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The Reinvention of Christmas

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2019
It is Christmas Eve. The Sun is setting over the land of Avalon. An energy of softness is beginning to settle, as the human world seems to retreat from view. It will stay hidden now for a time, behind closed doors, in cosy homes, where Christmas revelers don their gay apparel.
The world is in quietness and the tress give an audible sigh.The magic is tangible. It settles softly like a gentle snowfall. It sings ever so gently of peace and joy and good will towards men.
I have always loved this time of year, an opinion that has become increasingly unpopular as years go by. The season having become fraught with sadness for many, a testament to a time of heartbreaking disconnection.
But the world is changing, beloved ones. One can feel it stirring in the Earth. One can hear it on the breeze. A new light can be seen on the horizon. 
In the bleakness of winter, the starlit trees shining from peoples windows, have always seemed to me a divine reminder, that even in the most densely human world, there is a magic beckoning from beyond, a reflexion of the starlight beyond the veils of human illusion, shining on the still waters of the heart.
From the whisper of that starlight, my heart has never strayed.
From a distant old chapel, the muffled tones of 'The First Noel' evoke a sense of some nostalgic yesteryear, and yet no memory of this yesteryear exists.
It is something far deeper than nostalgia.  It is something hidden within the deepest chambers of the souls belonging. It is that same hearts calling that draws us towards magic and music and lore.
That for eons past has gathered us together, to listen to the old tales and hear the old melodies of time gone by.
That same stirring has remained ignited, a perpetual fire burning in the mid-winter, for time immemorial. 
The name has changed. The traditions come and go. But be it Saturnalia, Solstice, Yuletide or Christmas, a force far less mortal than culture or religion has drawn us together in love, to find a deeper warmth in the cold Winter, than our hearth alone could ever blaze.
Veins of beauty and wisdom can be found buried in the bedrock of every age, the indomitable kindness of the human spirit shining it's brightest in the bleak December.
Yet in recent years we seem to have lost sight of this true beauty.We have taken a wrong turn out of the forest and lost ourselves in the dream of a hollow world. 
The traditions originally born of sympathetic magic having lost their potency, lost to the winds of time and change and human endevour.
But we now awaken from that old bewildering dream. Hearkened to the call of something ancient and altogether new.
The time has come to reinvent this ancient Winter passage once again.  
It takes a pioneer of consciousness to break free from an old paradigm, an old redundant matrix of belief. To cast off the shackles of a worn out reality that holds no resonance with the vast beauty of our soul. And pioneers we are, dear ones, forging the foundations of a brave new World. 
The resounding beauty of the Nativity, that still sings to the soul, and can be tainted by no facade, no distorted dream, is the unyielding essence of hope. How in the blinding darkness we have yearned for a Savior, and unto the world a Savior is born.
We awaken from the dream to discover that the Savior is us. That the Christed light is our own divine essence. The star shining in the North is the guiding radiance of our own heart, and that we ourselves are the great hope of the World.
As conscious Elders of the Dawn, as Christed creator beings, we step onto a vast landscape with a boundless horizon. A blank canvas on which to paint a masterpiece, a World of unimaginable beauty, and realities of ever transcending frequencies of love.
We have at our fingertips the power to redefine and reinvent Christmas for ourselves, as a reflexion of our own Christed light, as a celebration of the divine stellar remembrance of our true nature. We can rebirth this magical Winter passage in accordance with our souls highest calling, into a festival of divine love, and forego the trappings of an unforgiving consumer dystopia.
We can love ourselves enough to say no to obligations that have brought unhappiness in years gone by, and give ourselves permission to finally and truly be free.
We can make new traditions with our loved ones. Traditions rooted in love and magic, that reflect our souls greatest joy, that celebrate the blessings of togetherness, and divine abundance and all that is good in our lives. Traditions that set our hearts aglow.
We can develop new sacred and spiritual traditions, steeped in the wisdom of our cosmic rebirth and unify them with those of family and friends.
We can find deeper expressions of togetherness than the endless gift buying cycle....
Like writing letters of love and gratitude to each other to exchange on Christmas day.
Arranging special days of togetherness for one another.
Propagating plants of flowers, fruits or vegetables during the year, to gift for each others gardens. 
These expressions can be as unique and magical as we ourselves are, reflecting our souls own starlight.
The possibilities are truly without limit, for seeds born of love can blossom eternally, and in this fertile earth, miracles can take root.
The ancient magic that stirs in the Earth does not beckon us back to a distant past. It shakes us from a dormant dream-state, and awakens in us a great dawning future.
We stand on a precipice of great change. A Golden Dawn heralds the birth of a new cosmic cycle of Light, the return of the Sun, the birth of the Christ.
And so the time has come to blaze the trails never blazed before, and to build this glorious World anew. 
As the Angels of this epic dawn, the task is ours, to shine our divine starlight as brightly as we can, to be a beacon unto those who struggle still in shadow, and to light the way for the generations to come.
Together, beloved ones, we birth a mighty constellation.
May the blessings of the Season be upon you.
In great love,
Joanna Jane

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