Elven Starlight Writing Program

5 Month Accelerator Writing Program

Write your Book of Starlight for the Dawn ~ hold its magical first draft in your hands KNOWING this wisdom has entered this world!


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Elven Starlight 5 Month Writing Program

Write your Book of Light 

Opens Again September 2024


March Journey Fully Booked

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Beloved Star,

Would you love to enter the silence and write the mystic transcription of your Book of Starlight ~ the otherworldly wisdom that is within you ~ to access the full record of the infinite and starlight wisdom you hold for the Dawn


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A longing that dwells far within, to write of the inter-dimensional realms you come from

To write a wisdom, a record that glows within you, as bright as the sun of a thousand worlds, and at other times vanishes, ethereal as a whisper, far from language 

You may have filled spiralling pages of journals with this Language of Light. Or you may have held it far within, and never put pen to paper. It may be a calling that resonates in your heart, as yet beyond words.

And perhaps, a little of all of this.

(⭐️ The SERAFINA ... Golden Compass Feather Quill Pen & 'Four Winds (Elements)' Quill Above by ChaeyAhne of Enchanted Quills on Etsy)

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You are not a fading starlight One, vanishing from this world, disappearing, carrying your wisdom with you

That time has been and gone

When we sailed into the West, and the many records of wisdom were hidden in other-dimensions

This is the time of Return

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You come from parallel realms with wisdom for the Dawn

Enter the mystic halls of the Temple of the Morningstar, the Elven Golden Spires of a realm where the white leaves of the Tree of Peace drift down, and you find the glowing language of Light of your Starlight Codex of the Dawn.

A longing rises far within, it is time to transcribe this wisdom.

And this is the realm where you may do so


For so long there has been peace in vanishing, in remaining hidden

The Books of Starlight, the Elder Books of the Dawn have long been held in other dimensions, and could not till now, till this phase of Ascension, enter this world. 

Yet the Age of the Records is now here ~ there is now a calling, far and pure and crystalline within, to transcribe and to share. To restore this wisdom, its codes and dimensionality to this world

Write the Dawn

Write the far realms of remembrance, accessing the far, ancient, future and timeless record that you hold, the message you bring for the Dawn

Bring this record back to this world

From realms beyond, returning now

Lifting the veils of forgetfulness 

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There is a magic that happens when pen comes to paper

Something is begun

A calling, a summoning is made

And what may have been impossible to transcribe, or even to fully think, vision or know, begins to unfurl onto the page, or through the keys onto the computer

Our deeper knowing is activated, and the record begins to be gifted

In writing your Starlight Book you bring your True Presence to this world

As you write the pages of your Book of Starlight, so you write your own reality and future ~ your own Prophecy and Timeline

And that of an Immortal Starlight Age of Peace that is dawning for All Realms.

You write Your Self into existence, and from its pages, walk forth as the One Who You Are bringing a New Dawn


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Clarify The Wisdom You Bring as a Wayshower

To write your Book of Starlight is to clarify and activate the wisdom you hold, as you come to untold depths of clarity about what you are here to do and share. The Elven Starlight Book Program supports you whether:

△ Destined for Publication

△ As the Foundation of your Teaching/Wayshower role for the New Dawn

△ Or as an infinitely beautiful Treasure of remembrance, record keeping and self-discovery 


It is time for the Golden Elder Records to be written, it is written in the stars that this should be so.

Follow your heart if you feel the call, this is the most fulfilling of journeys!

