Episode #25 Reclaiming Your Wisdom Mind (Paddington Bear)

Beloved Star of Worlds,  

I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod #25 ~ Reclaiming Your Wisdom Mind (Paddington Bear)….I do explain… Bear with me😂!!  

This week I went up to London with my Mum and Sister, and found myself sitting on Paddington Bear’s bench, whilst waiting for their trains to arrive. So much reflection following, timelines dissolving and being re-created, of the stories, legends, fables of ourselves and who we are. It is quite something to witness this within the lines of genealogy, and the dynamics of long established ancestral flows.  

To go with them to Chelsea Flower Show brought me to a huge reflection on the wisdom mind of Beauty, of Essence, of the Immortal Starlight. It is so possible to activate the full wisdom of your Essence, your Elder and Immortal Starlight Beauty of Worlds. To experience not just the blossoming, flowering aspect, the pure feeling of essence, but also the realised wisdom mind that you carry within and bring from beyond. This has always been my passion, and way of accessing the Elder records of the Elven, in the records of the Silver and Golden Wheels. It is quite different to experiencing beauty as peripheral, ornamental, or somehow inexpressible and ineffable  

I wanted to share with you this Wisdom Mind Activation, a beautiful Elven light language, heart to heart and star, that invokes, calls, summons our vast intelligence of worlds as never before, and this Way of Listening to the Lighted Intelligence of your Pure Essence  

May this bless your Most Beautiful Path of the Earth and Stars!  

With Infinite, Elfin Love, Elen


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