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Awaken into Fifth Dimension & Beyond

for the Dawn 

Many of us carry the far records of earth and stars ~ powerful and elusive as these memories & knowing can be, held far within. To shift into the fifth dimension and the full record of remembrance is a powerful choice

You did not come here to FADE AWAY, to vanish or hide, carrying your gifts with you, back to the stars. 

To clad yourself in dreams not your own ~ to be forever elided, lost or alone

Make the journeys into Mystery, access the full record of your remembrance

Ascend into embodiment as an Immortal Star in a New Dawn of Peace


Activate the New Solar Light Codes of your Crystalline Iconic, Avatar Embodiment


It is the time of the New SUN, and the old light paths are woven so that an exquisite new sequence of awakening transmissions is arriving to us. It is time for the People of the Stars, the People of Peace, the ancient and angelic Elder souls, to cross the threshold into Iconic and Avatar presence.

You are called to walk the earth as a Dawn Light of Shimmering Power & Grace, as the Iconic presence that you are compelled and drawn to become. You are a Golden Presence of far worlds, and you are being summoned into existence


Receive the transmission of the New Solar Cosmic Light Codes, moon by moon


These are a new sequence of transmissions ~ the Golden Light Codes of the New SUN directed at awakening your New Solar Crystalline archetype fully into embodiment


For you are one of the Golden Ones, the People of the Sun, the People of the Stars, who hold a far and otherworldly remembrance for a New Dawn on earth


It is time to lift the veils on the Light that you are


To walk the earth as a Soul, as Avatar presence


The heart of the transmissions come from the Elven Star Temples of Lemuria, the ancient spheres of the SUN founded by the inter-galactic stargates of Lanaikea, the Golden Heavenly Tree of our supercluster of galaxies.


The Elven are starwalkers who have long walked the branches of the Golden Heavenly Tree of worlds, and they hold the teachings of cosmic belonging and interconnection


Let us lift the veils on our greater remembrance and expand into our Light


The old galactic paths of the Elven Elders are opening to us now


Opening the greater spheres of belonging ~ the old ways, the star ways. 


These are the paths the People of the Stars have trod for millennia ~ they are the Immortal Starlight Paths of Peace. Our sentience expands now to include these golden roads


From the time before time, and in the future that is to come


From within the hearts of these far galaxies are seeded the Elven Lemurian Star Temples that are dimensional corridors and gateways


The Elven Celestial Initiation paths


Into Oversoul, Immortal Starlight, Divine Essence embodiment


Take on your mantle of starlight


Your crown of a thousand worlds



Have you wondered whether always you are destined to keep this Light hidden

You may have longed for invisibility, to elide and vanish your own presence

Yet the vow to appear, to REVEAL yourself as the one who you are

To become Iconic, Avatar

Comes from your deep love for all of Creation, for the earth and the stars

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Snow falls softly all around as you come to the kota, the tent of the Reindeer Elder far in the forest. Firelight flickers from within, and the sound of a drum beats out a rhythm. A song, in a language you have always known, far within your soul, is chanted. A song of Elven Starlight, of worlds beyond this one, that is summoning you to arrive to this world as never before

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Has the Light that you hold, its brilliance and destiny

Sometimes felt overwhelming, as though you might be burnt up, extinguished by it

Have you feared its intensity, its POWER, that too much might be lost in its awakening?

Yet in truth you are designed to carry this Light 

For you, this is the most natural thing, and INFINITELY easier than not to



You enter within the kota, and there she sits beside the fire. Her hair woven of gold, platinum, silver. Her eyes gaze into yours. She is clad in soft white, a girdle of braided rainbow ribbons at her waist. You feel that she knows you, that she remembers you. You feel the vast timeline of your soul unfurl, all the ancient and timeless remembrance. You know that she believes in you, that she believes in you completely

Do you wonder whether your otherworldly remembrance is but a fantasy

An escape from reality, a figment of imagination?

Do you sometimes doubt your own remembrance that comes so powerfully at times, and then vanishes at others, like a dream?