Listen to the deep and far love of all that you are

Transcribe your Book of Light for the Dawn



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Hold the First Draft in Your Hands

The goal of this 5 Month Accelerator Writing Program is to generate the First Draft of your Book of Starlight




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Janna Mendenhall, US

“I have loved every light filled moment of this Writing Journey! It has transformed my entire life and way of Being. To be able to travel into the Light Wisdom of my Book and return to transcribe it continues to be my greatest joy fulfilled. The Elven Writing Portal, beautifully designed by Elen and the Elven Elders, is a First Light manifestation of a whole new way of creation in this New Earth. “



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Suzy Gyde, UK

"The 'Book of Starlight Writing Journey' with Elen is the most incredible experience, it is an absolute gift to be a part of.  Writing has become truly transformative for me.  With each word I feel energy being released and transmuted, giving clarity and empowerment for a path forward.  Elen holds this beautifully with the masterclasses, Shamanic journeys and 1:1 sessions.  The path unfolds in an incredible sequence allowing for deep transformation.  This is very magical experience of writing yourself here as the one you wish to be.  I cannot recommend this journey highly enough and I never want it to end. " 


‘Journeying through this everlasting gift of Book of Starlight writing with Elen and beautiful kindred has been one of the most touching, profound, magical, and mesmeric expansions that one can only dream.  And this dreaming has become here, imbuing more crystalline infusions as never before in my every breath of existence.  

I have felt infinitely held and seen, while having the honor of being beside one another. The heart of all worlds speaking through us, over and over again, beckoning us to pen the beauty that is engrained within all the shimmering stardust of our deepest knowing and of being.  I can’t wait to hear more of our songs, entwining through the forests and temple spaces.  Adorning that of Heart spaces, one and All.  Biggest cheer to our greatest love’s magic!’

~ Sylvia Sham, US

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What Does the Program involve...

⭐️ Every week, you receive Quantum Divine Elven Writing Masterclasses, with activations, writing practices & tools. Allow at least 2hrs per week

⭐️ Every other week is our Live 2hr Elven Group Writing Call via Zoom. Calls are every other Thursday 10am-12pm, 5pm-7pm (UK time). You are welcome to attend one or both. This is an activational group call, when I tune in with you & your Book, bringing through step-by-step guidance



1-1 Support with Elen

⭐️ You receive 2x One-to-One Calls with Elen, powerful Divine, quantum shamanic activations of your Book of Starlight flows

⭐️ I attune to your Book of Starlight, channelling its wisdom and guidance, so that from the very beginning I am supporting its unique Radiance

⭐️ A chance for deep Seership support and guidance, unlocking of any seals or blocks, and activation of the light codes of the Book at further levels

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Also Includes...

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Full Email Access to Elen

Full email access to Elen for ongoing editorial assistance and feedback on your writing. I love to read your work, and have a gift for listening through the layers to the crystalline meaning, an Elven 'analysis' of Light if you like, discerning and helping you find the True Essence of your Writing

⭐️ Four Winds (Elements) Quill Above by ChaeyAhne of Enchanted Quills on Etsy


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Writers of Dawn Community Space

Beautiful Community Space to share your sacred writings and journey & read those of fellow writers. Building the kindred magic of our inter-dimensional remembrance. My intention for this program is that you learn the joy of writing your Book of Starlight, but also the joy of being witnessed, seen and heard for who you are


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Lifetime Access

You shall have lifetime access to the extraordinary Elven Writing Modules, should you wish to repeat them or need more time. These are quantum Divine tools of access to your Record, like nothing else on earth! I share the experience & tools of a 17+ year writing journey of accessing the Elven Records for the Dawn


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Practical Tools & Tips

I share step-by-step guidance on the most wonderful, organically structured (easy to use... it has changed my writing life forever!) software for Elven Starlight Writers to record their Books with, preparation of a first draft, editorial skills, as well as exploring notebooks, pens, pencils for this Light transcription....


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Personal Support

This journey is one of personal transformation as well as writing. These beautiful, quantum tools support your personal journey of becoming the writer & avatar of this wisdom. I am passionate to support this personal metamorphosis in your life, and your arrival as Golden Wisdom Keeper of the Dawn, as well as your record


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I am passionate to help you stay focussed, so that you do not become lost & confused on this beautiful quest to write your Book. I shall help you keep on track & accountable to this beautiful, epic & noble calling, and to stay oriented within this, one magical step at a time!


