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White Gold Moon

✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, 

In the Elven Galactic Cycles of Light it is the White Gold Moon. I would love to invite you to join People of the Sun, People of the Stars Online Membership through the Portal of the WHITE GOLD MOON, the SUNSTAR, the DRAGONFLY MOON overlit by the PLEIADES


I walk the Golden Elfin Ways

Lanaikea and Beyond

Ariandelïe Immortal Soul Star Pathways on Earth

Softly Opening My Heart into a New Existence 


Would you love to awaken your Infinite, Golden Miraculous Heart of far remembrance, to truly and deeply remember...


I would be so honoured and overjoyed to walk with you, for the records you hold truly have the power to alter everything, raising the Golden and Silver Turrets of the New Earth, the Star Palace that has lain beyond the veils, letting go of the old imprisonment and forgetfulness. This is the Golden Imprint, the Golden Diamond Imprint you have carried so long, and whose time is now


△ Awaken the Galactic, Celestial Shaman within ~ walk the pathways of Ariandelïe and Lanaikea, New Earth and Elven Ascended Galaxies of Light, accessing your own inter-dimensional pathways

△ Discover the Way of the Drum and Language of Light

△ Become Recordkeeper to your full inter-dimensional remembrance.

△ Transition into Fifth Dimensional and Beyond, Soul Star Existence of Joy, Peace, Mystery and Creation


As the roses begin to blossom in my garden, a thousand petals of palest pink, resting in the hazel tree, and endless spires of Evening Primrose rise ~ softest yellow they shall be, gathered from seed ~ I feel this establishing of a new cycle. It feels a time for gentleness, for Presence, and a Moon of the Infinite Golden Lamp of the Heart lighting again into new Glow. So much crystalline architecture has been downloaded through the last wave, innermost veils lifted, and the White Architectures of an alternate, parallel, ascended Earth are coming into consciousness


This is such an exquisitely beautiful portal to step through, as the energies of remembrance are unparalleled at this time, and in this moon you walk the very special Golden pathways of Ariandelïe, the returning Cities of Light ~ and Reignite the Sunstar of your Heart with the Star Elders of the Pleiades


With Infinite, Elfin Love



Ps Portal open for a couple of days over this time of the New Moon, you can sign up here

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