For truly, the veils of forgetfulness have long been woven, and this reality has come to seem like a myth, like a dream

Yet it is for us to CHOOSE our reality, to choose our timeline

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In this kota, far in the forest, she places her hand to your heart. She asks, 'Are you ready to stop vanishing, disappearing, eliding your identity to live the dreams of others, making yourself small?

Are you ready to shine as a Far Light of Worlds, to walk the earth as a Soul, an Avatar of the Dawn?

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Has it seemed that the purity of remembrance is at odds with your 3D existence

And you wonder whether this purity can exist here

Whether you can enter these frequencies, and remain grounded and meet the challenges of your world

Yet to ascend is to discover that the worlds are One, and that beneath the veil of appearances, there is a continuum between All


The song of the snow, the silence. Across from the fire, its resinous scent as of neroli and amber, myrrh. There you see the version of yourself that you have woven to meet this world, sitting across from you

What do they look like, how do they make you feel? Are you ready to let go, to let go of this cocoon

Do you wonder at times whether this far remembrance is simply ego, a dream of grandeur?


Or whether a spiritual path should be more 'empty', devoid of form

For so long has humanity carried the codes of enslavement, of playing small, the illusion that the loss of identity is a path of service and virtue


In truth, the Soul always gives, and your Light of Remembrance ignites the Light of Soul in All


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The Reindeer Elder places her hand to your heart once more and asks, 'Who are you called to become for the Dawn?'

You feel an overwhelming warmth in your heart, and you look across the fire, and there is another figure

This One is your ascended destiny as a Soul

This One is your Iconic and Avatar presence for the Dawn

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Do you wonder if you shall go too far out

It is true that it is far out, that it does not yet exist in the collective consciousness, that this journey belongs to the stars, to the future, and a future Age of Peace ~ that by these very journeys, becomes real, here and now

Yet in truth, you were born to reach for the stars

To download the future, and to bring here that which does not yet exist

 You have the power to choose, who you shall become. Which one shall you let go of, an identity that you gift to the flames?

You may at times have felt insignificant, and doubted the value of what you bring. Yet more deeply you know that you have the power to alter worlds, that your influence is infinite, and that all the Realms long for you to take up your mantle of Starlight

And become, Iconic

Become Avatar for the Dawn



 "I wish I could put into words all that I feel in my heart about Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey through the Silver Wheel. It is at once the most incredibly deep and most expansive journey to the very core of All and Oneself and its Blossoming and Return and yet also the most beautiful and gentle and graceful. The most powerful and most peaceful. I felt and was told so strongly in my heart that dedicating myself to this Elven journey was all that I needed for my own Return. With each moon I have witnessed that so strongly. Elen is everything I could hope for and more on this journey. It makes my heart sing so completely and I know that as one cycle completes I will wish to remain on and cycle again. I would so heartily recommend this journey to anyone so drawn and would do so with every fibre and beat of my heart and soul."

~ Sam Oliver

"You hold tremendous and pure Elvin energies that resonate on the deepest soul level of my being. Being a part of the Elvin Starlight Course has been like coming home to my true Self and what I have been waiting for my whole life, so deepest deepest and immense gratitude and thanks for your presence in my life!"

~ Kate O'Sullivan



"The gentle yet profound teachings that spring forth from Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey, light up my whole being and sing to my soul. I often weep at the pearls of remembrance that drop into my awareness.

During this course, I have learnt to listen again and track my own inner guidance, for I had been so pulled away from my heart by the noise of the world. 

Words cannot really express what this course has gifted me, there are realms beyond realms of inter-dimensional beauty that await you, as and when you step through this divine Sapphire Earth portal….. “

~ Catherine Truscott


"Within the Starlight Journey of the Silver Wheel - moon by moon, glyph by glyph - potent lived learnings, remembrances, and awakenings await, perfectly attuned in time to the flame in the Moon's hearth. With keen intelligence, courage, and purity of heart, Elen Elenna guides and companions our Earth-circled community, as the White Deer, along the ancient future paths, gently nudging and breathing us ever deeper, farther. The Starlight Journey and Elen Elenna are luminous pearls of grace."

