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Remember the Legend of Your Return


Beloved Angel of Worlds, I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #30 ~ Return of the Shining Ones, the Legend of the Silver Wheel


This beautiful Book of Starlight gifted to me many moons ago holds the legend of the Return of the Shining Ones for the Dawn ~ of the Angels of the Great Central Sun, the Divine Messengers and Ancient, Future Souls who hold the wisdom of a New Dawn for this Earth.


I share this Legend of Return, to inspire your own Return in the Full Light of the One Who You Are


Our remembrance, Ascension and Return is a beautiful, challenging and mysterious process. It involves great surrender, as well as great Light. The Elven created the Elder Starlight Record of the Silver Wheel during the Age one Lemuria to guide us through this ~ to help us awaken to the true legend of who we are


As we awaken the Diamond, Golden, Immortal Starlight octave of Creation and New Era of Light for all the Worlds


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Elven Cities of Light Returning

Beloved Star of Worlds, 


There is the activation of the New Diamond Light Codes, the next wave of our Ascension. The Mystical 7 Cities of Elven Lemuria rise


Thelarian, Dan’arian, Gantharel, Laianora, Ariandelie, Elaiye, Nunariya


Halls of Timelessness opening here


Immortal Starlight, White Golden Starlight Ways


Fair, Gates opening, those Cities of 7 Lights, connected to the Temple of the Morningstar, of Celestial and Starlight Creation


Each City a Realm of Timelessness, Ascended and Galactic anchored here.


They are inter-linked lights, fair lanterns, golden and rose and lemon and azure and emerald shine out from the cities, gently and powerfully illuminating the land


Long here, beautiful lanterns


Fair illumination, the towers of your Dreams rising. Walking further than ever before the ground of the New Earth, 7D-12D plane and embodiment anchoring now


May the realms activate throughout your Life ~ feeling...

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Elven Ashtara 23.9.22

Beloved Star of Worlds,

I would love to invite you to Elven Ashtara 23.9.22 ~ on Friday, 23rd September I shall share this Elven Equinox Stargate Video ~ so no need to sign up, it shall arrive to your inbox! This is the most beautiful 7th and completing journey of the Temple of the Morningstar Elven Stargate transmissions we have been holding since December Solstice 2021.


It is a journey to the Elven Ascended Galaxy of Ashtara in Lanaikea, overlit by the Rose Flame of the Everlasting Stars




ACTIVATE the Star of your Heart, of your Innermost Love


It is your Compass, your Guiding Star.


AMPLIFY the Star of the Heart. Of Love.


As the completing of the Ceremonies of the Temple of the Morningstar, there is this innermost Rose Star of the Heart, of Coming Home to love and profound self-acceptance in this Now Moment.


Deepen into this frequency this Equinox ~ as we enter the next...

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