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Uncategorized Jan 23, 2020
It is the golden hour.  I am resting in the old Avalon grave yard, high upon the hill.  The edge of the world is bathing in rose and lavender and burnished peach light, while the frozen earth around me twinkles with frosty starlight.
A perfect meeting of the elements has woven a dreamscape of fire and ice.
The Spring flowers emerging from the frozen graves, sing their gentle song of death and rebirth.  A reminder of the great cosmic balance, and a reflection of our collective journey point.
Within the peaceful mists of icy sunlight, a deeper call can be heard.  The energy of emergence now arriving strong and fast, and the currents of the river that have never before felt so wildly charged.
This is the WinterSpring of the New Earth.  We are now truly in the midst of the Great Dawning.  The old matrices are rapidly falling away, as we anchor in our beings the foundations of the emerging New World.
We have entered this new year on what feel like waves of chaos.  The winds of change blow like a hurricane. 
Our beloved Sun now shines forth the intense light of the Great Central Sun, and the flow of Divine light embracing our sacred Earth has set in motion acceleration of unprecedented magnitude.
The great cosmic dance has become a frenzy of celestial transfiguration. 
And there are few that are not feeling the epic nature of these times
We find ourselves in the cascading waterfall of higher dimensional frequencies, and may feel as though we are a leaf on the rushing river, swirling in the relentless flow.
The shore has long since vanished from sight.  There is no looking back, no clinging to the old familiar illusions of safety.  The only way to traverse this mighty river now is with surrender and flow.
Surrender and flow...
Surrender and flow...
Surrender and flow...
The words land as an incantation. 
The key that grants us passage though the cycles of death and the heaves of rebirth.
We cannot stop the tide, but can find our strength in following the waves, rather than pushing against them.
We are beckoned to lay down our sword and relinquish our struggle. 
To lay to rest the old aspects of ourselves, once held so dear.
We may grieve them. Feel ever tear of loss like a freshly broken heart.
As we watch the boat carrying our old humanity drift away, and set ablaze the funeral pyre of the past, of the old illusions of who and what we once were.
The pain may overwhelm us.  We may feel we are drowning in its icy depths. 
It is no easy task to free ourselves from a cage that has always seemed to us like home.
And who will we discover when the shadows pass? 
Will we recognize ourselves when the looking glass is reflecting back Infinity?
Are we brave enough to open our eyes and look?
Fear of death may be an old familiar friend, but are we yet acquainted with the fear of rebirth?
When the 'limits' of our being have expanded beyond the beyond, will we function still within an old familiar world?  
Or will we rise to meet our most Divine task yet, and invent reality anew in the very image of our expansion?
As these fears arise, so too will they fall.  The birthing pains of our multi-dimensional evolution.
They may demand our full presence, but our acquiescence assures us swift passage.  
Like the wisdom in the old fable; "this too shall pass".
Just as the seed casing breaks apart for germination to occur, the frozen ground bares the blooms of Spring.
The caterpillar liquefies within his chrysalis, on his journey to become something entirely new. He may be unrecognizable during his transformation, even unto himself. 
But just as his winged victory is inevitable, so too is ours.
And it is in the very darkest night of the soul, that our brightest Illumination is born.
The gifts of this journey are immeasurable.  
Each death strips away the vestiges of our wounded being, that tether us to the old mirage of a dying world. 
It teaches us the great wisdom within the void.  The place within where zero point lies, and where the spark of Divine creation ignites into being. 
We emerge with each rebirth, our newest self.  Our most Angelic presence yet to embody. 
From the fathomless depths of our multi-dimensionality, like Venus from the sea-foam, we spring forth, birth after birth, renewed expressions of our ever evolving Divinity.
Never before have the small acts of self love equated to so much.  We must hold ourselves with great gentleness and loving care.  That we may tenderly coax ourselves from the frozen earth into our new blossoming being.
In the realm of the heart we will find our steady footing, and in the depths of love we will find the light trail through the forest once more.
The portals are wide open now.  Everything is supporting us in our evolution.  We only need to walk these epic paths that are laid out before us.  It requires our strength, our stamina and our courage.  It requires the absolute trust in our Divine calling, and the faith that no matter how wild the tempest, we can withstand anything.  
That we came to this Earth to be mighty, and mighty is exactly what we are.
Forge on, Beloved ones.  Be brave.  Be bold.  Be free.
In very great love,
Joanna Jane

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