~ Meg McGee


“ just ‘wow’ ✨💛✨ the materials I just opened are just so beautiful..... Much love and so so grateful for the beauty I’ve received..... 💕💕💕"

~ Catherine Truscott


“I’m finding the Elven Starlight Journey to be a beautiful weaving of realms, both ancient and starlit . . . wonderfully expansive, and yet intimate and familiar. Following the moon cycle of each month, the teachings and healing energies are weaving into my day-today life in the most beautiful and helpful of ways.

Thank you Elen for channeling and facilitating this unique path of remembrance and awakening!”

~ Satya Alcorn, Nature Intuitive, Healer & Creator of Sacred Space

“Journeying with Elen has been and is truly magical. Each journey is unique and offers a weaving of dimensions, creating a tangible experience which feeds into all worlds. 

There is a familiarity to Elen's energy which unlocks soul memories and takes one into spaces long held , awaiting to reawaken.

I fell in love with The Silver Wheel and love every moment of our journeys together from the holy land of Avalon to all the lands where we dwell... to Lemuria , through stargates and beyond.

Thank you Elen, you are such a gift in these times of the great Return."

~ Eileen McTeir, New Zealand


OMGOSH!!!!!!  WOW!

"What a glorious creation you’ve gifted… It’s visually stunning and the content is beyond… 

I had tears streaming down as I read through. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you"

 ~ Molly


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Frequently Asked Questions

 How Does the Membership Work?


A flow of 5x Elven Ascension teachings/activations monthly, in accordance with the phases of the moonlight, available to attend as LIVE WEBINARS or REPLAYS, so that you can attend as many or as few as you wish

A  People of the Sun, People of the Stars LIBRARY with ALL RECORDINGS, REPLAYS, VIDEO AND AUDIO MP3

 An exquisite Ascension Journey like nothing else on earth, calling forth your Iconic, Avatar presence for a New Dawn

A COMMUNITY OF FELLOW TRAVELLERS where you can share, meet your kindred, walk this golden and silver path of RETURN side by side

SIGN UP for as long as you wish you can cancel at any time (most travellers stay on and on, it is an extraordinary ascension community!)


You Can Travel at Your Own Pace 

Travel in accordance with the phases of the moonlight, attending the Live Zooms, or access the Replays in your own timing

Return to the 7 phases of the moonlight, from the seed of the celestial flame at the New Moon, to the the Full Moon, through to the stillness of the Dark Moon, bringing you into harmony with the natural timing of the soul ~ to rhythms of the sun, moon, earth and stars

Do I have enough time? This is a journey that GENERATES the timing of the Soul, altering us into timelessness and flow

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I am Elen Elenna

To hold the journey of the People of the Sun, People of the Stars is a joy beyond joy, and my heart's calling

It is the most extraordinary ascension community of souls, a starry tribe of Elder, Angelic kindred

And a Great Ceremony and Prayer of the Dawn that ripples out to all realms

My Spirit name is Deer of the Morningstar, and by your side I walk the silver pathways of the Elven, of Silver Wheel, and the ascended Golden Star Paths of Lanaikea

That you may remember who you are, an Immortal Star upon the Earth, and a lantern of the Dawn. It is my joy and my honour!


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People of the Sun, People of the Stars includes both the Golden Wheel and the Silver Wheel

Make shamanic journeys along the shimmering silver pathways of the Silver Wheel, the star paths of the Inter-Galactic Council and Elven dimensions ~ teachings grounded in the earth, sun, moon and stars that guide your ascension process

Receive the New Solar Light Codes of the Golden Wheel, THE STAR PATHS OF LANAIKEA and the Elven Temple of Ar-Aria-Fina, especially designed for the awakening of your Avatar, Iconic presence for the Dawn

Ascend with the Elven Ones

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