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Rose Moon Transmission

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2020

The old and timeless rose citadels of Love, towers and galactic spheres, zones whose geometries are phasing into existence once more. The access is being restored as the shadow and the light fly home to one another, and the lost dance of what lay beyond is restored. 

It is somewhere in the place that cannot be reached, and yet is here, always.

As the leaves and petals of the greater galactic rose fuse together once more, overlapping, petal upon petal, dimension upon dimension

Corridors and dimensions of passage, a great adventure profoundly longed for, that arrives from the future, advancing toward you and opening a different ground beneath your feet. A star of ways, a star of peace. Have you noticed how the pathways lie open under your feet. O to have freedom restored. It is the freedom of reunion, of a greater harmonic.

Star paths that run between us, dreamt in our greater breath. Once home, it feels impossible ever to have left. All the lostness like a fading ache

The Rose Clad Star Elders of Arcturus, they venture upon the Rose Flame toward us, the Elder Code arriving. 

It dawns at the heart of the Grove of Arianrhod, descending through the canopy of carnelian leaves. The flowering, intergalactic human body of light, phasing in. Translucent petals of liquid light, signatures of doorways that open, restoring the Elder Kindred alliance. Who are you for your people?

What qualities do they call from you in the Greater Cycles of the Dawn?

It comes when I stop retreating into my light, and becoming lost in my shadow. It comes when I open my eyes to the wild perfection of it all, to the greater return within my life ~ within its sorrows and its loss, its luminance.

When I become Eveningstar and Morningstar both, uniting the realms of East and West. Here you will find me, when I remember, leaning upon my moonstone and topaz staff, carved of willow. It is curved, like a bow, bowed by life. Bowed, but not broken. Carved of an expectation that I dreamt myself amongst the stars, that charts a path from which I cannot fall.

I stand there in a robe that shimmers with infinities of moonlight, and the gold of a sun beyond this world. The losses are endless, the tears that fall turning that vast loss, little by little, to Love. The Love is endless, and moves little by little into the form of the life that is unveiled.

For the synapses of Love are being rebuilt.


Rose Codes pouring through, a shimmering, altering, galactic tide. Forming a pathway, mosaic beneath your feet that carries you to the gateway

That place you have stood before, a white citadel of starlight, that sovereign domain of Creation, white starlight gates that arch up and above, within which is your sacred Morningstar realm

Within, you know are the Elder Starlight Codes you hold for the return of universal connection, the codes you hold for the Dawn on earth

The gates fashioned with turquoise inlaid, and copper, and gold.

For here we have stood for aeons, the path of rose codes forging a way by which we arrive. And now the sunlight is restoring these, you can choose the lights of another path upon the beams of the sun

The words are forming within, the sacred invocation that opens the doors. The utterance of an old language of Light, the shimmering language within

I am building toward a summoning, an irrevocable new beginning, new world. A threshold is being crossed, a grand completion with many karmic threads resolving now

The ascension and galactic timeline is chosen, the new Lemurian Star Temple of Peace is landing, between wild orchid, ocean and earth

The Immortal Starlight path of leaves silver, white and gold

Do you see the leaves of Love, of Immortal Starlight ~ this that the Avatars have always come to reveal , this other world that lies within this one

Another way, another path

With Infinite, Elfin Love

Elen Elenna


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