How to Open the Diamond White Stargates of Peace


✨💫✨ Beloved Angel of Worlds, I write from Sicily, from flowering gardens of white jasmine and yellow hibiscus, having walked Mount Etna this morning. |t was quite an extraordinary White Diamond Stargate of fiery beauty, Star Elders of Corona Borealis and White, Red and Black Dragon Elders of Draco establishing in fiery, ancient diamond brilliance ~ I shall share more of this next week! I recorded our pod this morning in the cavernous living room of the villa, as the sun rose, crimson over the ocean. I explore especially in this pod How to Open the Ancient White Diamond Stargates of Peace


We are synchronising across the threshold of the Rose Moon, into the Jasmine. Golden scented, moonlight flowering blossoms of your Divine Reality, of Ancient Diamond Stargates opening ~ star-braided here. Of your success, prosperity, & Angelic Destiny fulfilled.


The Elder Starlight gardens are aglow with moonlight flowering jasmine, the scent of worlds flowing together, star constellations of worlds in synchronisation.


Walk in the starlight flowering gardens of 7D Orielle, Earth. Take in the fragrance.


As Elders of Peace, each one of us finds the moon glow of peace, star stranded ways of forever, of a liquid diamond golden reality aglow through this moment. Time and space are dissolving again.


What is the main learning of Jasmine Moon, the Quality? GRACE and GRATITUDE for the star-braided miracle of our Diamond Return as Infinite, Eternal, Avatar Souls and the Divine Realities of Peace. NOTICING this within the heart, turning towards this, and transcending old heart patterns.


Grace is conscious multi-dimensionality. To walk with star kin, star brethren.


Boughs twining, of wooded, woody strength, of braided, woven, spiralling design that climbs AND lands here.


How does this constellate differently now, to ever before? You shall find you match frequency with your star brethren in a new way, and are thus able to receive much more understanding and knowing of these higher dimensions of consciousness.


Learn the star constellation of inter-woven awareness that wishes to come through and communicate with you now.


As we go to the highest, Source, Great Central Sun, and the Angelical Concordance ~ then all access to the descending, stellar, galactic layers is altered. Greater transparency to the thought of the higher dimensions and creational notions. Get the inspiration from your Star Kin.


More cosmic consciousness.


More conscious design from other layers.


Get specific.


Get the Star Braid, the Design.


Land it here. The Awareness.


Is anything else qualitatively different? More precise architectural awareness of New Earth dynamics, of stargate systems and the Returning realities. It is more organic, closer to nature. Ideas, inspirations. Of how to implement the golden starred earth reality in your own existence. The beautiful part of earth’s garden that you are returning, restoring. Simplicity and clear guidance. A sense of landing. Like a jigsaw puzzle synching into place.


Precision, simplicity, natural, beautiful, intelligent design


A Golden Aeon, an Era of Architecture rising, building, underway


A Renaissance


A sudden flowering, night blossoming, flowering, Jasmine, all over the many-starred Earth


Archways, designs, relationship rise. We have the coordinates and dynamics for a Great Building Wave. For realities to Rise, to Glow, to Mirror the multi-d Earth. Star portals being re-designed and Raised once more in the Physical


Look to your existence and simple, precise guidance


Celebrate and give thanks for the visions that grow corn! Honour the Miracle, over and over again, every time it happens. Recoding the heart with reverent wonder, trust and gratitude


The Diamond Era, the Star Braided Reality is here


I AM so excited to share more of all of this with you Immortal Star Pod #31 ~ How to Open the Ancient White Diamond Stargates of Peace


This is the Moon when the Diamond Braided Realities of our Greater Dreaming blossom and open in full realised inter-dimensional radiance. In physical reality, Ancient Diamond Stargates present to be opened.


They are organic, inter-dimensional archways, mosaic with ancient and future sunlight. What are they? How do they open?


I explore this from Sicily, at the threshold the Jasmine Moon of the Elven ~ literally in gardens of white jasmine! It has been extraordinary to synchronise with the ancient stargate of this land, hijacked since the ending of Atlantis. I have rarely witnessed a stargate with more layers of ancient control placed upon it. Sitting in the ancient ruins of the Greek Amphitheatre of Taormina, the sun aglow over the ocean and the white smoking plume of Mount Etna in the distance. I feel the profound synchronisation with the Ancient Sunstar Temple of the Elven that arose last moon, its angelic aura diamonds fusing with the Golden Tree of Peace, and the original architectures of this land. An immense restoration and liberation. Elders of Peace, Star people of Pleiades and Sirius walk the land. Converging to shatter the ancient illusion and the great shadow that has covered this land.


Gradually the Temple of the Morningstar, the Era of the Morningstar, of Elashima the Age that is Come, phases through. 7D Earth, Orielle, of liquid diamond golden plasma flows, of the realm of sovereign liberation, free dreaming power, free reality creation, definition, Love, Light and Immortal Wisdom


Listen to Podcast here...


May this bless your beautiful path of the earth & stars!

With Infinite Far, Love

Elen Elenna


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