Episode #41 ~ Earth & Stars in our Ascension

Beloved Star of Worlds,

I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #41 ~ Earth & Stars in our Ascension

Our Earthen far pods/ time capsules of ancient primal power, vitality, life force and energy are being awoken and ascending into the light of a New Dawn. This brings phases of great earthen energy and longing to our Ascension process. They are awoken by the inflowing angelic, celestial and star aspects that bring immense wisdom, new light codes of the future, illumination, solar, celestial, cosmic frequencies that descend.

Like photosynthesis, the sunlight awakening the leaves and the blossoms on earth, so too do our incoming solar, stellar, cosmic selves and light codes awaken the ancient soul aspects within our elemental bodies, crystalline wisdom of ages before, and ancient skills and abilities and affinities.

This brings ancient memory, and a different sense of self. But it also then undergoes an interfusion process, an alchemisation with our Celestial, future and Now Self.

It may feel like a vacillation that goes in phases, between ancient earth, and future cosmic starlight, pure celestial frequencies and a longing for the elemental realms. This is the alchemy of our Ascension

And shamanism has long held this beautiful practice of journeying between the earth and the stars for our spiritual evolution!

I adore to share this pod, a subject so very close to my heart!

May it bless your most beautiful path of the earth & the stars

With Infinite, Starlight Love



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