Elven Imbolc Stargate

💫 Beloved Angel, Infinite Elven Sunstar Blessings of Imbolc 3.2.23. The realms are rising. The Golden Sunfire Wheel of Infinite Worlds gifts itself. Sparking and resplendent, it spins and turns. Offering to us the realms of Creation.
Imbolc is a Celestial Earthly Stargate, at this time of the snowdrop in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Fire of Brigit, of creational life-force and the seeds within the womb of earth stirring. At this magical and potent moment, halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, Ostara, there is a vast revelation and suspension of energies.
Sunfire of home worlds are returning, in-flowing.
There is a Great Turning, a Great Altering in the tide.
So many sunfire doorways, long since locked and sealed, hidden, are opening.
This creates immense alteration, it stills the wheel of time, everything suspends. For a moment we gaze upon the Sunfire Doors, suddenly lit and visible. Illumined with patterns ancient and wrought, timeless and Divine. Home worlds lie beyond these doors.
A moment of pause. Of wondering.
Such a tidal change has not been in many a long aeon.
As Keepers of the Doors, of the Worlds, of the Stargates ~ gifted long since with this sacred role ~ perhaps we wonder ~ is it time? Are the Doorways truly so manifest? Will they vanish once more, cloaked by the mists?
We hold the keys to open the Sunfire Doorways
Doorways of aeons to the Homeworlds, higher dimensions long since separated into other-dimensional continuums. 
The Sunfire Door wrought with delicate Angelic power and Light. Made aeons ago, for Now. 
You are the Sun, the Star of your Home World
You ARE the Angelic, Sunfire Doorway ~ YOU choose that which shall create itself here, the delicate, vast and powerful patterns of Light you unfurl into this world. As old linearities present with startling rapidity, condensed into the now moment for resolution and completion, allow so too the vast golden peace of your Divine Angelic Perception to expand within you in the stillness
Opening the Sunfire Gateway, the doorway that is yours to open
Your Infinitely Beautiful Presence and Dimensional Reality presenc-ing with an entirety as never before
With Infinite, Starlight Love

ps NEW ELVEN PODCAST: Episode #8 Finding Your Record is here! A really powerful Imbolc stargate transmission came through, for discovering the 'moment' when the Angelic, Inter-dimensional Record you carry for the Dawn forged itself in the Realms of Light ~ this creational moment holds so much of the Divine Intention with which you come to this Earth at this time. It is infinitely beautiful and revelatory to discover this....



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