field and choosing/summoning
We know when we are ready, and follow our deep sentience and intuition concerning sequencing and the record that is calling
Motivation at this level is purified ~ the motivation to access is not governed by a selfish desire for gifts eg to manipulate reality, impress others, or get what we want
The motivation is the living, sentient dance of the Elder record itself, summoning itself into being, coming to us with the impulse that is something like an artistic movement ~ wild, wise, loving, empty
It is our own arrival, and the greater dream of that which we are
There is the whole presencing of something else, that is startlingly complete, full, and grounded
It is as though you thought yourself a sapling, and find yourself an oak, aeons old, with golden roots that stretch deep into the Light of an Elder Time that is ever present
It calls to the further dissolution of old ground, old foundations, as the imprisonment that you have though yourself to be perpetuating indefinitely, the separation and the struggle between light and dark, becomes less solid, less real, like a morning mist fading in the sun
Leafing, hollowed ways, peach, amber light luminance ~ this is the Stargate of the Moon ~ hollowed leaf way white veined, white towers, legacy of Lemuria
The truer rhythm unveils
Slowing, and slowing
To a pace that has been lost, a time that has been forgotten
You are the record keeper
You have been laying the golden foundations of a true self, you have been calling and summoning yourself into existence forsaking the old abandonment
You have listened to something greater
There comes to you now a gift that serves at higher levels
Each moon is a Stargate, though which the future arrives
This is the Light
That which has been dreamt amongst the stars, and comes to you through the sun and moon, to earth
I see the Peach Stargate of the Moon
The Galactic Moon of Peach
And something arriving that has never been here before
A More primordial tone appears
Through the stargate of this moon
With Shining, Bright Elfin Love

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