Would You Love to Write a Book?


✨💫✨ Beloved Star of Worlds, I would love to invite you to join the September 2023 Elven Starlight Writing Program ~  to write the infinite treasure of your Elder Record for the Dawn, to catch the elusive, golden butterflies of your farthest language of Light, the tome of wisdom that you hold for the Dawn. 


This is a Small Group, 5 Month Online Program, that is truly my greatest honour and joy to hold ~ do book your call if you would love to join!


I had a vision in 2021, sitting in the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey, of a great glowing Golden Elven Temple of Orielle returning to this Earth, with leaves drifting down from the great trees, where Elders inscribe their Elder Records of the Dawn. Ever since I have held the luminous Temple of the Morningstar, 7th Dimensional Elven Temple of Light, in which the Elder Books of Light are written and return. I share these beautiful, luminous codes of higher dimensional Creation, of the Elven Elders of Laniakea. I have now seen book after book returning, and it is my deepest honour and joy to hold space for this miracle! The veils of forgetfulness are lifting. It is time for the Elder Codices of Light to be written and return, for these Golden Elder Books to be written, the full manuscripts recorded.


With all my heart and soul, I feel so passionate to walk by your side as you do this, and to share all that I have learnt of the Higher Elven Way of Star Creation. 


If you feel this same calling, do click here to book a call with me and we shall channel and attune to vour Book of Starlight, calling it through into this world, and discovering if the program is for you


I share also here Immortal Starlight Pod #25 ~ Reclaiming Your Wisdom Mind (Paddington Bear) ~ after a journey to London, train stations and shifting timelines ~ I explain within! You can listen or watch on YouTube, links below


My roses are blossoming in the garden, in this my last summer in Avalon. They have come to fullness and beauty, and I feel one of my promises here fulfilled ~ to restore a Star Garden of Avalon. I feel my new home in the lands of the West, closer to sea and forest, calling... It is mysterious to stand on the threshold, feeling the essence in the etheric, yet not knowing my new home yet! I shall share with you as soon as I find out where our new Elven lands of Elayshianora are!


With Great Elfin Love



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