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How to Awaken your Ascended Body of Light


Beloved Angel of Worlds, Blessings of the New Jasmine Moon of Elayshianora, white flowering scented moonlight blossoms, of our golden star braided reality, a time to uphold the celebration in your heart. I return to Avalon from Sicily, and am at the threshold of a very precious few weeks with both my boys in northernmost Canada


Celebration, thanksgiving.


The end to suffering, separation, the end of an era. A vast aeon entirely completed with. Celebrate in your heart. Evoke this emotion, this feeling. This joy.


Resistance dissolves. Within and without. Angels walk the earth once more. They uncloak, unclad, revealing the Diamond golden Mosaic robes of their magnificence, of the Great Central Sun aglow through their cells and being-ness.


Of effortless Oneness, as the golden diamond tidal wave breaks through the crusts.


There will be some things that were once ‘real’ in the physical, that are no longer so. Notice what is real now...

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