The Next Step...How to Join the Program

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"I am embodying aspects of myself I could only dream of, writing words which come from a deep source within and embracing fully the purpose I came here for.  Could I have done this by myself….maybe, but with Elen’s guidance it is a certainty, a truly magical gift."

~ Saira Salmon, Wales 

‘Are you reading this text because you have heard the whispers of your Elfin kin calling you back to yourself? Is it your past, future or current Other self calling you forward? Elen Elenna’s writing course called me back to my Elven heritage that I had forgotten; I had forgotten was of my own blood, my own Heart. Called me back to things I thought were of a different world than mine. No more. Know more. We await you.’

~ Ecoal [Elven name does not translate easily into English; just call me Ecoal, short for Elven Chronicler of Arcturian Lightsector, participant in Elen Elenna’s course covering the Winter Solstice 2022]

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Kiki van der Heiden

“The Supernova Journey is a magnificent, mystical and magical voyage of sublime magnitude. Through the calm and clear steerage and seership of Elen we are taken in our Celestial Canoes to the Outer Realms of our Universe, removing any blocks and seals of forgetfulness along the way, while remaining deeply rooted in our life here on Earth. 

I am amazed as we truly go Supernova; we explode and expand in ways beyond our expectation and imagination. And along the way I am gaining more and more trust in my visions and writings.  I am so grateful to have listened to the Call, to have embarked on this magical Journey with Elen. It is a trip of a Lifetime!”

“I have embarked on the Supernova journey with eyes shut and heart wide open, not knowing what awaits me but knowing it is my destiny. Many times before and during the journey I thought to myself how silly and crazy I am for doing this. Now when I am finishing the programme and I have brought through a big part of what seems to be a magical book I know this was the only sane thing to do and I am forever grateful to Elen for her pure being and guidance and support and belief and trust! I was healed and transformed through this journey and I trust the book will help others in a similar way. Blessings and so much love”

~ Alja Lah

Elven Starlight Writing Program 

You shall receive 22 exquisite quantum Elven Writing Modules, with activations that call in your Book of Starlight to this world, with clear steps that gift your First Draft Manuscript  

♢ 22x Elven Writing Modules with quantum Divine Tools of Access to your Record

♢ 10x Live Elven Writing Group Calls with Elen

♢ 2x One-to-One Calls with Elen

♢ Beautiful Online Writing Community for sharing your writing & journey

♢ Magical Elven Library of Magic Key Masterclasses with Lifetime Access

♢ Email feedback & editorial assistance from Elen

Elven Starlight Book Writing Program

5 Month Writing Program

Write your Book of Starlight for the Dawn ~ hold its magical first draft in your hands KNOWING this wisdom has entered this world!


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 Elven Starlight Writing Program

5 Month Online Program

Begins March 2024


This is a Small Group Program (10 Places) with a High Level of Support, Feedback &  Editorial Assistance from Elen, as well as Elven Soul Star Seership Guidance & Quantum Divine Tools of Access to your Record


 ✨Investment £2,700  ✨


Payment Plan Available

The Next Step...How to Join the Program

Contact Elen to Join
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Molly Benot


"From that first Masterclass and what was brought through... I knew my investment in self would pay off a trillion-fold. I am not the same Being that began this.

If you want to change your life, your very existence on every dimensional level and forever altering your experience here of being human, in a few months… and oh, yeah, at the same time write your book.. Supernova program delivers all that.. Seriously! 

It’s like Cosmic Creation 101 ~ the user manual for being a magical human creative that we never knew existed!”


"I want to say, it has been an honor to be in your Masterclass. I am grateful for all of your support and wisdom. You seem to live beyond the veil. Beyond time. You are a mystery to me -- yet you are right here available in every kind and insightful way. You are a gift in my world. Thank you so much. The class has been more than I ever could have imagined. I am so glad I was accepted into the Book of Starlight program and am sad it will be ending soon. I hope to stay connected. I will continue the journey you have begun in my heart. My Book of Starlight is my greatest hope and desire. Thank you from my soul to yours.

~ Liahunter Rose, US